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GuiderSpot.com is currently looking for new contributors who are passionate about making money and gaining financial freedom.

We are seeking high-quality articles that reveal the secrets and trending ways of making money online, passive income, and side hustles that would boost the financial base of readers across the globe.

Before submission, here are a few rules to make sure the quality of content stays high:

  1. Articles must be 850 words or more.
  2. No duplicate content. Articles must not be published anywhere else and must pass a Copyscape / plagiarism check.
  3. Articles must remain tactful in self-promotion. We do allow 1-2 dofollow links per post.
  4. Content must be high-quality and well-researched. If your article has a large amount of grammar or spelling mistakes it will be rejected.
  5. Your site must be related to health/fitness.

Note: We do not work with or publish links to sites in the following (or similar) niches: p#rn, gambling/casino, pharmaceuticals, payday loans, etc. However, CBD and Cannabis links are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Sound good?

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