Telpecon Grant Update In Nigeria, Disbursement, Requirements And How to Apply

Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update In Nigeria

Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update In Nigeria
Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update In Nigeria

There are claims that the Telpecon grant is set to disburse Billions of naira to people who joined the program. But what is the real truth about TELPECON? Is it a legit grant in Nigeria or is it of the many scams that abound in the country?

In this post, we will look to dissect everything about the TELPECON grant. Whatever we conclude will be left for you to believe or not.

The sole aim and objectives of TELPECON are to fight poverty in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, through the Empowerment of women and youth in our society, to support them through a grant for entrepreneurial engagement, especially those who are considered rural dwellers


Telpecon Grant Disbursement

In this press release an unnamed source who claims to be a TELPECON director claims that TELPECON has more than the sum of $700million in its coffers that is the amount claimed available for disbursement, the source says the real sum of money available for disbursement by the so-called GRANT is N1.814 trillion.

The source goes ahead to break down how over N1.8 trillion came to be: that over N720 billion was donated from Singapore while N794 billion was donated from the USA and N300 billion was donated from Australia.

The source goes ahead to say that come whatever may, Nigerians are going to get the Grants they applied for.

Is all this true about the TELPECON-grant? Is it legit or it’s just one of the headless scams tearing through this country and people’s hard-earned money?

What are the changes to the Telpecon grant in Nigeria?

The Telpecon grant in Nigeria has been revised to give more funds to the government. The Finance Ministry of Nigeria announced that they would be giving the federal and state governments 50% of the funds, but the states would have to match that 50%, which could be through donor funds or their revenues.

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How To Apply For The Telpecon Grant In Nigeria?

To apply for the Telpecon grant update in Nigeria, you must submit an application form to any of the following:

  1. The Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment (MITI)
  2. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
  3. The Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)
  4. The Federal Ministry of Power, Works, and Housing (FMPWH)
  5. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
  6. The Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)
  7. The Federal Ministry of Power, Works, and Housing (FMPWH).
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You must also submit a certified copy of your international passport or national identity card alongside the following:

  • Legal/Full name
  • Your State of Origin
  • Your bank details
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Business Idea that you have
  • Estimated amount(s) of Funds you will need

What you should know About TELPECON – Scam or Real Grant?

  1. The Less Privileged Empowerment Coordinators Network (TELPECON) claims to be registered with CAC but a simple public search on the CAC website shows no company or business with that name. I’m pretty sure a check for the EFCC certificate will also come up empty.
  2. The supposed grant doesn’t even have a website, a google search of the company or business shows results of two Facebook pages “TELPECON GRANT DISBURSEMENT” & “TELPECON GRANT & DISBURSEMENT”. A look into both Facebook pages shows that they are both used to disseminate misinformation and disinformation (fake news).
  3. This so-called group of NGOs that formed The Less Privileged Empowerment Coordinators Network (TELPECON) claims to have 44 million members but there is nothing that suggests that this is true.
  4. A Nairaland thread on TELPECON shows that some people even paid to apply for this grant since 2020 but nothing has come of it and we’re now in 2022. Some bad actors even continue to raise people’s hope that the grant will be disbursed soon but by now you should know this is a big scam.

Does Telpecon give scholarships?

Telpecon does not give scholarships. But instead, they provide grants to deserving students who have the potential to become successful in life and contribute their quota to the development of Nigeria. There are different gifts, like total tuition fee grants, books and materials grants, living allowance grants, etc.

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Conclusion & Latest News on TELPECON Grant

The latest news on TELPECON Grant is that it is a scam endeavor by certain people to milk others out of their money. If you applied and are still expecting a grant from an organization without a public face then my friend for your sake I hope God intervenes and helps you come out of your slumber.

TELPEcon is not real, you can’t get any grant from it. If you paid for it then your money is gone, if you applied for it without paying them a group of scammers definitely have your personal details and might do something bad with them.

Be on the alert, always fact check what people are saying. Any legitimate business will have a legit online presence. If it doesn’t, run away, like you should be running away from This TELPECON Grant of a scam.

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