Gas Cooker Specification & Price In Nigeria

Gas Cooker Specification & Price In Nigeria
Gas Cooker Specification & Price In Nigeria

Choosing a gas cooker might not be so easy because we have many of them in Nigeria, but you can help yourself by going for that particular one that suits your need. There are numerous gas cookers available to serve various purposes. They come in different sizes, designs, and prices.

Cookers are one the essential household appliances, electric, gas, or any stove is very important in the home. In the last ten years, Nigerians perceive gas has been expensive, but now with better understanding, they see it as the best to use.

Gas cookers are now so conventional in Nigeria that you see them in different sizes, brands, features, types, and quality. The most popular ones are the detachable ones. The stove can stand as a unit as well as a cylinder.

You barely see a Nigerian home without a gas cooker regardless of the size and the few that don’t yet lack the necessary information on the price and operation of the gas cooker. This post now enlightens you on the prices of gas cookers available in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Gas Cooker In Nigeria with Their Price

1. Gas Cooker Stove with Double Burners


Gas cooker with 2 burners

Double burner means double efficiency, and it saves you a lot of time because the gas cooker gives you the freedom to cook different meals at the same time.

Have you heard of the automated Piezo Ignition System, which removes the need for matches? It ignites your gas cooker upon turning the knob. This cooker is easy to move and only requires a small space even though it runs on two burners.

Price Range
Between NGN13,000 to NGN15,000 Nigeria currency

2. Scanfrost 4-Burner Gas Cooker


Scanfrost 4 Burners Stand Gas Cooker With Oven And Grill
Scanfrost 4 Burners Stand Gas Cooker With Oven And Grill

Not many brands can match the elegance and public trust known with Scanfrost. This 4-burner cooker is efficient for speedy cooking and will serve a full household without any hassle. There’s a grid for meat grilling and a multi-functional oven with a lamp and trail beneath the burners.

You’ll agree that refrigerators with lamps are all over the place but not gas cookers with lamps. That’s one of the unique features this gas cooker offers. It has four burners positioned with ultimate elegance and an oven with unparalleled performance.

Price Range
Between NGN55,000 to NGN67,000 Nigeria currency

3. 60 By 60 4-Burner Gas Cooker

4-burner gas cooker

This also combines four gas burners with a fast-baking oven. It is built to deliver your cooking needs with convenience and optimum hygiene. Each burner comes with an auto-ignition system. So you don’t have to worry about using matches or a gas lighter.

The oven has a glass covering and the burners have an attached glass lid with which you can cover them when not in use. You can count on the glass lids to last for a long time unlike metal frames that damage easily. Aside from the oven, the gas cooker also comes with a grill for your meat.

Price Range
Between NGN54,000 to NGN67,000 Nigeria currency


4. Eurosonic Glass Top 2-Burner Gas Stove


Eurosonic gas cooker

This gas stove provides an effective way of making mouth-watering meals. It’s a blend of comfort, portability, and durability. And it has an auto-ignition system to start cooking immediately after you turn the knob.

The gas cooker is made from a refined stainless material that gives it an elegant look, excellent quality and long-lasting durability. The inbuilt eco-friendly burning doesn’t make pots black as it burns with a clear blue flame.

Its portability makes it a suitable cooking aid for camping, hunting, or any outdoor cooking. You also save money because of its super gas-saving technology.

Price Range
Between NGN12,000 to NGN15,000 Nigeria currency

5. LG Table Top 4-Burner Gas Cooker


Lg gas cooker prices

This Maxi gas cooker by LG doesn’t use up your space despite its superpowers. It has a streamlined design, which will complement your kitchen decor. It is made from a high-grade material that offers superior durability and is ideal for homes, hotels, and restaurants.

It is also resistant to corrosion. This means it will remain rust-free for a long period of time. The gas stove promises more productivity in your kitchen as you make your tasty meals ready.

