Profitable Business To Start With NGN30,000 Naira in Nigeria

What Kind of Business Can I Start With 30000 Naira

What Kind of Business Can I Start With 30000 Naira
What Kind of Business Can I Start With 30000 Naira

Do you have the money but don’t have ideas of what business can I start with 30K in Nigeria?

People often consider NGN30,000 as small start-up capital for a business that will succeed, but with the frequent discovery of new business ideas, you can even start a profitable business with less than 30K in Nigeria and become a millionaire in your first year.

In this post, we will be bringing you some of the best and most profitable businesses to start with 30K as a student, graduate, and even if you’re not educated.

The cool thing is that this post contains both online and offline businesses that have high chances of success and make you millions of Naira.


Profitable Business To Start With NGN30,000 Naira in Nigeria

Snail Farming

One of the cheapest and booming businesses that can be started with a capital of just 30,000 Naira in Nigeria is snail farming.

Since snails are becoming more popular for their health benefits, and exportation out of the country, there has been an increase in demand for snails at a very good rate.

If done properly, a small 30K snail farm can make you a 5 – 10X profit when sold.

So, if you’re a long term business fan, just go online and watch some snail farming tutorials, then find a space in your backyard, buy some snails, and get started from there.

Phone Accessories Business

If you’re living in a student area and asking; what business can I start with 30K in Nigeria, just try buying some phone accessories at wholesale prices and reselling at retail prices to see the potential of this business.

Mobile accessories such as chargers, batteries, earphones, memory cards, phone cases, car chargers, headphones, mp3 players, etc, can be sold for good profit when you buy them from a good wholesale supplier.

Once you have all those accessories, you can find a kiosk and showcase your products. And if you’re in a well populated and busy area, you can showcase your products by holding as much as possible on hand to attract buyers.

DIY Snacks Production

Snacks like plantain chips, chin chin, puff puff, doughnuts, peanuts, etc, are some of the most demanded snacks in the country, especially for office workers, students, and teachers.

Therefore, you can use 30K to start this business by first going online to learn how to make any of your favorites, buy all the materials needed, and start making some snacks by yourself.

Once your product is ready, you can start advertising them to your neighbors and friends. Also, you can find a space to showcase it on the street, and even take it to big firms like banks to start getting quick sales.

More so, if you’re looking for a business to start with 30K for students in Nigeria, you can take your snacks with you to sell at school whether secondary school or college (university, polytechnic, etc).

Selling Native Clothes

In this country, we all know that native dresses are made from Ankara, Lace, and “Cut & Sow” materials. So, that made selling native clothing a business you can start with 30K in Nigeria.

To start this business, just look for a place/market (e.g Aba) where native clothes and materials are extremely cheap, buy varieties of them, and then advertise it to your neighbors.

You can also advertise online by posting those products on social media pages, groups, and possible run ads. If those materials are very attractive, you should be able to sell all the items within a week or two.

With a business like this, you should be expecting 20 to 70% ROI. Therefore with a 30,000 Naira investment, you’ll be looking at a profit of N6000 to N21,000.

Laundry Business

Laundry Business

If you have good electricity in your area and asking; what business can I start with 30K, laundry service is definitely a good one to try.

This business is an evergreen business that when done properly, you can consistently make huge money from returning customers, and of course, new ones.

Starting this business only requires a washing machine, pressing iron, starch, detergent and any other washing and ironing materials you may think of. All these can be gotten for less than N30,000.

Therefore, the money left can be used to make advertising materials such as flyers and banners which will be used to attract customers fast.

Mini Poultry

Poultry farming

If you have N30,000 with you right now, one of the best businesses to start with 30K is bird farming.

During festival periods and in ceremonies, people tend to serve chicken rather than any other types of meat, therefore opening the market for small and large poultries.

So, if you have a spare room in your house, or there’s space in your backyard, you can take your NGN30,000 capital and buy a day – 3 days old broilers, buy all the materials needed including feed pan, feeds, and drugs.

That’s all you need to start this business. Broilers usually take 2 – 3 months to mature and be ready to sell. Therefore, at that period, you can be looking to sell your birds for a good profit.

For example, if you buy ten 3 days old broilers for N1,200 each, which is equivalent to N12,000, and use the N18,000 left for feeding and drugs. If just eight of them make it to the selling stage, you can sell them for N6,000 each, you’ll be looking to make a total sale of N48,000, and a profit of N18,000.

That’s an amazing profit margin for a 2 – 3 month business with a capital of N30,000 only.


Recharge Card Business

If you’ve checked our post about 10k and 20k business ideas in Nigeria, you’ll discover that 30K is also a good startup capital for a recharge card business.

With just N30,000 you can start this business by simply approaching a recharge card wholesaler, negotiating and buying a variety of recharge cards in packs/bulk.

Wholesale prices of recharge cards are usually 3 to 20% based on your location. That means on an N1000 recharge card purchased at a wholesale price of N900 to N970, you can be looking to make N30 to N200 profit.

That means after selling the whole card purchased with your capital, you will make a total sale of about N32,000 – N37,500, making your profit somewhere around N2000 to N7,500.

Pop Corn Production

Whether you’re a student, a graduate, or none of both, as a young entrepreneur, one business to start with 30K in Nigeria that will drive easy sales with massive profit is popcorn production.

This business has been booming for years, and since there’s always a high demand for snacks, be sure to get customers easily if done properly.

Once your research is done, just take your 30K and buy all the materials needed including corn, sugar, etc.

