Djack Home Theater Specification & Price in Nigeria

Djack Home Theater Specification & Price in Nigeria
Djack Home Theater Specification & Price in Nigeria

If you are looking for a home theatre that isn’t expensive but has high quality and is equally affordable, then DJACK’s sound systems could be a great choice. The home theatre offers top-quality sound and can be purchased at price ranges from NGN25,000 up to more expensive ones, but they are not too expensive. To help you understand the capabilities of Djack Home Theater, we’ve listed here the details and prices for DJACK home theatres in Nigeria. This write-up will give you a clear picture of what you can expect from your chosen Sound system, i.e., the features.

Perhaps you’ve used electronic devices (mostly televisions) produced by DJACK for quite a while. However, you’d probably want to know more about the company. For those interested in this electronic maker DJACK, it’s a Chinese electronics and telecommunications company. DJACK has its headquarters in the Eastern nation, China, and has numerous locations worldwide that assist in marketing its products. In the ordinary course of an electronic business, they manufacture items like speakers, televisions, DVDs, radios, and home theatres, which is the main focus here.

Home theatres from DJACK are precisely what a music enthusiast would like. It will perfectly fit your living room by composing the perfect music lyrics. Some people prefer their audio systems since they have high-quality bass and outstanding subwoofers. The reasons are numerous for all users of this device; DJACK home theatres are better equipped with a sound system that should.

Djack Home Theater Specification & Price in Nigeria

If you’re seeking ‘prices of home theatres from Djack and home theatres,’ this is the place to find an answer to your question. Knowing the amount you can afford for a particular item before heading into the market is crucial. Imagine that you were planning to budget five thousand nairas on an item. Upon getting to the store or mall, you discovered that the item was available for sale for ten thousand nairas, an increase from the previous price. This kind of scenario isn’t your fault. It would help if you searched the costs before making a move. We’ve put together a list of DJACK home theatre items and their prices. Offer you options to select from when planning a sound system.

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It is important to note that the price is not only a statement made through us. It is taken from the leading online stores selling these items. Below is a list of DJACK audio systems, their prices across the country, and their particular features.

DJ5060 DJACK Sound System Price in Nigeria: N35,000 – N48,000


  • Sound clear, premium acoustic sound, and acoustic
  • Compatible with many different audio sources
  • Support for MP3, WMA format music

DJACK 3.1 DJ-M3L Heavy Duty Sub Woofer Bluetooth Home Theatre System Price: N22,000


  • Affordable and cheap
  • Good Quality
  • Lasting

DJACK DJ-23 Bluetooth Home Theatre System Price in Nigeria: N17,000


  • Good connectivity
  • Subwoofers
  • USB Port/MMC Card/SD Card Reader/FM
  • Three speakers
  • Dimensions:442(L)x373(W)x387(H)mm

DJACK DJ-303 Bluetooth Home Theatre Price in Nigeria: N25,000


  • Add a DVD device to the list.
  • USB Port
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Reads SD Card and MMC Card

Djack DJ-403 Bluetooth Home Theatre System Price in Nigeria: N25,000


  • 3.1channels
  • USB & SD Input
  • Support connections like Bluetooth

Djack 3.1CH Heavy Duty Bluetooth Home Theatre System Price in Nigeria: N26,800


  • +DVD gadget
  • USB and SD Input
  • Portable size with dimensions:442(L)x373(W)x387(H)MM
  • Connectivity

Djack 3.1ch Heavy Duty Bluetooth Home Theater System DJ-303 Price in Nigeria: N27,000


  • The output power of 45W
  • Sized 442(L)x373(W)x387(H)mm in dimensions
  • Three subwoofers included
  • Connections to support

Jack 3.1 Heavy Duty Bluetooth Sub Woofer System – DJ-Q3L Price: N33,500


  • DVD device is included
  • Good connectivity
  • Better quality

DJACK 3.1Ch Multimedia Speaker System Price: N27,000


  • Built-in DTS
  • Bluetooth connection
  • DVD player

DJACK Bluetooth Woofer And Speakers – M3L + DVD Price: N26,999


  • Support MP3, FM, DVD, VCD, PS2, TUNER, SD, USB, XBOX
  • Dimensions: 39 x 38 (W) x 37.5 (H) cm
  • 3.1 channels X-Bass Hi-Fi Multimedia Speaker

DJACK Home Theater System DJ-6082 + Powerful DVD Player Price: N26,999


  • Inbuilt superpower six channel amplifier circuit
  • Sensitive connectivity
  • Subwoofers Front, surround speakers

Where To Buy DJACK Home Theatres

The sound systems mentioned are for sale in online stores. you can buy them from any online stores like Jumia, Konga, and Kara.

Features of DJACK Home Theatres

These are the benefits that home theatres from DJACK can provide you with;

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Qualitative Sounds

One of the reasons you want to buy this home theatre is to utilize it to boost the sound from your audio and televisions. Making them the most effective option in terms of audio output. The sound produced by their sound systems is excellent quality, along with its all-encompassing bass.

Good Subwoofers

This is, of course, what determines the quality of the music. A look at DJACK home theatres indicates that they’re built with premium bass speakers that create the sounds they give out to be more desirable.


Most of all, DJACK home theatres come with the latest technology that allows them to work with other devices, and thanks to Bluetooth or USB cables, they can be connected easily. Other modern accessories like subwoofers and amplifiers, remote control, and audio systems give DJACK home theatres the features consumers want.


This is a factor to think about. Imagine buying a new item on the market at a prohibitive price, and then after a few days, it stops functioning. To make a product durable, it should last for a long time and maintain the same quality over the duration.

Low Price

DJACK home theatres are one of the least expensive audio systems available when you are considering buying the top-quality sound system you’re able to purchase. The DJACK sound systems cost less than NGN25,000, and massive home theatres are as high as NGN400,000. The price is up to you to choose the best one for you and your budget.

The other feature of the variety in DJACK home theatres is that they are well-constructed in various dimensions and classes, as well as colors based on what appeals to you. The best part is the sound systems come with the latest design and technology to bring you the latest 21st-century technology.

These features will inevitably lead you to choose DJACK theaters for your home. If you do not, it is not for any reason; it’s because of the affordable price of their purchase.

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