Lenovo Laptop Specification & Price In Nigeria

Lenovo Laptop Specification & Price In Nigeria
Lenovo Laptop Specification & Price In Nigeria. Specification, Image, and Price in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, and, Uganda.

Lenovo is a highly reputable brand name and has been the fourth-largest PC/computer manufacturer as well as the largest manufacturer of computers in China over the years. They’ve introduced the Thinkpad, Ideapad, and value line chain series of laptop computers.

Lenovo is a Lenovo brand famous for its energy efficiency saving, a common feature across their laptops. This characteristic is evident when using their laptops and PCs.

These Lenovo laptops are the best tool for business users, IT professionals, and students.

Lenovo’s laptops and Ideapad series provide quality, design, and technology. The value line laptops under the Lenovo brand offer the best value for money, among others.

Lenovo Laptops & Prices in Nigeria

  • Lenovo Ideapad is Intel Celeron 500GB HDD-2GB RAM – Windows 10 : 82,000 NGN – 100,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Yoga is 11.6inches convertible touchscreen intel celeron-320GB HDD – 4GB RAM Windows 10 Pro : 93,000 NGN – 97,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Ideapad 110-151BR = intel Pentium Quadcore N3710, 1.6GHz Processor(4GB RAM, 1TB HDD) 15.6inch : 130,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Ideapad 110-151SK = Intel core i3-6100U 2.3GHz(6GB RAM 1TB HDD) 15.6-inch windows 10: 135,000 NGN -150,500 NGN
  • Lenovo Ideapad 110S-11IBR = Intel celeron N3060 1.6GHz(2GB DDR3L 32GB EMMc) 11.6-Inch HD Windows 10: 83,300 NGN 99,990 NGN
  • Lenovo Thinkpad X120e = 2GB DDR3, 3320GB HDD Mini Laptop : 71,000 NGN 85,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 910(80VF00FRUS) = 7th Generation Intel core i7-7500U 2.7GHz 1TB SSD 16GB RAM backlight Touch F/print Ultra HD 4K 13.9 Windows 10: 800,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Thinkpad E470 Intel Core i5-7200U(4GB DDR4,500GB 7200rpm)14.0inch HD, Windows 10 pro 64 299,990 NGN

Laptops offer many advantages over desktop computers, including:

  • The bags can go wherever, like between the office, home, or even school.
  • They typically come with a built-in webcam, speakers,, and microphone, which makes video calls simpler.
  • They can be utilized in smaller spaces.
  • They are easily secured, which makes them more challenging to take.
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Portable computers have disadvantages, for example:

  • They’re usually more expensive.
  • They typically have minimal technical specifications.
  • They’re typically slower than desktops that perform complicated tasks such as games, editing videos, or graphic design.
  • They’re quickly snatched away.
  • They are also used in cars, resulting in distracted driving.
  • They are often on the move and are more susceptible to being damaged.
  • They’re also more costly and difficult to fix.
Lenovo laptops come in a variety for any budget. They’re smart laptops designed to meet the needs of mobile computing.
  • Lenovo Ideapad Flex 10 = Intel celeron Dual core(4GB 500GB HDD) 10.1-inch Windows 8 Netbook: 92,990 NGN
  • Lenovo Ideapad 100 151BY = Intel celeron 2.16GHz(2GB 500GB, HDD)15.6inch Windows 8 : NGN 89,890
  • Lenovo Ideapad 110S-11IBR = Intel celeron N3060 1.6GHz up to 2.48GHz(2G DDR3L 1600 ONBOARD 32GB EMMc)11.6-inch HD windows 10: 91,000 NGN- 104,990 NGN
  • Lenovo Notebook Intel Celeron 500GB HDD with 2GB RAM. Windows 10-2.16GHz NGN: 89,800
  • Lenovo Ideapad 100S-11IBY is Intel Atom(2GB,32GB SSD)11.6-inch Windows 10 : 120,000 NGN – 89,500 NGN
  • Lenovo Ideapad 100S-141BR = Intel celeron N3060 1.6GHz(4GB DDR3L 32GB EMMc)14-inch HD Windows 10 : 87.890 NGN — – 109,900 NGN
  • Lenovo 110 = Intel Celeron, 500GB HDD,2GB RAM, no windows : 85,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Mini = 32GB HDD, 2GB RAM 11.6 Windows 10 operating System : 85,000 NGN – 90,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Ideapad 110-151BR = Intel celeron 1.6GHz processor(2GB RAM 500GB HDD)15.6inch Windows 10 : 78,990 NGN 95,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Mini X120 = 4GB RAM, 320GB Hard Drive : 80,000 NGN – 88,000 NGN
  • Lenovo A10 Mini Touch (2GB,16GB HDD) 10.1-inch Android Netbook : 32,990 NGN
  • Lenovo Yoga = 11.6inches-convertible-Intel celeron touchscreen-320GB HDD-4GB RAM Windows 10 pro : 106,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 20FQ000QUS Core i7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD Windows 10 pro : 67,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Ideapad 110 = Intel Core i3 2.0GHz(4GB 1TB HDD) Windows 10 : 144,000 NGN 155,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Yoga 910-131KB = Intel Core i5-256 SSD-8GB RAM : 350,000 NGN
  • Lenovo G5080 = 15.6, Intel Core i3-5005U,8GB RAM 1TB, DVDRW Windows 10: 179,450 NGN – 178,870 NGN
  • Lenovo Ideapad Flex5-1570 80XB0014US = Intel Core i7-7500U,2.7GHz,1TB,/16GB, NVIDIA 940MX(2GB), Full HD Touchscreen : 348,500 NGN
  • Lenovo Yoga G10 = Intel Core i7,1TB,SSD 16GB RAM-Windows 10 : 620,000 NGN — 650,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Legion Y520 = Gaming Intel Core i3-1TB HDD with 4GB RAM: 132,000 NGN – 133,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Ideapad 310-141KB = 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5GHz 1TB HDD 8GB RAM DVD+RW 14 Windows 10: 270,000 NGN – 295,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Ideapad + Intel Pentium quad Core N3710 1.6GHz Processor(4GB RAM and 1TB HDD) 15.6-inch DVD- Windows 10: 129,000 NGN
  • Lenovo Thinkpad T470 Intel Core i5-7200U(4GB DDR4 500GB 7200rpm)Intel HD graphics,14.0-inch HD Fingerprint Windows 10 pro 64: 320,000 NGN
  • Lenovo V110 Processor = Intel Core i3-6100U 500GB HDD 4GB RAM : 160,000 NGN
  • Lenovo G70-70(80HW002MUS) (80HW002MUS) Intel 7-core processor with 2.0GHz 1,TB storage, 8,GB RAM. 17.3 screens Windows 8.1 220,000 NGN.
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The advancement of Lenovo laptops continues to grow. It comes with a range of enhancements and functions that have been added, such as various kinds of pointing devices, disc drives, colour screens, and touch screens, all while they were getting less bulkier and more compact.

