Binatone Blenders Specification & Price in Nigeria

Binatone Blenders Specification & Price in Nigeria
Binatone Blenders Specification & Price in Nigeria. Image, and Price in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, and Uganda.

In every house you visit yourself, nine times out of ten, you’d find a blender in the kitchen, sitting there. Perhaps not being used at the moment, but it is likely to be used later, particularly now that the sun is scorching and coronavirus is the most common daytime. If you’ve had a busy day, it’s best to wash your hands well and blend with a few mixed fruits to keep your health in check. The blender could also be used to do other tasks in general.

In this article, we’ll look at a brand consistently delivering high-end quality blenders, commonly utilized in Nigeria currently, the Binatone brand. We will review the different kinds of Binatone blenders and their costs in Nigeria’s market today.

Blender (sometimes called liquidizer or a blender in British English) is a kitchen appliance and laboratory equipment used to blend, purify or disperse food or other substances. A stationary blender is a container with an adjustable metal blade at its bottom, powered by an electric motor located within the base. Specific models are powerful enough to crush ice or other frozen food items. The latest version of the immersion blender features an engine at the top connected via a shaft to a blade rotating at the bottom. This works with almost any type of container.

The Types of Binatone Blenders in Nigeria

Different blenders come with distinct capabilities and features. However, tests of the product show that most blenders, even the cheapest ones, can meet consumers’ needs in various ways. However, the most significant features that consumers look for when buying Binatone blenders include the following:

  • Significant visible markings for measurement
  • user-friendliness
  • low noise during usage
  • power usage
  • easy cleaning
  • option for quick “pulse” blending.”

How much is Binatone Blenders Prices in Nigeria?

In the past 50 years, Binatone has been bringing the benefits of convenience, ease, and value to homes on the world’s four continents as well as 75 countries. Binatone has always been striving to spot trends and meet the needs of consumers with innovative, inexpensive, and well-designed products.

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Every gourmet kitchen comes with heavy-duty and professional kitchen Machines Food Mixers, Food-Mixers, and Food Processors to make the preparation of food more efficient and assist in bringing the most delicate flavor from your food. Binatone provides the equipment that can be used to complete your kitchen to allow you to cook five-star meals at the convenience of your own home. Bring your recipes with you and leave the cooking to Binatone.

Below are the Types of Binatone blenders and the price they’re being offered for sale in Nigeria :

  1. 1. Binatone Professional Blender 1500W(NGN) (NGN) 3000 naira(NGN) (NGN) 64,400 naira
  2. Binatone Blender and Smoothie creator BLS 360 — (NGN) 13,000 Naira(NGN) 13,000 naira – (NGN) 16,000 Naira
  3. Binatone Jar Blender that is unbreakable and a Grinder using a stick -BLG-450 — (MK2) -(NGN) (NGN) 13,000 Naira
  4. Binatone Jar Blender that is unbreakable and a Grinder using a stick -BLG-402 (MK2) (MK2) -(NGN) 10.000 Naira
  5. Binatone Glass Blender600S (NGN) 20.000 Nigerian naira
  6. Binatone 1.5 Liter Blender/Grinder With Stir Stick BLG 595 (MK2) — (NGN) 16.500 Naira
  7. Binatone 1.5 Liter Blender/Grinder With Stir Stick BLG5555 -(NGN) (NGN) 18,000 Naira
  8. Binatone Jar Blender that is unbreakable and a Grinder with stick BLG699 – (MK2) -(NGN) (NGN) 17,000 Naira
  9. Binatone Jar Blender that is unbreakable and a Grinder with stick BLG621 (MK2) — (NGN) 15,000 Naira

Binatone Blenders allow you to make smooth juices and pastes and cut your fruits and vegetables into various appealing shapes. They are readily available across the United States and can be bought from any Binatone retailer or another popular online retailer in your area. However, prices vary based on the location you are in. Be aware of this; nonetheless, do some research on costs before deciding to buy a product is taken.

The pros of the Binatone Blenders

  • It comes with 800W of power.
  • It utilizes High, Low, and Pulse speed controls.
  • It comes equipped with Stainless steel cutting blades
  • It provides worth for the money
  • A 1.75L mixing jar, as well as a 1.2L work bowl, are included.
  • Dough blade to help knead the dough
  • It is easy to Maintain
  • The Binatone blender comes with three cutting discs: shredding or shredding french fries disc
  • It is used for Dry milling of coffee grinding and grinding spices.
  • The attachment for the juicer also included
  • It is very competitive in cost
  • It also has a the emulsifying disc that whisks, mixes, stirs, and whisking
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