Price Range
Between NGN11,000 to NGN13,000 Nigeria currency

6. Gas Cooker Stove with 3 Burners


Eurosonic 3-burner gas cooker

If you’re looking for an amazing and gas-sufficient 3-burner tabletop gas cooker, this is the right choice. It is a product of Eurosonic with the automatic electronic ignition that saves you the need for matches. It has a detachable trivet and tray that make room for easy cleaning. The gas cooker stands out for its quick cooking capacity and low gas consumption.

Price Range
Between NGN9,000 to NGN12,000 Nigeria currency

7. Portable Gas Stove


portable gas stove
This superb Portable Gas stove is scientifically designed as the next level of convenient cooking experience. It is ideal for a picnic, kitchen, office, and garden.

It is handy and very simple to maintain. And it comes with a strong storage case that protects the cooker when on the move. You can consider it the most convenient option for outdoor parties, camping, and other similar activities.

The portable gas cooker features a high-power flame, electronic ignition, extreme cooking speed, and a safety shut-off and locking device. It has a plastic case and a non-corrosive layer.

Price Range
Between NGN10,000 to NGN14,000 Nigeria currency

8. Polystar Gas Cooker with 4 Burners, 1 Hot Plate, and Oven Grill


Polystar gas cooker

The gas cooker comes with 5 cooking spots that have high prospects for efficiency. It is all covered in stainless steel and a suiting glass cover. Not only does it have an inbuilt auto ignition, it also has a timer for controlling cooking time. The oven is enclosed in the flapping drawer. This gas cooker is simply amazing. It’s a combo of 3 major features in 1 device; burners, hot plate, and oven.

Price Range
Between NGN135,000 to NGN149,000 Nigeria currency

9. Single Burner Gas Cooker


Sigle burner gas cooker

If you’re looking for a better alternative to the popular burner-on-cylinder gas cooker, you might find a good fit in this 1-burner gas cooker. It is a good blend of comfort and durability.

The stainless-top gas stove burner is made from a strong and quality steel material that gives it a very rugged look that guarantees durability. The structure guarantees a high level of efficiency with an anti-rust feature. Being with a single burner doesn’t affect its gas-saving technology and fast cooking ability. The cooker is portable even for the smallest of spaces.

Price Range
Between NGN9,000 to NGN11,467 Nigeria currency

10. Thermocool Table Top Household Gas Cooker Stove

haier thermocool gas cooker

We’ve known Haier Thermocool as a giant to beat in the Nigerian electronic space. Now, we have a gas cooker from them. It has a stylish and sleek design and features electronic ignition for easy use. Its premium cast burner affords long-lasting use. It is easy to clean and has a strong flame for good cooking.

Price Range
Between NGN15,000 to NGN17,000 Nigeria currency

What You Should Know When Shopping Guide for Gas Cookers in Nigeria

After knowing the different types of gas cookers available in Nigeria and their various prices, you need a guide when buying one, and the following tips will be of help.

1) Look out for the cooking capacity of the gas cooker you want to go for. The purpose of serving will determine what you will go for.

2) Choose the type of gas cooker you want. Is it just a gas cooker or the one combined with a hotplate?

3) Are you a cooking enthusiast who likes to try new things? If you wish to bake and grill then that cooker with oven, grill and turnspit should be your choice.

4) Get a cooker with an Auto timer that can go off after the timed programmed for is up. This will assist greatly when multitasking.

5) Go for a cooker with electric ignition or auto-ignition.

6) If you work more with the oven, you can go for gas cookers with double ovens.

7) Choose a gas cooker with flame failure to avoid fire accidents.

8) If you stay in an area will electricity is not stable then no need to go for gas cookers with hotplates.

9) Availability of Fund. the money at hand is critical, so the gas cooker you will go for will be significantly influenced by the funds available.

10) Go for reputable brands that people trust as they tend to make good things.


After knowing the prices of various gas cookers in the Nigerian markets, their features as well as a shopping guide to work on. You can proceed to the market to get the gas cooker that suits your finance, taste, choice, purpose, and space.

You can get these cookers at shops, stores, and online shopping malls as well as the major dealer of different brands of gas cookers in Nigeria.

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