Most Lucrative Small Scale Business in Nigeria

Most Lucrative Small Scale Business in Nigeria
Most Lucrative Small Scale Business in Nigeria

Nigeria can be brimming with lucrative opportunities for business that anyone can take advantage of. As one of Africa’s largest and most populous nations, Nigeria has a market for companies. Businesses that thrive in Nigeria tend to be those that can tackle the fundamental issue facing the population. The economic instability of Nigeria has led to a requirement for everyone to start the foundation of a business, regardless of how small. Relying on the government to offer jobs, food, and security will only make the life of a Nigerian miserable in this day and age.

Business-minded people require to begin an enterprise. Here on, we can offer business concepts that are more than. If you’re seeking small businesses in Nigeria, you can begin with just a little money, we’ve included enough ideas here to assist you in learning how to earn profits from Nigeria. There is no need for a massive sum of money to begin an enterprise.

Ask any multinational corporation or large corporation what they did to get started. It will be apparent that all began with almost nothing. Being successful in any small-scale company in Nigeria is not an easy task. It requires commitment, a solid financial backup, a proper mindset, and the correct steps. A few of the correct steps to take to start a successful small-scale enterprise in Nigeria are what I’ve already mentioned.

Find people who are in the same industry as you. Exchange ideas with them so you are updated on the latest trends within that specific line of business. These are the secrets to running success for small businesses.

50 Most Lucrative Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria

Here are the most successful small-scale businesses in Nigeria that require little or no capital investment:


Agriculture companies are Nigeria’s most lucrative small-scale business opportunities with minimal capital. The most important sources of capital are space (land), water, space, and suitable species (crops and animals). It is possible to start these businesses as a sole proprietor and then expand to a Limited Liability Company.

Here are some lists of profitable agricultural businesses that are lucrative;

Poultry business in the field of agriculture

Poultry farming is a popular and successful business that can be started with a small amount of capital. You can begin your poultry business by operating business from your home or in the comfort of your backyard. The poultry farming industry thrives in locations such as Jos, Ibadan, Enugu, and Makurdi, where favorable climatic conditions are.

The capital expenditure could depend on your startup stage. However, with a capital investment of fifty thousand to 200 thousand dollars ( N55,000 between N55,000 and 250 000), You can comfortably raise 50 birds in two weeks of chicks until market size.

Nigeria’s poultry industry is the second highest number of chickens in Africa, following South Africa. There is a massive marketplace for the products of poultry producers in Nigeria. It is possible to sell them in the market and to restaurants, hotels, Confectioneries, hotels, and other places.

It is possible to start your poultry business in a small size with a couple of boilers and later increase it to the significant poultry industry. It will comprise the hatchery of poultry eggs, the rearing of layers, production of poultry feeds, and numerous others.

Fisher farming business (catfish as well as Tilapia Rearing)

The fish farming business is another lucrative business opportunity in Nigeria. It is possible to start this business right from the comfort of your home. It is a profitable business in cities such as Port Harcourt, Calabar, Kano, Lokoja, Ibadan, Akure, and Enugu, Nigeria. With a capital investment of 100 thousand Naira and up to five hundred thousand Naira (N130,000 between N550,000 and N150,000), You can quickly rear 50-100 fingerlings up to market size.

There’s a massive marketplace for fishing and other fish items in Nigeria. Indeed, you’ll succeed with fish farming once you’re passionate about the industry.

Start a business in the field of fishing at a small scale and then expand it to the large-scale fishing industry. The business will involve producing fish feed for brooding fingerlings and selling fish. On a small scale, it is possible to start using an existing tank underground instead of building a pond for fish.

Snail Rearing Business

The industry of Heliciculture (aka Snail farming) is the practice of raising snails for food and use in medicine. You can begin this business in your backyard. Snail farming can be an unexposed millionaire’s venture. The business is rapidly selling in significant cities. You can earn lots of money by selling snail meat in towns like Abuja, Lagos, Onitsha, etc.

Snail farming is one of the business options that you could begin with no capital, especially for those living in rural areas. If you are in a rural area, you can easily collect the snails that are wild from bushes and composites to the rear. If you’re living in a city or region, you can buy premium snails at the markets to rear.

The Snail industry is among Nigeria’s agricultural sectors that have not yet been fully exploited. Raising snails has been conducted in its primitive or traditional model.

