Top 10 Best Mature dating sites in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Mature dating sites in Nigeria
Top 10 Best Mature dating sites in Nigeria

The advent of dating sites in Nigeria has made it easy for singles to find love across the country. While the idea of online dating still looks unappealing to many young Nigerians, many of the young populace has embraced the idea, and many have found true love on this channel.

Today, many dating sites in Nigeria are doing well and meeting the needs of Nigerian singles. These top Nigerian dating sites have made searching for true love and soul mate less stressful.

The dream of many singles to find a Cinderella or a Prince Charming has become a reality through the emergence of dating sites in Nigeria.

Reasons For Using Free Dating Sites In Nigeria

Understanding that people use free dating sites in Nigeria for diverse reasons is essential. Such causes may include but are not limited to meeting people, finding true love, flirting or just having fun. You should also note that some people use these free dating sites in Nigeria for illegal and dubious activities. This is why you need to be careful when using these free dating sites in Nigeria because the intentions of the other person may not be quickly revealed.


Tips For Success When Using Dating Sites In Nigeria

There are a ton of general dating tips and advice that are available at your disposal, but if you are going to record success in online dating and find a serious relationship, you’ll need some handy tips to stay safe when using free dating sites in Nigeria such as:

  1. Have an open-minded
  2. Manage your expectations
  3. Guard your private information
  4. Avoid getting lured by corny pickup lines
  5. Avoid online “shopping” for a lover
  6. Guard your money


List of Free Dating Sites In Nigeria

If you embrace the idea of online dating and want to give hookup sites in Nigeria a trial, then look no further because you are in the right place. In this article, I will share the best free dating sites in Nigeria. Below are the best online dating sites in Nigeria for you to explore:


1. Naijaplanet

NaijaPlanet is one of the best free dating sites in Nigeria. This can be confirmed by the testimonials of a good number of its users. Launched in the year 2008, this Nigerian dating site is one of the pioneers of online dating in Nigeria.

This Nigerian hookup site has a user-friendly interface, making it very easy to use. Though it has a simple design, it has a lot of functions that make an ideal dating site need to engage its users. Naijaplanet has a number of functions like a chat room, video gallery, and so on.

These functions enhance easy communication among registered members of this Nigerian dating site. Also, users of this dating site can easily communicate with people from the same location and create the bond they hope to achieve on the site. Naijaplanet records over 40,000 members – making it one of Nigeria’s top dating sites.


2. Meet Nigerians

Another top freemium dating site in Nigeria is Meet Nigerians. This Nigerian dating site was designed for Nigerians in the diaspora and people from other countries who wish to connect with Nigerian singles. Most of its users are from the United States and the United Kingdom.

This site’s critical feature is that it’s not 100% free like other dating sites in Nigeria. Users are expected to pay a certain amount of money to attain a Gold Membership status which then enables the users to perform several other functions besides the regular functions in most dating sites for singles online.

This Nigerian dating site is very popular among single in the major cities of Nigeria. Meet Nigerians’ dating platform has a very active community of users even though payment of a certain amount is involved.


3. Nigerian Dateline

Nigerian Dateline is also one of the top free dating sites in Nigeria. It’s one of the dating sites in Nigeria designed to cater for the need of Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora.

One of the unique features of this Nigerian dating site is that it allows its user to choose the geographical location within Nigeria where they seek a partner. It is also possible for users of this dating platform in Nigeria to upload videos and pictures to boost their profile.

Nigerian Dateline also makes its users feel loved by featuring the user’s profile on their birthdays. Just like several other mature dating sites in Nigeria, not all their features are available in the free package and users are given the opportunity to upgrade to a more attractive level which is the Gold membership. With a certain subscription charge, the upgraded users get to enjoy more features on the site like SMS sent directly from the Nigerian Dateline site.


4. Nigerian Christian Singles

This unique dating site is designed for Christian singles who seek to find a godly partner through online dating. This dating platform provides an avenue for Christian singles who intend to date people of the same faith and theological beliefs.

