Longrich Products Specification & Price In Nigeria

Longrich products price list 2022 Nigeria

Longrich Products Specification & Price In Nigeria
Longrich Products Specification & Price In Nigeria

Longrich is a very popular manufacturing company that has spread its presence to more than one hundred countries worldwide. Its main mode of operation is multi-level marketing and it is ranked as the 42nd multi-level marketing platform worldwide. The company manufactures several products such as bath soaps, mosquito repellants, toothpaste, hand creams, pantry liners, sanitary pads, etc.

The question that begs an answer is, “how much do Longrich products cost in Nigeria?” We will answer this question in this post and also show you the benefits of some of these products. Without further, let’s dive into the crux of this post.

Longrich is a global brand and has been around since 1986. Between then and now, this company has manufactured hundreds of products and operates in more than one hundred countries. In this section, we will focus on the prices of Longrich products in Nigeria. Check them in the table below:

Longrich products price list 2022 Nigeria

1Cordyceps Militaris45,90052,800
2Cordyceps Militaris Coffee2,9003,300
3Calcium Tablets6,5007,500
4Longrich wine10,00012,000
5Vitamin drink1,5001,700
6Arthro Supreviver12,00013,800
7Mengqian (female)14,00016,000
8Libao (Male)14,50016,700
9Xinchang (green) tea3,7004,300
10Berry oil (shaji)18,00020,700
11Tianjiang (brown) tea3,7004,300
12Slimming tea3,7004,300
13Black Ginger3,7004,300
14Black Tea and Tremella11,90013,700
15Body wash4,1004,700
16Mosquito repellant2,7003,000
17Bamboo soap3,4003,900
18Mouth freshener1,5001,700
19Toothpaste (100g)1,3001,500
20Toothpaste (200g)2,4002,800
21Hand cream2,3002,650
22Body cream (SOD Milk)2,8003,200
23Antiperspirant dew2,1002,400
25White tea shampoo2,8003,200
26Baby cream2,2002,500
27Baby shampoo and body wash3,9004,500
28Heat powder3,9004,500
29Rejuvenating body lotion2,9003,300
30Snake oil No.11,8002,000
31Artemisin men deodorant1,5001,750
32Artemisin women deodorant1,5001,750
33Artemisin toothpaste (120g)1,0001,150
34Artemisin toothpaste (200g)1,5001,750
35Artemisin mouth wash1,9002,200
36Artemisin hand soap1,9002,200
37Artemisin body wash1,9002,200
38Artemisin shampoo2,2002,500
39Artemisin conditioner2,2002,500
40Artemisin laundry detergent4,9005,600
41Artemisin laundry soap9001,000
42Artemisin nourishing soap9001,000
43Aplus energy shoes (women)327,000376,000
44Aplus energy shoes (men)403,000463,500
45Cup filter8,6009,900
46Fujian cup29,90034,400
47Energy pan (24cm)113,500130,500
48Energy pan (28cm)118,500136,500
49Energy necklace (female)137,500157,500
50Energy necklace (male)137,500157,500
51Sanitary napkin (night use)31,50036,200
52Panty liner31,50036,200
53Sanitary napkin (4-in-1)34,50039,700
54Energy baby diapers (S)5,6006,500
55Energy baby diapers (M)5,6006,500
56Energy baby diapers (L)5,6006,500
57Energy baby diapers (XL)5,6006,500
58Nutria-V-Rich Blue55,00063,200
59Nutria-V-Rich Pink55,00063,200
60VIP Combo249,000286,400
61Platinum Combo 2113,000130,000
62Mini combo 221,00024,000
63Starter Combo 314,00016,000
64Starter Combo14,00016,000
65Hand sanitiser1,6001,850
66Fast rich pack A57,00065,500
67Fast rich pack B115,000132,200
68Fast rich pack C115,000132,200
69Travel Pack2,2002,500
70Power bank11,50013,200
71Evergreen (120ml)69,00079,400
72Evergreen facial mask17,00019,500
73Demo kit4,8005,500
74Seed box5,7006,500
75Test pass gadget500600
76Water tester350400
79Registration form1,6001,850
80Product form1,6001,850


Note that the prices of these products may change due to several factors such as government policies, company policies, location, and vendors. We will update this post once we notice a price change with any of the products listed above.

Benefits of Different Longrich Products

From the table above, you will agree that there are so many Longrich products available on the market. We will look at the benefits of some of these products in this section.

Cordyceps Militaris Capsules

This is an antibiotic from Longrich and it helps in the treatment of several infections resulting from bacterial attacks. Examples of these infections include staphylococcus and tuberculosis. Below are some of the benefits of taking this antibiotic:

  1. Relieves dry colds and coughs as well as alleviates aches resulting from colds.
  2. Improves brain health and general memory.
  3. Increases the supply of oxygen to the brain.
  4. Helps the body to release pressure and protects it from the effects of free radicals.
  5. Provides the body with energy and nourishes the lungs.

Longrich Vintage Wine

If you want sophisticated wine, then you should consider purchasing the Longrich Vintage Wine. While this wine is great for relaxation, it also comes with several health benefits. There are several benefits that you can enjoy from Longrich Vintage Wine including the following:

  1. Boosts sperm production.
  2. Enhances sexual desire in both men and women.
  3. Helps to reduce belly fat.
  4. Detoxifies the body.
  5. Acts as an immune booster.
  6. Treats weak erection and impotency.

Militaris Coffee

This coffee contains vitamins B1, B2, B12, and E, 18 amino acids, proteins, sterols, nucleosides, polysaccharides, and nucleosides to mention a few. Below are some of the benefits of taking Militaris Coffee:

  1. Helps to treat fatigue.
  2. Increases energy in patients recovering from a serious illness.
  3. Great for kids that suffer epilepsy and convulsion attacks.
  4. Reduces cholesterol.
  5. Increases sperm quality and production.
  6. Improves sex drive in patients with low libido.
  7. Helps to treat chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.

How to Become a Longrich Distributor

If you are looking for a business idea, we’ve got some good news for you. You can become an independent Longrich distributor. How can you do this? Take the steps below:

  1. Visit any of the Longrich offices or Stocklist centers in Nigeria.
  2. Collect, fill, and submit the registration form.
  3. The company will send you your membership number and capture your details.
  4. Choose from the list of packages to begin.
  5. Make your payment to the Longrich account.

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