Pig Agriculture Business

The practice of pig farming is the breeding and raising of domestic pigs to feed them. It can be a lucrative venture with minimal capital investment. You could start a piggery-related business with just one or two female pigs that cost around forty thousand Naira ( N50,000) each.

The good thing about Piggery company is that it can generate an excellent profit margin. A single pig can produce around 8-12 piglets within one delivery. These piglets can be sold and raised at the market price of forty thousand Naira. If you can save ten piglets the birth, you’ll make about four hundred thousand Naira ( N500,000). This is what makes piggery businesses profitable.

Due to its high profitability, many SMEs across Nigeria are in the piggery industry. Banks can offer you loans if you’re in the farming pigs. It is possible to start a farm on a small scale with just two or three female pigs and increase your piggery farming to a large piggery business in Nigeria

Vegetable farming 

Agriculture based on vegetables is among the most profitable businesses with low capital. It is more profitable in the dry seasons than in the rainy ones in Nigeria. You can begin vegetable farming in your backyard if you have sufficient garden space and water sources to water your crops.

Suppose you own enough space and water source to water your crops. In that case, Five to ten thousand dollars ( N5000 – N10000) will suffice to start a profitable agricultural business in vegetable cultivation.

Effective seeds, insecticides, and fertile soil are the things you require to succeed in the field of vegetable farming. The best time to earn cash from the business of farming vegetables is during the dry seasons.

It is possible to start a vegetable farm on a low scale right in your backyard and later expand it into commercially mechanized vegetable farms.

Garden Egg farming 

The Garden Egg Farming business is booming in Nigeria’s north and other regions. There are wide varieties of garden eggs, and you can even get involved in its farming. Garden Egg is very popular within areas like the Middle belt and Northern Nigeria. This is especially true if you’re living in a place such as Jos, Makurdi, Kogi, and much more.

The capital investment is minimal after you have a garden or land to cultivate the eggs in your garden. Like vegetable farming, fertile soil, viable seeds, insecticides, and fertile soils are the most critical factors to succeed.

It is possible to start Garden farming on a small scale, then expand it to a large commercial garden farm. Check out the

Rice Agriculture Business

One of the most popular food items we consume is Rice. Due to the prohibition on the import of Rice in Nigeria and the rise of rice farming, it is now among the top business ideas that are growing. Nigeria has a massive marketplace for Rice. It is a suburban and rural business. Although the venture isn’t the most capital-intensive, it can be profitable. A bushel can weigh as low as 40 pounds. This is about 17500 Naira ( N17500).

The vast majority of land is used for farming rice swamps, and there are areas within Ebonyi state and Abia state. Also, there are parts in Anambra State, Benue state and the state of, Niger state, and many more. There is a way to start farming Rice before advancing into a milling industry. Nigeria’s rice milling industry has recently increased due to a restriction on the importation of Rice from outside the country.

Cassava process Business

Cassava processing is a suburban and rural business. Cassava products like garri are trendy in Nigeria. This is because garri is one of the main foods consumed by Nigerians. Cassava processing is a vast industry, particularly when mechanized. The process of mechanizing the cassava industry requires capital. It is recommended to begin the cassava processing industry on a small scale using a semi-manual processing machine.

There is a market for processed products made from cassava in Nigeria. Alcohol, food, and many others are the fastest selling products made from cassava. You can be involved in the manufacturing of any of these products from cassava.

Dog Rearing and Breeding Business

Dog rearing refers to the care of dogs for pets and security and providing food. It’s a venture you can begin in Nigeria with a small amount of capital. Starting with as little as 15 thousand Naira up to forty thousand Naira, you can purchase an English dog such as a bulldog, police dog, and numerous others. However, you should be able to afford the food for the dog.

They eat a lot and need to be fed properly to prevent them from biting humans. Also, dogs require proper management and vaccination. This is because they are prone to behave in a way that isn’t right or efficient.

People who reside around Calabar, Cross River State, Jos some parts of Nigeria’s south-south-east and southeast regions are famous for eating dogs. Therefore, there is a an industry for dogs in these regions. The breed of dog thrives in Jos. It is possible to begin your business of dog breeding on a small scale, and later expand to commercially-oriented dog breeding.

Production of feed for livestock

Livestock feed production is thriving very well Nigeria. There are numerous located in Ibadan, Jos, Lagos as well as other regions of Nigeria. The most common livestock feeds are chicken feeds, guinea-pig feeds, pigs’ food and many more. Beginning a livestock feed production company requires capital.

You can begin at a low level by dipping into local production of feed for livestock and then expand the commercially in the livestock feed industry.