Nigerian Christian Singles not only brings Christian singles together but also creates a community of like faithful who share views and ideas to grow genuine relationships among themselves. This platform is one of the best hookup sites in Nigeria for Christian singles as it provides a guide for its users, thereby helping them head in the right direction with respect to dating right by displaying tips for dating and sharing the testimonials of various users of the site who got a successful relationship.

The Nigerian Christian Singles website like several other free dating sites in Nigeria permits its users to send private messages and share files like pictures among themselves.


5. Friendite

Friendite is one of the best dating apps in Nigeria among a variety of other dating sites in Nigeria because of its unique features that enable users to enjoy using the platform. It creates an opportunity for its users to share videos and photos, create groups, and post feeds on profile walls. This dating app was introduced in the year 2012 and has grown massively since then to a level that places it amongst the best dating sites in Nigeria presently. Friendite membership has grown in its thousands and the number of visits recorded daily is over 8000.


6. Tinder

Tinder is quite popular amongst a lot of adults searching for soul mates online. It is by far the most widely used online dating website amongst a host of other dating sites. This means that Tinder is largely a mobile app than just a website, making it easier for users to download for free to mobile phones.

Tinder is a free dating site with a phone that allows users to easily make their choices of partners by simply swiping right or left to indicate whether the user is interested in the displayed profile or not. Thereafter, Tinder sends a notification to the user when the selected profile also likes the user in return, enabling both of them to chat.

Although, when using Tinder, you have to be very careful as, fraudulent individuals have gained access to Tinder and preyed on innocent users by posing as whom they are not to defraud users who are in search of true love.


7. Baddo

Baddo which is one of the most popular dating sites in the world today is also well used in Nigeria. Baddo has been around for years. It also has a mobile application that is available for download on the google play store.

Baddo dating site is also known as the best dating site for phones because of its sleek and easy-to-use interface that comes with several catchy functionalities that make users get a wonderful experience while searching for a soul mate. This website has a population of single men and women based in Nigeria and other countries who are searching for soul mates or just want to flirt with other single adults.


8. Naija Connexion

The Naija Connexion dating site is one of the best dating sites in Nigeria. This is so because of its free registration process, which only requires users to sign up and create their profile. It automatically grants its users the ability to search and exchange messages amongst themselves on the site.

Although the Naija Connexion dating site is more focused on the female gender and gives them the option of choosing who contacts them. It is also seen as a mature dating site in Nigeria due to its safe keeping of users’ information confidential.


9. Sexy Naija

Another great mature dating site in Nigeria is the Sexy Naija site which is free and easy to be a part of. It is also one of the most mature dating sites in Nigeria that has become very popular since its start-up in the year 2005. It is easy to sign up without any charge attached to it and only needs the user to enter certain information such as sex, name, location, blood group, religion, and so on just like several other hookup sites in Nigeria.

Another beautiful thing about the Sexy Naija dating site is the fact that users are given the ability to create and own an email on the site amongst other features like chat, instant message, and so on. These features are made available to enable users to interact better and also enjoy a wonderful bonding experience


 10. Nigerian Dating Agency

The Nigerian Dating Agency is also a great Nigerian dating site designed to help those Nigerians interested in meeting fellow Nigerian singles both at home and abroad. It is said to be one of the Top dating sites in Nigeria due to its sleek and easy operation helping its users narrow their searches to a specific age, ethnic group, location, gender, occupation, and so on.

The Nigerian Dating Agency website also grants its users the ability to post comments, pictures, and several other feeds on the website. Users are also allowed to create their specifications in terms of the desired type of partners and get notified when there is a profile that matches their specifications.


Final thought!

Dating in Nigeria has been made easier with these dating sites for Nigerians and with these Top 10 best dating sites in Nigeria, you are sure to find your soul mate online. That’s all on the best dating sites in Nigeria. I hope this article helps.

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