Maxi Gas Cookers Specification & Price in Nigeria

Maxi Gas Cookers Specification & Price in Nigeria
Maxi Gas Cookers Specification & Price in Nigeria. Image, and Price in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, and Uganda.

Maxi is among the most well-known names on the market for kitchen appliances. Because of their reliability and long-lasting products, they have earned an undisputed reputation as one of the most reliable kitchen appliance manufacturers across the globe. What you’ve been told about Maxi cookware is likely to be true. In addition to having their gas cooking appliances among the top and highest highly rated, they are also one of Nigeria’s most sought-after brands of gas cookers.

Maxi gas cookers provide all the features you’ll need in a gas cooktop. They range from tabletop gas cooktops to heavy-duty, high-tech cookers equipped with ovens. Their products are a testament to their consistent quality in the marketplace. For quality and durability, it’s difficult to ignore their products, given their outstanding features. Maxi is among the few brands that you can discover all over the world. The way they blend in any kitchen is gorgeous. Talk about class and durability. Talk about quality. You can find them all in Maxi gas cooktops.

The good news is that you don’t have to have all the money to purchase one. Although most current models are costly, others aren’t too expensive, considering their value. They are a bargain. They offer their products in various grades and differ in cost based on dimensions, the number of burners, other features, and overall performance.

Nigerians appreciate quality, which is why they’ve enthusiastically welcomed Maxi gas stoves. Although there are many other fantastic gas cooker brands on the marketplace, Maxi is one of the most sought-after brands and is highly appreciated. They don’t require any particular skills to operate, are easy to clean, and are among the most secure gas cookers available. Some of their ovens are designed with auto-ignition, while others use them manually.

In the current price fluctuations of kitchen appliances, it is essential to know what Maxi gas cookers are sold for in the present market. This article will review the price of the most common Maxi gas cooktops available in Nigeria in 2023.

Pricing from Maxi Gas Cookers in Nigeria

Max gas cookers make every list of top gas cookers for the right reasons. It’s not a coincidence that it ranks among Nigeria’s top-rated and most popular gas cookers. In addition, they are highly durable and can last for an extended period without any issues. They are also widely recognized as the most secure gas cookers of today. They are surprisingly simple to maintain and use.

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Maxi gas cooktops can be available in all places. They’re one of the cookers you will spot at any appliance store for kitchens. Like other gas cookers, Maxi gas cookers are sold in various types. They produce tabletop cookers and ones that can be used on their own. Sure their items include built-in ovens and grills. These aspects, like the number of burners, the size, and other elements, impact the total price.

Contrary to other brands, Maxi gas cookers can be bought in nearly every state. They are available directly from the manufacturer or local distributors throughout the nation. They can also be purchased from online shops with a wide selection.

Let’s look at the costs of the most popular Maxi gas cookers for 2018.

  • Maxi Table Top Gas Cooker (2 burners) N14, 500 – N25 000
  • Maxi Table Top Gas Cooker (3 burners) N15 000 – N30 000
  • Maxi gas cooker 5050 with 4 burners: N54 500 – N90 1, 000
  • Maxi Gas Cooker 5050 3 Burner with one electric cooktop: N86 500 N124, 500
  • Maxi 60*90 gas cooker (5 gas burners) N216, 720 – – N230 000

The variations in the price of the gas cooker mentioned above are due to some factors that include the exchange rates, the location, and the duration of purchase, as well as other related factors.

Things You’ll Love With Maxi Gas Cookers

Maxi Gas Cookers are now a definite trend on the market. They’ve put themselves in a position that sets them apart from the rest. They might not be the best overall gas for cooking; however, they are definitely in the top tier of reliability. A gas cooktop, no matter size, model, mechanism, or many burners, provides quality for the investment. These are why they are the top gas cookers on the market.

  • Safety Gas cookers are delicate. Safety is the most crucial consideration, as Maxi’s gas cooktops meet this requirement. The latest models are loaded with features that provide safety and aid in preventing the risk of a flame bursting. The controls are made to be easily accessible in the event of an incident.
  • Variation: Maxi gas cookers are available in various sizes and types. They are also known as tabletop cookers and larger models. They can also differ in the number of burners.
  • It is simple to use. Gas cookers are simple to install and operate. There is no need for specific training to run the cookers. Controls are marked and easy to use. They even have auto-ignition and timers.
  • Durable: If you require an appliance that you can continue to use for an extended period of time, the Maxi gas cooker must be the first on your list. It is among those gas cookers that serve you in the best way possible and last a long time.
  • Cost-effective: Maxi Gas cookers are pretty affordable.
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Things You May Not Like About Maxi Gas Cookers

  • Sometimes the auto-ignition feature isn’t working as it should.


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