Processing of maize Business

Maize is processed to starch as well as flour, cornflakes feeds, flour, cornflakes and more. The industrial starch from maize is able to be transformed into many items. The processing of maize is capital-intensive, and this is the reason there aren’t many processing companies for maize in Nigeria. However, this type of business might just not suit a lot of people. If you do have the capital and think you’re in the right place to succeed, you could start your own business.

Palm oil Processing Business

Nigeria is among the largest producers of palm oil within Africa. However, the majority of products produced by Palm oil are imported from different countries. The industry is quite small in terms of numbers compared to the demand for products made from palm oil in Nigeria.

The palm oil processing industry is lucrative, even though it requires capital. But, it is possible to start at a small scale processing the fruits of palm oil, and eventually grow into an enormous processing of palm oil.

The farming of carrots

Carrot agriculture is one of the crops that are grown throughout Nigeria’s Northern region of Nigeria and is sold across different regions of Nigeria. Carrot’s benefits for health are numerous and is widely consumed in Nigeria. Like other crops that require fertile soil, as well as suitable seeds or root tubers to be successful. Carrots can be grown in Nigeria all year. However, the most suitable time is from October to May every year before the heavy raining season.

Carrot farming is a booming business in Nigeria. You can begin your own carrot farming business in your backyard with little capital and then increase it to a large commercial farm for carrots.


Distribution and sales businesses are among the top businesses in the sector in Nigeria. Sales and distribution is a business that is more similar to buying and selling products and services. But the distinction between regular buying and selling and distribution is in the amount you buy and the amount you offer to consumers.

The business is typically capital-intensive. If you do not have enough capital to start a distribution, you can negotiate with manufacturers. Start marketing their products. Once you have that, you can can become an agent for their product.

Here are distribution and sales business ideas for Nigeria:

Sachets Water Packaging and Distribution

The distribution and packaging of water in the business are profitable and are among the top companies in Nigeria. To begin this business, you require sterilizing and packaging machines, tanks for water storage, distributing buses or trucks, and many others. This business will require massive capital.

If you’re short on capital and passionate about the business, you may make the partnership. Join forces with others who share the same passion as you if you are enthusiastic about the Sackets distribution and packaging business.

In the meantime, you could start your sachet packing and distribution business at a low level and later expand to a large container and sachet water packaging and distribution business.

Business importation

Importation involves purchasing products from other countries and then selling them in Nigeria for profit. The exchange rate affects the importation business. Electronics are widely used in Nigeria. You can search for the best places to purchase Electronics in China and start your journey.

It is possible to start an import business with a smaller size (mini-importation) and later expand to become a significant importer of various goods. It is possible to start by the importation of some devices and electronic equipment.

Cosmetics for business

The cosmetic business is prevalent since every young lady looks good. This is a business you may look into if you have the funds. The amount of capital required for a startup can vary according to the point at which you enter the company. You can begin small-scale cosmetics businesses with a minimum of N400,000 to N1000,000.

It is possible to start with a small scale and then expand to a size of a large cosmetics industry. Cosmetics industries manufacture and distribute cosmetics.

Okrika Bale Business

Okrika Bale-related business is very successful in Nigeria because of the weak economy. The average person in Nigeria seldom visits the boutique under the name of purchasing top-quality clothes. Therefore, the Okrika bale business is ideal for establishing any place in Nigeria, especially in rural and suburban areas. Lagos, Aba, Kano, and Onitsha have excellent markets to purchase bales of clothing to sell.

The initial capital needed for this venture can differ. It depends on your needs. However, you can begin with an initial capital of just one hundred thousand dollars (N100,000) up to 200 thousand dollars (N200,000). You can begin your Okrika bale business and later expand to become an industry leader selling bouquets in Nigeria.


The transport business is among the most successful business segments in Nigeria. Here are some ideas for business in transportation in Nigeria.

Taxi Cap Transportation Business

Taxi-transport company is a very fast-moving industry in Nigeria. The large number of people living in Nigeria has created this business. You could earn as much as N20,000 per day as an inner-city taxi driver in significant cities such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano, Abuja, and many other cities.

You don’t need to have a taxi cab. You can opt to purchase an arrangement to hire it out when you’re short on capital. You may sign an agreement or take someone else’s ride until you purchase an individual taxi. It is possible to start a taxi service at a low-cost (1 or two cap taxis) and grow your business into large transportation business in the future.

