Ignis Gas Cooker Specification & Price In Nigeria

ignis gas cooker

Ignis Gas Cooker Specification & Price In Nigeria
Ignis Gas Cooker Specification & Price In Nigeria

Whether you are trying to get something to boil or hot enough for frying, or you just need to warm some soup, a gas cooker or gas stove allows you that ability.

The ignis gas cooker provides precise quality temperature control, so end users don’t have to worry about their burner having to take time to heat up or cool down.

A gas cooker is one fuelled by combustible gas such as natural gas and other flammable gas.

This new cooking technology has the advantage of being easily adjustable and could be turned off when not in use.

The kitchen is the most important part of the home because it’s that part of the building where meals are prepared and the focus of operations when planning midnight cooking heist and that’s why you need to have the best gas cooker in your kitchen.

The Ignis gas cooker can also be simply said as a range of cooking appliances consisting of gas rings and an oven for cooking using gas.

It also includes a gas burner made up of a metal pipe, perforated with several tiny holes through which gas escapes to be burned.

Gas coolers became more common when the oven was integrated into the base and the size was reduced to better fit in with the rest of the kitchen furniture.

The Ignis company brand passes two top fronts which are having a great product and having a product that is marketable.

This brand offers you almost everything you need in a cooker. As they are fast, efficient, durable and reliable.

Why you Need an IGNIS Gas Cooker


Tough & Durable;

Ignis gas cookers are available in various types. Most of gas coolers are designed with stainless steel, glass lid that make the cooker easy to use, durable and easy to clean.

Ignis gas coolers vary in sizes, designs and overall efficiency. Factors like the number of burners, capacity of grill oven, operation mechanism and other basic factors also vary based on the types of cooker available.

Easily Control the intensity of the heat

The best gas cooker comes with quality cooktop gas burners which are ideal for allowing swift changes in the heat’s intensity.

This is why professional cooks and chefs have made gas coolers their preferred choice.

Swiftly, they can initiate rapid changes in the heat for the recipes that require it.

This means they do not use multiple burners in different settings.



Although the cost of buying the best gas cooker might be on the upside at the point of purchase still, you’d find it a better alternative source than electric cookers which will require you to pay more on electricity usuage regularly

If you cook a lot, then the gas cooker can save you money and give you good value.

Ideal for round bottom Cookware

If you own cookware with rounded bottoms like works, you’d like to get a gas cooker for them.

This is because the heat from the flames of the gas burner heats up these types of pots more evenly.

Thus, making them the perfect cooking appliance for both regular and weirdly shaped cookware.

How Much is IGNIS Gas Cooker Prices in Nigeria

  1. Ignis Standing gas cooker ACF040-MB: 92,000 NGN – 97,000 NGN
  2. Ignis Standing gas cooker ACF050: 73,000 NGN – 86,000 NGN
  3. Ignis Standing gas cooker T967: 340,000 NGN – 380,000 NGN
  4. Ignis Standing gas cooker T851: 220,000 NGN – 350,000 NGN
  5. Ignis Standing gas cooker FST550: 63,000 NGN – 78,000 NGN
  6. Ignis Standing gas cooker FST563: 98,000 NGN – 110,000 NGN
  7. Ignis Standing gas cooker TP9950: 350,000 NGN – 450,000 NGN

Things to Consider before purchasing

Design & Style

You can opt for a gas cooker with a hard glass top, no glass top or black in color or plain silver color.

After all, since the most important thing about the brand has been considered, it’s time to look for design and styling.

You can even purchase the gas cooker with a floral design on the glass top.

Lastly, be on the lookout for the alignment of the burners and the placement of knobs to give you the best utility.

Auto ignition or Manual ignition

The difference between the two is that one would require a matchstick or electric lighter to ignite the burner and the other would not.

There is hardly any difference in cooking or heat distribution.

Different types of burners

There are three types of burners that one should check before purchasing. This includes a standing pilot, electric ignition, and sealed burners. Standing pilots are simple burners that are mostly seen in every house these days.

Choice of Knobs

A gas cooker that’s easy to handle and uses knobs is the ones required. As matched knobs are the best. They can be repaired and changed at home. They will be plastic and metal.

Look for ISI Certification

ISI crested marks are a hallmark of the (ISI) check. The hallmark is necessary for all electronic household appliances including gas coolers. Before purchasing a gas cooker, check for ISI crested marks as the gas cooker manufacturer would have followed established procedures to receive the ISI certification.

Check the distance between the burners

Burner distance is the distance between two burners. Burner distance is also about the safety of the user, you may want to use big utensils once at a time.

The gas cooker comes with burners finished either in brass or aluminum.

Traditionally, aluminum burners have been preferred due to their heat distribution capabilities but recently even brass burners have made their way.

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