Senwei Generator Specification & Price in Nigeria

Senwei Generator Specification & Price in Nigeria
Senwei Generator Specification & Price in Nigeria. Specification, Image, and Price in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, and, Uganda.

SENWEI generators are the perfect combination of durability and affordability and provide you with the highest quality services at the most affordable costs. SENWEI generators use less fuel, are easy to operate and maintain, and are environmentally friendly.

SENWEI Generators are some of the most well-known brand names for generators in Nigeria. They have adjustable features to accommodate different needs. They are fuel efficient and include an Automatic Voltage Regulator and overload protection.

Senwei Generator Popularity

Senwei generators aren’t that well-known compared to other generator brands such as Sumec Firman, Elepaq, Tiger, and many more, but the appeal for SENWEI generators is overgrowing, particularly on the Nigerian market and also to the entire world. The brand has grown as much as 43% in market share.

SENWEI generator is cheap, robust, durable, efficient, and efficient. This has led to its popularity expanding rapidly.

List of Senwei Generator Models In Nigeria

More than twelve models of the SENWEI generator brand are available in Nigeria. Nigerian market. This includes the models below:

  1. SENWEI ECO2990S
  2. SENWEI SV6200E2
  3. SENWEI EC6500CX
  4. SENWEI ECO5990
  5. SENWEI ECO4990
  7. SENWEI SV8500E2
  8. SENWEI ECO2200S
  9. SENWEI SP3800
  10. SENWEI SV5500

How much is Senwei Generators Price in Nigeria

In Nigeria In Nigeria, the Senwei generator is one of the generator brands that you could consider buying for a low cost and still maintains high standards in terms of performance and operation.

Senwei generator is among the top generators ideal for small-scale businesses such as hair salons, mini cyber cafes, barber shops, electrical shops, and even mini stores. The reason is that they’re not as powerful as other generator brands available.

Senwei Genset models are well-liked on the Nigerian market and are characterized by significant use among most Nigerians. The price range for SENWEI generators starts with a minimum of N34,500 and goes to N150,500.

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What is the price of SENWEI Generator Prices in Nigeria

The following table below shows prices for Senwei generators in Nigeria. Nigerian market:

  • Senwei SV5500 – NGN56,500 – N65,000
  • Senwei SV8500E2 – NGN69,000 – N73,000
  • Senwei SV6200E2 – N67,900 – N76,500
  • Senwei SP3800 – N34,500 – NGN48,000
  • Senwei ECO2990S – N37,000 -NGN49,000
  • Senwei EC6500CX – NGN53,699 – NGN58,000
  • Senwei ECO5990 – NGN69,000 – NGN155,000
  • Senwei ECO4990 – NGN66,000 – NGN76,000
  • Senwei ECO8990ES – NGN66,000 – NGN69,000
  • Senwei ECO2200S – NGN36,000 – NGN39,800

What Can a Senwei Generator Power?

Do you want to know more about the features the SENWEI generator can handle and the power it can provide during operation before purchasing one? We’ve got all the information you need on this. Senwei generators are 35% more powerful than the earlier Elepaq Senwei.

Senwei generators can supply power to TV sets as high as two fans, two bulb sets, an ice maker and electrical appliances that are less powerful all together. Be aware of your head that Senwei generators aren’t able to power large appliances such as air conditioner washing machines, washing machine iron, microwaves, etc.

Senwei Generators Key Features and Specs for the ECO Series

  • Brand: Senwei
  • AC Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Starting Capacity: 1.8KVA
  • Running Capacity: 1.4KVA
  • Alternator Type: brushless self-exciting, synchronous, Enameled Wire
  • Voltage Regulation: 220V
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Type of Engine: Single air-cooled cylinder, OHV, single
  • DC Output: 12V/8.3A
  • Starting System: Recoil (Manual)
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 8L
  • Noise Level @ 7 Meters: 67 dB* Weight: 30KG

Senwei Generators Key Features and Specs for the SV Series

  • Brand: SENWEI
  • Type of Start Recoil and Key Start
  • AC Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Starting Capacity: 4.5KVA
  • Running Capacity: 4.2KVA
  • Not Suitable for ACs
  • AC Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Alternator Type: Brushless, self-exciting, synchronous, 2-pole
  • Colour Type: Mostly Yellow
  • The main material is Enameled wire.
  • The area of use is Home/Office.
  • Voltage Regulation: 220V
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Engine Type: Single air-cooled cylinder, OHV, single
  • DC Output (HP/ KW): 12V/8.3A
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L
  • Battery: Yes
  • Tyres: Yes
  • Noise Level @ 7 Meters: 68 dB
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 715*460*460
  • Weight: 55kg

