Washing Machine Specification & Price in Nigeria

Washing Machine Specification & Price in Nigeria
Washing Machine Specification & Price in Nigeria. Specification, Image, Price in Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ghana, and, Uganda

Laundry work can be made easier and quicker with washing machines. You just need to choose the right detergent brands for the laundry and use the appropriate amount of water to wash the clothes. The timer can be set to the length you prefer to have your laundry finished.

There are many types of washing machines available today. They come in different sizes, styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. One of the most distinctive features of many washing machines is their ability to be used as both a washer and a dryer. This unique feature, which is found in most washing machines in Nigeria today, allows you to save time and effort by using the dryer to dry your clothes. Drying can take several days.

No matter if you choose a top-loader washer or a front-loader washer, an automatic or semiautomatic washer, there are many benefits to owning a washing machine that is both efficient and effective. Top loaders can be accessed directly from the top, so you can wash all your clothes and add detergents and water right from the top. You just need to open the washing machine while you are not looking and it will take care of the rest. Although top loaders require more water and wash cycles, this shouldn’t be an issue.

To access the front of a front loading washer machine, you will need to bend slightly and reach the machine’s top to put your dirty clothes in. They use very little water and don’t require you to drain soapy water before they can rinse your clothes. While they have more features than top loaders, this should not be an issue if you choose a top loader. You should think about the cost and how long it will last.

Current Prices for Washing Machines in Nigeria 2022

These are the current washing machine prices in Nigeria for 2022.

What is the cost of LG washing machines in Nigeria?

  1. LG Washing Machine WP610 Semi-Automatic Twin Tub 4kg: N68,000-N75,000
  2. LG Washing Machine With Roller Jet WP750R Twin Tub 5kg: N108,000-N120,000
  3. LG Washing Machine and Dryer 9041 Washer Dryer 9kg N222,000 – N250,000
  4. LG Washing Machine Wm 1860 Manual Top Loader 16kg: N170,000-N190,000.
  5. LG Washing Machine Twin Tub 7.5kg: N95,000-N105,000
  6. LG Washing Machine WMC 10C3L Front Loader 5kg: N150,000-N165,000
  7. LG Washing Machine Wm 1049 Twin Tub 13kg: From N270,000 to N300,000.
  8. LG Washing Machine Wm 1400 Twin Tub 10kg: From N137,000 to N150,000
  9. LG Washing Machine Front Loading 6.5kg
  10. LG Washing Machine WMC 10C3Q Front Load 7kg: N133,000-N150,000
  11. LG Washing Machine WM900 Twin tub Manual Top Loader 7kg N124,000 -N140,000
  12. LG Washing Machine Wm 9032 Twin Tub 8kg: N142,000-N160,000
  13. LG Washing Machine Wm 1860 Manual Top Loader 14kg N208,000 -N230,000
  14. LG Washing Machine Wm 610 Manual Top Loader 4kg: N68,000-N75,000
  15. LG Washing Machine WP610N Semi-Automatic Twin Tub 4.5kg: N53,000 to N80,000
  16. LG Washing Machine Wm 610 Twin Tub 4kg: N68,000-N85,000
  17. LG Washing Machine Wm 750R Manual Top Loader 7kg – N90,000 – N100,000
  18. LG Washing Machine Wm 9032 Twin Tub 8kg: N142,000-N160,000
  19. LG Washing Machine, WM750 Manual Top Loader 5kg N63,000-N85,000
  20. LG Washing Machine WP750R Semi-Automatic Top Loader 5kg: N77,000 to N85,000
  21. LG Washing Machine Wm 1460 Twin Tub 11kg: N119,000-N135,000
  22. LG Washing Machine, WM 12B8NDP25 Front Loader 6kg, N210,000 -N250,000
  23. LG Washing Machine WP950 Semi-Automatic Twin Tub 7kg: N99,000 to N120,000
  24. LG Washing Machine WM 1400 Twin tub Manual Top Loader 9kg: N185,000-N200,000
  25. LG Washing Machine, WM 12B9LDP2 Front Loader 5kg: N175,000-N200,000
  26. LG Washing Machine Wm 9532 Top Loader 12kg: N334,000-N350,000
  27. LG Washing Machine WP850R Semi Automatic Twin Tub 6.2kg: N105,000-N120,000
  28. LG Washing Machine Wm 1232 Top Loader 17kg – N532,000 – N550,000

How much is Nexus Washing Machines’ price in Nigeria?

