Haier Thermocool Deep Freezer Full Specification & Price In Nigeria

Haier Thermocool Deep Freezer Full Specification & Price In Nigeria
Haier Thermocool Deep Freezer Full Specification & Price In Nigeria

The Haier Thermocool brand is a household name in Nigeria, it is regarded as the company that produces the best electrical products especially when it comes to fridges and freezers, almost every home have at list has one appliance which is a Haier Thermocool brand. For this, we have compiled a list of some of their best Deep freezers

Haier Thermocool Deep Freezer Htf-150 Price In Nigeria: N133,500 – N159,600

This freezer features up to 100 hours of freezing capacity,150 Liter Storage capacity, Safety door lock, LED light, Tropicalized system design, a Mesh basket & partition, and Internal Condenser.

Haier Thermocool Deep Freezer -HTF-200 Energy Saving Price In Nigeria: N160,000 – N175,000

The HTF- 200 has similar features to the HTF150 but has a bigger capacity. The capacity of 203 Liters. Its main features are a Super freezing function, 3 years warranty on Cabinet and compressor, a Low voltage compressor, Anti Rust Cabinet, Energy saving, Eco-friendly refrigerant, and Frozen up to 100HRS after power failure.

Haier Thermocool Deep Freezer -HTF-219 Energy Saving Price In Nigeria: N2010,544 – NGN213,454

This is quite bigger than the first two analyzed. it comes with the following features, Up To 50% Energy Saving, Power-saving technology making the product more energy-saving by cutting energy consumption by half, Also comes with 100 Hours of Frost Retention, it is also Built with thick insulation with high-pressure micro foaming that keeps food cool for a long time.

Haier Thermocool 319 Litres Inverter Chest Freezer Price In Nigeria: N250,454 – N278,455

This comes with a 319 Liters storage capacity, is Anti-rust protected, comes with a 100-hour freezing capacity after a power interruption, and 75mm insulation thickness, this is guaranteed to keep your food item well froze for about 4 days.

Haier Thermocool HTF 419litres Inverter Deep Freezer Price In Nigeria: NGN380,000 – NGN461,000

429L Inverter Chest Freezer, comes with two doors, up to 50% Energy Saving, Super Fast Freezing from five different Sides, Door Lock, 100 Hours Frozen After Power Outage, LED Lighting, and External Handle.

Haier Thermocool HTF 519IS Deep Freezer Price In Nigeria: NGN495,900 – NGN 524,200

HTF 519IS Is an inverter series freezer, with energy savings. Haier Thermocool Chest Freezer HTF 519IS has a 100-hours freezing capacity, which makes freezer content stay frozen for over 90 hours after a power outage. It also comes with features such it zinc coated body which protects the freezer from rust. it also operates quietly.

Haier Thermocool 719 Litres Deep Freezer N593,700 – N665,700

Haier Thermocool 719 Litres Chest Freezer, is a double door large chest freezer with up to 50% Energy Saving, it has a fast freezing function. Haier Thermocool 719 Litres Chest Freezer also features 100 hours of frost retention, a high-efficiency compressor, and 3 years warranty.

Haier Thermocool 719 Medium Chest Freezer HTF 219 R6 Price In Nigeria: NGN495,900 – NGN 524,200


  • 219 Litres storage capacity
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Dimensions mm (W*D*H) 790*745*855
  • Low noise operation
  • 75mm insulation thickness
  • 100-hours (4 days) freezing capacity after power interruption
  • super freezing
  • Extra-density insulation
  • Counter Balance Hinge
  • Anti-rust Cabinet


Customer ModelFREEZER CHEST HTF-219H




Fridge / Freezer FeaturesSuper Freezing Function, 100Hrs Cooling, 2-1 Freezer Cooler, 3-Dimension Freezing, CFC free refrigerant (Environment Friendly), LED light, Safety door lock, Tropicalized system design, External Condenser, Mesh basket & partition, 100Hrs Cooling
Control System (E=Electronic; M=Mechanical)M=Mechanical
Noise Level dB (A)47.0
Voltage / Frequency220V/50Hz
Total Net Capacity (L)219.0
Door LockYes
Super Freeze Indicator Light (yellow)Yes
Power-On Indicator Light (Green)Yes
Wheels (Front / Rear)No
Freezer Star Rating */*** */** */* **/***
Freezing Capacity (kg/24hrs)20.0
Energy Consumption (KWhr/yr)438.0
Freezer Cooling TechnologyDirect Cooling
Refrigerant TypeR134a
Number of Baskets2.0
Interior LightingYes
Energy Class Rating A++/A+/A/B/C/No energy class ratingNo energy class rating
Unit Weight42.0
Over TemperatureNo
Inverted CompressorNo

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Deep Freezers in NigeriaCapacityPrice 
Hisense Double Door Chest Freezer420 Liters₦185,445 Naira
Scanfrost Deep Freezer250 Liters₦95,990  Naira
Haier Thermocool Deep Freezer200 Liters₦ 162,990 Naira
TCL Chest Freezer142 Liters₦113,607 Naira
Skyrun Deep Freezer200 Liters₦129,400 Naira
Bruhm Deep Freezer100 Liters₦89,355 Naira
TCL Deep Freezer400 Litres₦246,355 Naira
Toshiba Deep Freezer198 Litres₦144,464 Naira
Midea Chest Freezer99 Litres₦135,454 Naira
Nexus Deep Freezer150 Litres₦118,554 Naira

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