How to Opt-Out of MTN TikTok Bundle

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How to Migrate from MTN Pulse to Beta Talk

The main problem now is that your data keeps renewing itself, even when you don’t want that to happen.

That’s annoying, right?

And it gets even more annoying when the airtime you intended in using to make a very important call is being swept off immediately after recharge, just to renew the TikTok data plan you’re not in need of now.

When this happens, one thing that will keep popping up on your mind is how to deactivate this damn TikTok bundle.

Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m glad to inform you that you’re on the right page where I’ll walk you through exactly how to opt-out of MTN TikTok bundle.

How to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN TikTok Bundle

While some people may find it difficult, it is very easy to opt-out of MTN Tiktok bundle. Although the MTN TikTok bundle comes in two packages, that’s one major reason why it gets complicated to deactivate the plan for some people.

However, both plans can be deactivated in the same way. In fact, there are two ways of doing this.

The SMS method and the USSD code method. Let’s discuss more about them.

How to Opt Out of MTN TikTok Bundle Via USSD Code

You can opt-out MTN TikTok bundle via USSD code by following the steps below.

  1. Dial *312#
  2. Select – 1 for Data Plans
  3. Option 8 to Manage Data
  4. Choose Option 3 for the Cancel Auto Renewal menu
  5. Select MTN Instagram and Tiktok bundle to Opt-Out.

How to Opt Out of MTN TikTok Bundle Via SMS

For now, the only way to opt out of MTN TikTok data plan via SMS is to deactivate auto-renewal on all your active MTN data plan.

This can be done by simply texting STOPDATA to 131. All your existing auto-renewal on MTN plans will be canceled. This also includes the TikTok bundle.

With that being said, I believe this post is able to answer your question on how to opt-out of MTN TikTok bundle.

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