 Lenovo Laptop Prices in Nigeria

Latest Lenovo Laptop


Lenovo G50-80 , Intel Core I3-5005U 2.0Ghz 1TB HDD 8GB RAM 15 Inch DVD+RW Win 10
N 169,950

Lenovo Ideapad 100S-14IBR Intel Pentium N3070 1.6Ghz (4G DDR3L 32GB EMMc) 14-inch HD Windows 10
N 107,390

Lenovo Ideapad 110-15IBR Intel Pentium Quadcore N3710, 1.6Ghz Processor (4GB RAM 1TB HDD) 15.6-Inch
N 108,500

Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ISK Intel Corei3-6100U 2.3Ghz (6GB RAM 1TB HDD) 15.6-Inch Windows 10
N 135,500

Lenovo Ideapad 110S-11IBR Intel Celeron N3060 1.6Ghz (2GB DDR3L 32GB EMMc) 11.6-Inch HD Windows 10 Home
N 83,300

Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15ikb Core I7 Notebook PC (80YE004XSA) 7th Gen Intel Core I7-7500U-1TB8GB-2gb Graphichs
N 285,000

Lenovo Ideapad 320-151AP 80XR00ALUS Intel Pentium Quad Core N4200 1.1GHz 1TB 4GB, Cam, Blth, Dvd Rom, 15(1366×768)
N 131,000

Lenovo Legion Y520 15.6 Core I7-7700HQ, 16GB RAM 4GB graphics, 256GB SSD and 2TB HDD. Full HD Windows 10
N 390,000

Lenovo Thinkpad P51s Workstation 20JY0009US 15.6 Notebook I7-6500U2.5 8GB 256 ssd NVIDIA Quadro M520, 2GB Windows 10
N 380,000

Lenovo Yoga 310-11IAP Intel Pentium N3350 (4GB DDR3, 500GB) 11.6-Inch HD

If you are interested in purchasing a Lenovo Laptop in Nigeria

  • Lenovo laptops are priced to fit a budget
  • Lenovo Laptops are available in a variety of kinds of configurations
  • Lenovo laptops are top-of-the-line.
  • They are tough
  • They are an excellent choice for PCs
  • Lenovo laptops are designed with the latest technology.

Things to think about before purchasing a Lenovo Laptop

Here are some quick suggestions to help you on the search for a laptop for your personal or business Laptop for yourself or for someone else who is in need.


What are the reasons you’re purchasing the Lenovo Laptop?

The reason you’re buying your Laptop will decide what you’ll require from the brand-new Laptop. It might be beneficial to write down every possibility you might encounter using your Laptop.


What would you like to see in the interior?

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An ideal benchmark for your system is 4GB of RAM, preferably DDR3, an excellent dual-core processor (avoid the Intel Celeron series, for example), and the hard drive you choose based on the amount you intend to save in your system.


How will you be using this Laptop?

If you’re planning to use your Laptop in various locations with no power sources, you’ll need a laptop with a longer-than-average battery time. The typical battery life for notebooks is between 2 and 4 hours.


What are you going to be doing on your computer?

Regarding software, think about what you’ll do with your Laptop. Do you require the software to edit photos, digital game fixes, or a license in web development software?


What are the accessories?

It is essential to have a laptop bag, and they are available in various styles, from slipcases to messenger bags and briefcases. The additional item you should consider adding to your wish list includes a wireless mouse, a NUMPAD if your laptop keyboard does not have one or a Tablet to sketch or sign the document, a USB headphone/microphone combination, or a web camera extra hard drives, a wireless router, and a wireless printer.


Final words

Lenovo is a brand that Lenovo brand has integrated all of the input and output elements of a desktop computer, comprising the display, the small speakers, keyboards and data storage device, and occasionally an optical disc drive or pointing devices(such as the touchpad or a pointing stick) and the operating system processor, and memory in one unit. The laptops of Lenovo are not the only computers that have integrated webcams and built-in microphones, and there are touchscreens.

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