Water Heater Specification & Price In Nigeria

Water Heater price in Nigeria

Water Heater Specification & Price In Nigeria
Water Heater Specification & Price In Nigeria

Water heating is a heat transfer process that uses an energy source to heat water above its full initial temperature. Typical domestic uses of hot water include cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating.

Prices of water heaters range from about $170 for small gas fired units to more than $2,000 for high output heaters that can supply two showers at the same time; $1,000 is about average.

While the tankless electric heaters run between $90 and $900. All first-time installation costs run more than a simple full tank replacement.

A water heater aids to raise the temperature of water in order to make it convenient for several purposes. A water heater heats water, so occupants can wash in warm or hot water.

In some cases, the heated water is used to heat the home with water or steam radiators. How water piping can also be wisely placed to provide other benefits, like heating a bathroom’s tile floor.

A water heater can be portable and fixed, they could also have tanks or be without tanks. A wide range of different types is in the Nigerian market space, making it quite a lot to get actual prices on this Items.

How much is Water Heater price in Nigeria

In this article, you’ll know the current prices of the known water heaters in the Nigerian Market space listed below;

  1. Warmer Ceramic Mug Smart Intelligent Electric Coffee Cup Warmer: 8,999 NGN – 15,000 NGN
  2. Sweet Home Water Heater-15l-200WATTS: 37,000 NGN – 42,000 NGN
  3. Sweet Home Water Heater-230V: 38,000 NGN
  4. Sweet Home Water Heater-10l-200WATTS: 34,000 NGN
  5. Stainless Steel Water Heating 240V 2400w Electric Heater: 21,269 NGN – 42,538 NGN
  6. Portable Electric Stove Hotplate Heater for cooking 220V: 12,159 NGN – 24,318 NGN
  7. Portable 5V USB Electric Heated car Office Use Warm : 11,619 NGN – 23,238 NGN
  8. Mini instant electric water heater bath shower bathroom kit: 18,049 NGN – 36,098 NGN
  9. Mini instant electric tankless hot water heater S white: 19,999 NGN – 38,017 NGN
  10. Mini 30-50 degree electric tankless hot water heater Instant black: 30,579 NGN – 61,158 NGN
  11. Maxi water heater electric storage compact 15l : 43,860 NGN – 50,000 NGN
  12. Instant water heater : 40,000 NGN – 60,000 NGN
  13. Hexagon head electric heat tube solar energy water tank 9kw: 14,329 NGN – 28,658 NGN
  14. Hexagon head electric tube solar energy water tank 6kw: 13,649 NGN – 27,298 NGN
  15. Harmony Valice: 35,000 NGN
  16. Electric LED fast instant faucet tap water heater side water: 20,079 NGN – 40,158 NGN
  17. Electric instant water heater tap: 27,000 NGN
  18. Ariston water heater – 80l: 134,000 NGN – 158,000 NGN
  19. Ariston water heater – 30l: 44,800 NGN – 50,000 NGN
  20. Ariston water heater – 230V -15l: 36,450 NGN
  21. Ariston water heater – 15l: 38,000 NGN – 60,000 NGN
  22. Ariston water heater – 10l: 36,000 NGN
  23. Ariston 50l electric water heater: 75,000 NGN
  24. 5PCS 220V D 500W electric water heater liquids immersion : 9,469 NGN – 18,938 NGN
  25. 5PCS 220V 500W electric water heater S immersion Trav : 2,229 NGN – 4,457 NGN
  26. 5400W 110V/220V electric shower head instant hot water 220V: 14,279 NGN – 28,558 NGN
  27. 5400W 110V/220V electric shower head instant hot water 110V: 14,579 NGN – 29,158 NGN
  28. 5400W 110V/220V electric instant hot water heater bath white: 14,079 NGN – 28,158 NGN
  29. 5400W 110V/220V electric instant hot water heater bath beige: 14,179 NGN – 28,358 NGN
  30. 3KW 220V electric faucet tap hot water heater instant: 16,889 NGN – 33,777 NGN
  31. 3300W electric D instant heating faucet LED screen temperature: 21,829 NGN – 43,658 NGN
  32. 300W 220V hot portable electric water heater immersion rod: 9,409 NGN – 18,817 NGN
  33. 300W 110V home electric water heater instant the multicolor: 38,039 NGN – 76,077 NGN
  34. 3000W portable electric water heater shower instant kitchen: 19,359 NGN – 38,717 NGN
  35. 3000W 220V electric water heater instant tankless red stand: 18,049 NGN – 36,098 NGN
  36. 2500W 220V water heater portable electric immersion boiler: 9,409 NGN – 18,818 NGN
  37. 2500W 220V water heater portable electric immersion boiler: 8,429 NGN – 16,837 NGN
  38. 220V electric shower head instant water heater Wi 220V Blue: 14,279 NGN – 28,558 NGN
  39. 220V electric bathroom E shower hot water instant heater pur: 119,079 NGN – 238,158 NGN
  40. 220V electric bathroom E shower hot water instant heater pur : 105,019 NGN – 210,038 NGN
  41. 2000W/2500W electric heater boiler immersion water B hot pink: 9,169 NGN – 18,338 NGN

Types of water heaters

Gas Water heaters

These type of water heater is also known as LPG geysers because they run on (liquefied petroleum gas). They draw their power from gas cylinders or pipelines and are energy efficient like solar water heaters. These types are cost-effective and they have a good overall cost of maintenance which makes them quite affordable.

Solar Water heaters

These types of heaters work with solar energy rather than electrical energy. They are very environmentally friendly and efficient if you intend to conserve electrical power.

They make use of a solar thermal collector that absorbs heat from the sun. It then transfers the heat into an anti-freeze fluid located in a closed loop system running into the water tank.

Regular Water heaters

These are the most known water heaters in the market space. They work with electricity and fall between a liter and 100 liters in capacity

Most different types of geysers fall under this category.

Instant Water heaters

These water heaters are highly effective, high powered and they heat in minutes. Because of their speed in heating water, they are quite compact and they have capacities between the range of 1 liter and 3 liters.

You will find this type of heater in the bathrooms and kitchens of personal homes.

What to consider when buying a water heater In Nigeria

  • energy efficiency
  • safety
  • capacity

Energy usage and efficiency

New, higher efficiency furnaces and water heaters create a higher acidic exhaust, which can corrode older chimneys, especially brick ones without a liner. So, if you are replacing an older system, you may need a new chimney vent or liner for your chimney or output.

By using a temperature setting that’s lower than the maximum that most systems allow, you can reduce the chance that someone will accidentally be scalded. This is especially true in a house with small children, where a little one may decide to do something like taking a bath on his or her own… stepping into the tub and then turning on the hot water. Many home water heaters go up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (°F), and for most purposes, 120° F (about 49° Celsius) is hot enough.


If a hot water heater is not used for several weeks, hydrogen can build up in the tank. So, if you haven’t used the hot water heater for two or more weeks, run the hot water from the tap for a few minutes before using an appliance, like a clothes washer or dishwasher.


The capacity of the water heater is generally 30 gallons for a small home, 40 gallons for a home with 1-2 bathrooms, and 50 gallons for homes with more bathrooms. You save energy by not getting a larger capacity than you need.

If you want to save on energy costs and use a “greener” energy source, consider a solar-powered water heater.


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