Senwei Generators Key Features and Specs for the SP Series

  • Brand: Senwei
  • AC Frequency 50Hz
  • Rated AC Voltage 220V
  • Rated AC Current 5.45A
  • Starting Capacity: 1.8KVA
  • Running Capacity: 1.4KVA
  • The type of alternator is Brushless, self-exciting, synchronous, Enameled Wire
  • Voltage Regulation: 220V
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Type of Engine: Single piston, OHV, air-cooled
  • DC Output (HP/ KW): 12V/8.3A
  • Starting System: Recoil (Manual)
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 8L
  • Noise Level @ 7 Meters: 67 dB
  • Weight: 30KG
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How to Identify Original and Fake Senwei Generator

To ensure that you don’t buy counterfeit Senwei generators to replace the genuine ones, here are some suggestions to help you determine the difference between which Senwei generator is authentic or fake.

The most significant difference between a true and fake Senwei generator is that the genuine Sensei generators have only its brand’s logo SENWEI printed boldly on the top of the generator, as well as other parts that provide information in contrast to fake Senwei generators carry the brand name Elepaq .

The name ELEPAQ Senwei is believed to be the original brand name, written in a separate place inside the engine.

Senwei Generator Maintenance Process

If you are looking for the maintenance manual for the Senwei generator and this is the one. It might be interesting to be aware that the SENWEI generator can run for at least an entire year and possibly for a few months or more without breaking down or even thinking of going to a technician who works on generators to be serviced.

This is only possible This can only be achieved if you pay close attention to its maintenance. This is why your Senwei generator usually fails to function because of the numerous electrical appliances you have to power the generator.

It is important to note that oil changes are among the most essential maintenance tasks that anyone can perform without the help of an experienced Generator technician. It is essential to establish the practice of changing your generator’s oil every two weeks, based on the usage.

This helps to extend the generator’s lifespan and improve its operation’s efficiency to provide you with an excellent output at any time.

Where to Buy the Senwei Generator

The location where you can purchase this Senwei generator isn’t an enormous deal if you’ve determined to buy this Senwei generator. The generator is available through reputable and dependable online retailers like Konga, Jumia, and Jiji. It is also possible to purchase this generator from reputable dealers that sell generators and their associated items (like accessory parts and spares).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Senwei Generators

Check out the following for the good sides and the negatives that comes with the Senwei generators:

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Is Senwei a good generator?

SENWEI Generators are strong generators designed for use in the workplace and at home. They are ECO-sustainable and use less fuel, saving you tons of cash on fuel costs.

The SENWEI ECO3200S For instance, it is one example. It is a 1.3kva generator that is rugged in appearance and performance. It’s built to last for extended periods. It can carry appliances for home use and does not use a lot of fuel. Here are some reasons why SENWEI generators are great.

  • They are reasonably priced and can be used at home and the office.
  • Fuel efficient since they help save energy.
  • The generator includes fuel sediment cups, which stop dust and water from entering the carburetor via the tank for fuel. This guarantees durability and endurance.
  • comes in different capacities depending on your needs.
  • simple to maintain and replacement parts can be found throughout Nigeria.

The negative side is the Senwei generator

SENWEI generators are not without their flaws. The majority of products of this brand aren’t suitable for powering large home appliances such as pressing the iron or deep freezes and many more. Here are some more reasons SENWEI generators may not be ideal for small or home enterprises like cyber café, bars, etc.

  • SENWEI Generators can be extremely loud and noisy compared with other brands or when they get old.
  • Understanding the capabilities that serve your office or home is a significant problem for non-technical users.

Differences Between Senwei Generators And Elepaq Generators

Have you ever considered the differences between ELEPAQ generators and SENWEI generators? There is no one else who has thought about this. Some time ago, SENWEI generators were branded ELEPAQ SENWEI, which caused many Nigerians to think about the differences between ELEPAG generators and SENWEI generators, even though they adopted SENWEI as their brand name.

Purchasing a generator for your office or at home is necessary, and it is essential to select the right generator you can trust to satisfy your needs. Your requirements and the energy you use should decide which generator you choose.

In case you’re unsure which one you should pick from an ELEPAQ generator or one from SENWEI, the differences listed below should help you make the right choice about their distinctions.

  • ELEPAQ generators tend to be costlier than SENWEI generators, with all other things being the same.
  • ELEPAQ generators have full copper, whereas SENWEI generators contain aluminum with a few traces of copper.
  • Pushing the limit of a SENWEI generator past its limits will cause it to fail. This is not the case for ELEPAQ generators.
  • The reviews of previous users suggest that you could utilize the ELEPAQ generator for five years without having to repair it. However, it is not possible to use the SENWEI generator for one and a half years before going to a mechanic for the generator.

In Conclusion

In the end, Senwei generator is cheap, robust, durable, reliable, and uses less fuel. It is simple to use and maintain. In the event of use and durability, it is suggested for your home and small businesses. 

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