Power Bike Specification & Price in Nigeria

Power Bike Specification & Price in Nigeria
Power Bike Specification & Price in Nigeria. Specification, Image, and Price in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, and, Uganda.

Power bikes have made a massive leap in Nigeria. They were once considered a ride for the young and the unruly. Maybe they are. Perhaps they’re not. One thing is sure, the rush and excitement you feel when you’re on a power bike isn’t something you find in any other type of vehicle. Additionally, the endurance and performance of this machine can’t be disregarded.

Many Nigerians are now beginning to realize the benefits of Power Bikes, consequently increasing the demand for these bikes in Nigeria. Today, numerous power bike models are found in Nigeria, such as Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW, Ducati, and Harley-Davidson. You may not come across the same number of dealers of power bikes as regular dealerships of motorcycles in Nigeria; however, there is plenty of them in the area, particularly when you reach the major cities of commerce like Lagos, Calabar, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

We’ll now move on to the million-dollar question. What is the cost of a power bicycle in Nigeria? Where can I find a quality new foreign (tokunbo) Power Bike for sale in Nigeria? What is the situation with Nigerian-powered bikes that are used? If you’re asking these questions, you’re at the right spot.

Power Bike Prices in Nigeria (Brand New, Tokunbo, and Locally Used)

Be aware that these prices were calculated assuming everything is the same. If such a locally-owned Power Bike is in a better state than a Tokunbo bike similar to the same brand and model owned could be more costly.


How much is Power bike brand new in Nigeria

Ducati Superbike 2018 === N4,900,000 – N6,000,000


Foreign-owned (tokunbo) Power Bike in Nigeria

It is possible to find used foreign (tokunbo) Power Bikes at these prices.

BMW R-Series:N840,000 – N1,500,000
BMW S-Series:N3,700,000 – N4,500,000
Buell XB Series 2009:N1,900,000 – N2,500,000
Ducati Monster 700cc Power Bike 2013:N2,200,000 – N2,500,000
Harley Davidson 2014 Power Bike:N5,500,000 – N6,700,000
Honda CBR 600cc Power Bike:N770,000 – N1,400,000

Kawasaki 400cc Power Bike 2014 (Black):
N1,800,000 – N2,350,000
Kawasaki 600cc Power Bike:N850,000 – N1,700,000
Kawasaki GPZ Power Bike:N930,000 – N1,420,000
Qasa Qlink Power Bike:N450,000 – N800,000
Yamaha YZF 2011:N2,700,000 – N3,700,000
Yamaha R1 Power Bike:N690,000 -N900,000
Yamaha R6 600cc Power Bike 2005:N780,000 – N1,200,000
Yamaha MT-03 2010 660cc Power Bike (White):N640,000 – N900,000

How much is Nigerians used Power Bike in Nigeria?

You can find Nigerian used motorbikes on sale at these price points in Nigeria.

Haojin Power Bike HJ-150-50 Fabio:N150,000 – N300,000
Honda Power Bike 900cc 2003:N180,000 – N480,000
Electric Power Bike:N300,000 – N480,000
Kawasaki 400cc Power Bike 2014 (Black):N500,000 – N800,000
Kawasaki Vulcan 2010 Power Bike (Silver):N850,000 – N1,150,000
Peugeot Power Bike (Blue):N200,000 – N380,000
Suzuki Gsxr 4000- 600 (Yellow) Manual Power Bike 2002:N450,000 – N700,000
Sinoki Supra 150 Power Bike:N150,000 – N300,000
Suzuki Epicuro Power Bike:N180,000 – N320,000
Yamaha YZF-R6 Power Bike (Black):N120,000 – N320,000


Things you should be aware of when it comes to Power Bike 

Power Bikes aren’t only swift and reliable, but they’re capable of navigating even the most challenging traffic conditions and taking you to the location you need to be in time. This is a distinctive characteristic of the motorbike. Power Bikes can go up to 300 km/h. They are significantly faster than cars. What exactly is what makes them fast?

Power Bikes aren’t limited in terms of speeds or speed limits. However, it is advised that the rider takes the appropriate precautions while riding.

The Power bike engine ranges in their internal 2-stroke and 4-stroke combustion engines. For example, the most current Harley Davidson Power Bike has the Liquid ReVOLUTION X(TM) V-Twin engine, with only 29.5 FT-LB.

What to Expect From a Power Bike


They are certainly faster than regular bikes. But why would they if they can travel faster than 300 km/h? If a Power Bike is traveling at this speed and in a more conservative direction, it’s almost certain that you’ll get to where you’d like to go at a faster pace. But, if you’re out on the wild side and you’re able to make waves on the highway and start the engine.


It is easy to get in the wrong direction or get out of hand when traveling at high speeds. Power Bikes are constructed to be as safe as they can be. From the way the wheels are made and the frames of their machine their own, the balance and stability of the device are apparent.

However, they need to be aware when they travel. Speed testing in heavy traffic is a dangerous and dangerous concept.


Power bikes are solid and long-lasting. Each part of a power bike is created with long-term durability in mind. This is why you won’t have to visit the workshop for Power Bike. should you decide to buy your own.



Power bikes blend the speed of automobiles with the speed of the Power Bike and are an excellent combination in Nigeria. Similar to bikes, they are capable of navigating around obstacles and vehicles in gridlock. Like cars, you can place them on a route that is not a problem, and you’ll get there quickly.


I don’t have to spell the whole thing out now. Do I? If I’m sincere, here’s what I know power bikes are associated with excitement, thrills, and adrenaline.


Downsides of Power Bikes

Repairs and parts

Power bikes can be found across Nigerian roads, but they’re not as sought-after as other types of bicycles. This is because parts are scarce, and repairing them may be more expensive.

There isn’t enough space for more than two people.

They’re not the same as regular bicycles. There are three riders that you can put on. If you’re considering having an electric bike, don’t think you’re planning only for yourself and only yourself.

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