With the tutorials, you should be able to make popcorn by yourself. Once your product is ready, package and start your adverts from your neighbors and friends.

You can also take it to schools, banks, and big firms where there are lots of people, so as to quickly get sales. More so, if there’s a free space in your street, you can showcase your product to attract passersby.

Home Service Barbing/Hairstylist

With the recent trend about lots of female barbers in Nigeria that offers home service barbing, becoming a barber or female hairstylist made my list of the businesses to start with 30K in Nigeria.

This is because a clipper and all the necessary materials needed to start this business can be gotten for just 30,000 Naira.

While this business sounds easy, you’ll need to learn and acquire a Barbing or hairdressing skill, then get your materials and start your business from friends and neighbors.

This is an ideal business to start with 30K for students in Nigeria. During holidays, you can just enroll in a barbing or hairdressing tutorial, and within a week or 2, you should be able to do some basic haircuts/hairstyles.

Those basic styles should be able to make you some money starting from friends at school, then you can scale from there by offering a home service barbing or hairdressing.

Cake Baking Business

Cake baking is another lucrative business to start with 30K or less in Nigeria. There is high demand for cakes, and this made it one of the fastest selling occasional items since there are not many people that do it.

If there’s no cake maker in your area, or if you’re a student, baking cake for birthday parties and other ceremonies is a business that could make you a good profit with just a start up capital of N30,000.

To get started, you’ll need to learn how to bake cake online or enrol in a baking tutorial. Once you know how to do it, just get some pictures of cakes, post them on social media and also make flyers to advertise to friends, neighbors, schoolmates, etc.

From there, you’ll start getting small orders usually for birthday cakes, and if your cake is good with a fair price, you’ll be able to attract more clients leading to more sales and of course bigger profits.

This is another ideal business to start with 30K in Nigeria as a student, as students often buy cakes to celebrate birthdays.

Selling Second Hand Items

Another lucrative business to start with 30,000 Naira in Nigeria is selling second-hand items such as phones, laptops, generators, small fridges, washing machines, electric fans, pressing irons, etc.

Starting this business is very easy as all you need to do is take your 30K capital, find second-hand items, and then buy and resell them for profit.

If done properly, you can be sure to make up to N10,000 weekly, as you can buy a second-hand phone or laptop for N30,000 and resell it for N35,000 to N40,000.

Online Businesses to Start With 30k in Nigeria


Are you among those seeking answers to the question; what online business can I start with 30K as a student, and/or graduate?

Blogging is definitely the best answer as this business can make you 6 figures in Nigerian currency within 12 months, starting with a capital of N30,000 only.

Starting a blog is very easy as all you need to do is pick a niche, do more research, buy a domain name, get a hosting service to launch your site, and post content.

Once your site is live and also has some content published, you can start making money from it by applying for ad networks like Adsense and Ezoic Access Now to place banner ads on your site and pay you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another online business to start in Nigeria with a 30K capital.

The idea here is to promote other people’s products using a unique referral code, and once you get a conversion via your affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission at no extra cost to the buyer.

There are many affiliate products in Nigeria that pay well. With them, you can earn up to N100,000 per person referred.

So, to start this business, you’ll need to sign up for an affiliate program, get your unique affiliate link, and promote your link by running ads with that N30,000.

Affiliate marketing can also be done absolutely for free, and you can also promote affiliate products on your blog/website.

Forex Trading

Looking for a risky but highly profitable business to invest 30K into for quick profit? Then forex trading is worth trying out.

Forex trading simply means buying and selling currency to make a profit. With forex, experts can easily turn N30K into N300K within a period of 30 days or less.

To start this business, all you need is to learn how to trade forex online via blogs and YouTube, sign up for a reliable forex broker such as ICmarkets, Exness, and/or Exness, deposit your 30K, and start trading.

Keep in mind that over 90% of traders lose money in the forex market, so if you don’t know how to trade, you may lose all your N30,000 in just 24 hours.

Therefore it is advisable you learn for months if not years before starting.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also a great way to make money online with 30K in Nigeria.

In Nigeria now, internet marketing has become one of the easiest ways for customers to reach a new audience to sell their products and gain traction fast.

Therefore, with just a smartphone and a data connection, probably with a little graphic designing and most importantly digital marketing skills, you can approach small businesses and offer to help them market their products online for just a small amount.

Once you get clients, you can start by just creating a Facebook, and Instagram page for them and helping them create and post content consistently.

Since you already have digital marketing skills, you can run ads with your 30K to get clients and even showcase your skill on your social media pages by posting about your business to attract customers. Flyers distribution is also a great way to get clients for businesses like this.

You can also list your digital marketing gig on freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, etc, to get hot buyers.


In Conclusion:

Having the money to start a business is one thing, getting the ideas of the type of business to start is another, especially when you don’t have huge capital.

I believe this post perfectly serves you the answer to the question; what business can I start with 30K in Nigeria, and what kind of business can I start with 30000 naira. Now, it’s your turn to take the step to start any one of your choices.


30K Business Ideas – FAQs

What business can I start with 30K as a student?

Businesses to start with 30K as a student include cake baking, snacks production and sales, blogging, and affiliate marketing.

What kind of business can I start with 30000 naira?

The kind of business you can start with 30000 naira in Nigeria includes small-scale poultry farming, snail farming, sales of phone accessories, recharge card business, etc.

What can I use 30k for?

You can use 30K to invest in businesses such as blogging, sales of recharge cards, sales of phone accessories, cake baking, snacks production, etc.

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