  1. Nexus 3.5kg Washing machine Single Tub: N32,000-N40,000
  2. Nexus 4.5kg Washing machine Single Tub: N48,000-N66,000
  3. Nexus 5.5kg Washing Machine Twin Tube: N48,000-N60,000
  4. Nexus 6kg Washing machine Semi-Automatic Twin Tub N58,000 – N70,000
  5. Nexus 6.4kg Washing machine Semi-Automatic Twin Tub: N70,000-N78,000
  6. Nexus 7kg Washing machine Semi-Automatic Twin Tub: N65,000-N80,000
  7. Nexus 7.5kg Washing machine Semi-Automatic Twin Tub: N68,000-N80,000
  8. Nexus 8.5kg Washing Machine Twin Tube: N75,000-N85,000
  9. Nexus 9.2kg Washing machine Semi-Automatic Twin Tub: N80,000-N95,000
  10. Nexus 10kg Washing machine Semi-Automatic Twin Tub: N85,000-N100,000.
  11. Nexus 10kg Top Load Washing machine: N188,000 to N200,000
  12. Nexus 12kg Top Load Washing Machine: N210,000 to N260,000

How much is Haier Thermocool Washing machine price in Nigeria?

  1. Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Front Load WD 7/4kg N323,000-N355,000
  2. Haier Thermocool Wash Machine Top Load Semi Automatic 6kg: N86,000 to N95,000
  3. Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic Washing machine 10kg: N194,000-N210,000
  4. Haier Thermocool Mini Top Load Washing Machine, TLW06 6kg – N49,000 – N60,000
  5. Haier Thermocool Baby Washing Machine 77600-0301 TW02 2kg: N35,000-N40,000
  6. Haier Thermocool Top-Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine – 77600 – 0292 Tlsa13 13kg : N136,000 to N150,000
  7. Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Top Load Semi Automatic TLSA06 6kg : N65,000-N70,000
  8. Haier Thermocool Cutie Mini Washing Machine, HWM3500 3.5kg – N40,000 – N50,000
  9. Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic washing machine 5kg: N170,000-N180,000
  10. Haier Thermocool Wash Machine Top Load Semi-Automatic 7kg: N117,000 to N125,000
  11. Haier Thermocool Wash Machine Top-Load 6kg: N86,000 to N95,000
  12. Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine 776600-0294 Tlsa09 9kg N77,900-N97,500
  13. Top Load Automatic Washing Machine, TLA13 13kg: From N260,000 to N270,000
  14. Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Top Load Semi Automatic 9kg: N95,000-N110,000
  15. Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine 8kg: N123,000-N130,000
  16. Haier Thermocool Wash Machine Top-Load 2kg: N35,000 to N45,000
  17. Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine 11kg
  18. Haier Thermocool Top Load Automat Washing Machine – 77600-0270 TL06 6kg: N83400 – N85,000
  19. Haier Thermocool Top Load Washing machine – 77600 – 0285 Tlw06 6kg : N45,000 to N55,000
  20. Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Top Load Automat 7kg: N117,000-N125,000
  21. Haier Thermocool Front Load Premium washing machine 10kg: N172,000-N185,000
  22. Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine 9kg: N95,000-N100,000.
  23. Haier Thermocool Front Load Washing Machine 77600-0278 Hw70-1279 7kg: N165,000-N190,000.
  24. Haier Thermocool Washing Machine 800TVE 5, kg: N115,000-N125,000.

How much is the Scanfrost Washing Machines’ price in Nigeria?

  1. The Scanfrost 8kg Twin Tube SFMWTTA top-load semi-automatic washing machine is available at a price of between N80,000 and N90,000.
  2. Scanfrost 10kg SFWMTTC washer machine is available at a price of between N84,000 and N90,000. In Nigeria, this 2022, it will cost between N84,000 and N90,000.
  3. Scanfrost semi-automatic 12kg SFWMTTC washing machine currently available at a price of N120,000 – N150,000
  4. The Scanfrost 7kg washer and 3.5kg dryer, SFWD7350 washing machines will cost between N145,000 to N160,000 in 2022
  5. The Scanfrost SFWD6000 front-load washing machine with 7kg dryer currently retails at N145,000 -N150,000
  6. The current price range for Scanfrost 12kg top-load automatic washing machine is N65,000 to N85,000
  7. The Scanfrost 6kg SFWD6000 front-load washing machine is priced between N195,000 and N200,000
  8. Front load washer Scanfrost SFD7000 (with 7kg dryer), costs between N210,000 and N250,000
  9. The Scanfrost 7kg SFML7001 front-load washing machine is fully automatic and costs between N165,000 and N180,000
  10. The current price range for the Scanfrost 6kg SFWMTLZK top-load washing machine is N125,000 to N140,000
  11. Today, the Scanfrost 8kg front-load washing machine SFWMFL8001 is priced between N196,000 and N220,000 in Nigeria
  12. The Scanfrost 10kg front-load washing machine SFWMFL8001 weighs between N220,000 and N250,000

How much is the Qasa Washing Machines price in Nigeria?