Tricycle, Also Known as Keke Napep Business

There’s a sudden emergence from Keke Napep, the tricycle business in Nigeria, following the restriction on motorcycles in the cities of Nigeria. The most successful people in the tricycles are those who provide tricycles for hire. It is possible to purchase a hire-purchase if you don’t have the funds to purchase your tricycle. Like taxis, you can begin the tricycle industry on a low budget and expand it to an enterprise that is a significant transportation provider later.


The primary inputs or supplies used in this type of business are canopies, tables, chairs and stools, table dressing cloth, ample cooking utensils, and ribbons to hire and labor. These kinds of businesses can be started quickly. The best fit for women is more than for men, but anyone can start a business.

Here are some successful particular service business concepts in Nigeria:

Fast food Joints & Eateries

Food joints that serve fast food and Eateries are among the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Fast food joints and eateries operate like a restaurant commercials. The business is an easy-to-begin type of business that is one of the across Nigeria.

The amount of capital required for a startup differs. It is contingent on the types of your clients you would like to serve. If you are looking to cater to elite customers, you will require a large amount of capital to open restaurants like these. If your customers are salaried workers with low incomes, you only require a modest capital for a startup.

Food and drink businesses are booming in cities such as Abuja Area I and Garki, Lagos Ikeja and Ikoyi, Kaduna, Ibadan, Kano, Enugu, Aba, etc. These are the major cities of Nigeria, and the restaurant business is very well-liked in the area.

It is possible to start a fast food restaurant on a smaller scale, and later increase the restaurant’s size to become a big one.

Rental Service Business

The rental service business is an agreement in which a specific sum of cash is exchanged for a short period for an item, service, or property owned by someone else. This kind of business can be profitable and established in any location. It can generate six figures in an amount of time.

The equipment and materials needed to start renting include halls, cars for weddings or special occasions, chairs, tables and canopies, cooking equipment, and numerous others. Rental services for cars are booming across Lagos, Abuja, and many other major cities in Nigeria, in which there are a large number of customers.

It is possible to begin renting at a lower scale (with just a few renting supplies and equipment) and then grow into a top-rated rental business in Nigeria.

Event Management business

Event managers ensure that events such as weddings, festivals, and other events are appropriately managed. Events managed by an event manager are required for every event. Anyone who can plan and manage events could begin a business in event management. Event managers are excellent event planners.

To begin your business, you must start by registering your event management business. Most clients prefer dealing with you as a business rather than as individuals. Event management is lucrative in large cities such as Abuja or Lagos.

Start small with only a handful of employees and eventually develop the business into Nigeria’s top event management company.

Real Estate business

The real estate business is a field of purchasing, renting out, or selling property like homes, land, apartments, and buildings for commercial purposes.

Regarding thriving and lucrative businesses in Nigeria, the Real Estate business is in the best 10. The sale of land-based properties has been increasing for decades, and the real estate industry is taking advantage of this.

From the beginning of a real estate business to the debt of an estate or landed properties, This is the way to succeed in this field of business.

Bakery confectionery

Bakers’ confectionery, also known as flour confectionery, is the confectionery made of sweets, cake, cookies, and other baked items. Bakery confectioneries are among the businesses with low capital that women and homemakers who are trained in bakery may begin in the midst of their careers.

Bakery confectioneries may be established on a smaller scale and grow into a large catering schools.


Tailoring is designing, cutting, cutting, fitting, and finishing clothes. Tailoring requires skills. The first step in your journey to success is to develop your techniques. Choose between English and traditional dress tailoring, fashion, and design classes. You have once done, boom! You’re made.

The tailoring and designing of clothes is often an under-appreciated business concept. It’s profitable, and the significant aspect of tailoring businesses is that they can be started on a modest scale and grow into an extensive fashion and design industry.

Beauty Salon

A beauty salon, also known as a beauty parlor, is a business that deals with cosmetic treatments for both men and women. Beauty salons can be a lucrative business concept in Nigeria.

It is possible to start at a small scale, starting with two hundred thousand up to five hundred million Naira, and expand the business to an extensive fashion and beauty sector. This is the way to expand in this field of business.


The main inputs for these industries are computers as well as human resources and space.

Home Tutoring

This is the way to expand in this area of business from home tutoring (zero Kobo starting) into a personal tutoring center and eventually to being a student at a school. Home tutoring can begin as a one-person enterprise at home and then grow into a Limited Liability Company.