  • Qasa 25kg double-tub washing machine with 8.8kg capacity is available at N48,000 to N55,000
  • Qasa 25kg double-tub washing machine with 16.2kg capacity is available at a price range between N80,000 and N93,000
  • Qasa’s single-tub washing machine with a 5.5kg capacity is currently available at N32,000 -N42,000
  • Qasa 9.8kg single-tub washing machine is priced between N45,000 and N50,000

How much is the Hisense washing machine price in Nigeria?

  • Automatic washing machine Hisense 6kg: N114,000 to N132,000
  • Hisense twin tub washer 5kg: N48,000-N65,000
  • Hisense twin tub washer 7kg: N64,000-N70,000
  • Hisense top-loader washing machine 7.2kg – N55,000 – N70,000
  • Top loader washing machine by Hisense 8kg: N90,000. – N110,000
  • Hisense washing machine semiautomatic twin tub 10kg: N78,000 – N90,000.
  • Hisense 10kg Wash/7kg Dry Washing Machine with Inverter Technology: N223,000 – N250,000
  • Hisense 13kg smart washing machine with full-automatic smart washing: N150,000 – N180,000.

How to Buy a Washing Machine in Nigeria: What You Need To Know

A washing machine is a home appliance that will make your life easier as a Nigerian. A washing machine will eliminate the need to wash clothes by hand, which can sometimes lead to blisters that last for weeks or even days. You’ll be able to wash multiple clothes at once and do other things simultaneously. It could be very interesting.

Things to consider when purchasing a washing machine for Nigeria

Although the above links will take you to pages that show the current price of washing machines in Nigeria, we believe there is more to washing machines than just knowing the price.

The price of a washing machine is only one factor to consider when purchasing a machine in Nigeria. Quality is not always measured by price. Let’s take a look at what you should know about washing machines.

Type: Fully automated vs. semiautomatic

To decide which washing machine is best for you, you need to understand the differences between them. As the name suggests, a fully automated washing machine does all your laundry without any input from you. This washing machine is a combination washer and spinner and controls its own water intake and drainage.

Semi-automatic washing machines, however, require significant input. It will need to be filled with water and detergent. You can fill it with any amount of water or detergent you like. You won’t get satisfactory results if the water or detergent you use is not sufficient. You will also need to transfer washed clothes from your washer compartment to the spinner depending on whether you have one tub or two.

Build: Front-loaders vs. top-loaders

Semi-automatic washing machines don’t need to be considered as they are usually top-loaders. Fully automatic washing machines can be purchased as front-loaders or top-loaders. Each has its own pros and cons, as you would expect.

Top-loaders wash clothes more easily than front loaders, as they can be loaded from a standing position. The smart solution is to place your front loader at a height such as a small table. This makes a big difference. There are some concerns about the possibility of leakages in long-term usage. These situations are more common for front-loaders than top-loaders, whose washers are closed to the sides.

Size: 5kg, 6kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 13kg, etc.

You should also consider the washing machine’s weight capacity, as this will ultimately affect its price. The maximum amount of clothes your washing machine can store at once is called the weight capacity.

If a washing machine’s weight is 5kg, it means that it can hold 5kg of dry cotton clothes at once. The machine won’t wash well if you fill it with more clothes.

Brand: LG, Haier Thermocool, Scanfrost, Midea, Qasa, Nexus, etc.

Sometimes, popularity speaks volumes about the quality of a product. This is especially true for washing machines made in Nigeria. Based on empirical evidence, washing machines made by the most popular brands in Nigeria like LG and Haier Thermocool offer superior performance and last longer than less-popular brands.

Power consumption

The electricity supply in Nigeria is not great so it’s important to take power consumption into account when purchasing a washing machine. Although the power rating of each machine is different, fully-automatic washing machines generally consume more power than semi-automatic models. If you have a small generator as an alternative power source, you might consider purchasing a semi-automatic washer.

Other fancy features

You may want more than what they are designed for. This is another reason to consider when shopping for a washing machine. Some models also include child locks, vibration and noise reduction, touchscreen controls, and speed adjustment.

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