Tutorial Business

Tutorial businesses are a rapidly growing business concept in Nigeria. Many people are already in the business of tutoring in Nigeria. There are tutorial centers everywhere in the nooks and cranny of the states in Nigeria.

It is easy to begin and could require little investment for the initial. You could earn a lot of money through this venture if you’re located in the right area. From tutoring in private with small capital investment to paying for a primary and secondary school and eventually building an university, this is the way to thrive in this business area.

Catering center

It was starting a catering center with a small amount of capital, constructing an entire restaurant or hotel, and then building a catering business that offers outdoor catering.

Nanny Service Centre

Start your Nanny Service center with little or no funds and later increase the size of the business to a Daycare and then to owing secondary and primary schools. It is possible to end up creating the most prestigious private universities in Nigeria. This is the way to make it in this business.

Self-empowerment center

From the beginning of a self-empowerment facility to running a multi-factory business in Nigeria, a range of home-made products will be manufactured. As you empower young graduates and empower them, you are in the process of setting them up.

Computer Training school

You are starting a computer education school with a modest budget to setting up a considerable ICT company. A high school can be integrated into an ICT company. This is the way to increase your profits in this area of business.


The most essential items required are laptops or computers and screwdriver sets and testers, printers phones. Internet connections and human resources are included.

Repair and maintenance of computers Business

You are starting computer repair services on a small scale, to selling computer parts and accessories that’s how you can expand your business. It is possible to become an importer of large quantities of computer and computer parts from selling computer parts and accessories. This is a way to expand and diversify your industry.

Mobile Phone Repairs Business

Repairing mobile phones involves fixing malfunctioning phones that people use. You must be trained prior to beginning repair of mobile phones. It is possible to begin a mobile phone repair business at a low level before expanding to a cell phone Production Company.

Mobile Phone Accessories Business

The business of mobile phones includes the selling of cell or mobile phone accessory, such as batteries chargers for batteries and mobile repair parts for phones as well as phone jackets and covers memory cards, USB cables, modem and earpiece, among others.

The mobile phone accessory industry Mobile phone accessory business is an extremely lucrative venture, but not as profitable as it was a few years ago. If you plan to launch an accessory business for mobile phones, it is possible to start with a small scale, and later expand it to become an importer of mobile phone accessories.

Printing for Business

The printing business is among the most profitable ventures which you can get started in Nigeria. Although it is costly, you can begin at a small scale and eventually grow into an enterprise that is large in size. Digital printing is the most popular printing industry in Nigeria We’ve 10 advantages of digital Printing Check it out and determine if the printing is a good fit for your business.

Mobile Apps Development

From mobile app development to a huge development of software Development Company, this is how you can grow in this field of business. Other related companies like internet development and programming and graphic design, and more can be added as you diversify.

Business Centre for Computers

Computer business center offers photocopying, printing, typing and laminating, setting up, and other services. It’s a profitable business, particularly when you provide internet-based services along with it. Learn more about the full cost to Start an Computer Business Centre

It is possible to start your own computer-based business centre at an affordable scale (mini-computer center for business) and then expand it to ICT centre and printing press.

Games development 

A lot of programmers and techs earn their living by developing games. Start with developing games to creating an official website, and later the software development industry.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a lucrative business in this age of technology. Numerous companies are looking for professionals to design their graphics. It is possible to get a job when you possess a strong graphic design skills.

Graphic design can be started without any investment after you’ve mastered the art. From graphic design to graphic design and printing.

Directory Publisher

Beginning as a Directory publication to having an extensive online directory and an exclusive library is the way to progress in this area of business.

Mobile Money Agent

From being a mobile money service to running an finance pay system for Nigeria that is the way to expand in this field of business.


Production companies will require equipment to produce, however, it will depend on the kind of production.

Liquid Soap Production Business

Production of liquid soaps requires mixing chemicals. There are a lot of entrepreneurial schools you can join to acquire the knowledge.

A typical example is the Basic Empowerment Centre (BEC), Enugu. With a capital investment of twenty thousand dollars (N20,000) and a few hours of work, you could begin liquid soap production. From there, you can expand your business into a huge cosmetics company that makes soap bar, detergent as well as toilet soaps and perfumes.

Fruit Juice production

The business of making fruit juice is one of the latest business concepts. The business is very popular in the cities of Lagos, FCT, Kano , Enugu, Aba, Onitsha and more. The juice is sold as fresh juice or packaged. It is possible to begin this business at a lower level producing two or three types of juice from fruit. You can then expand it from there.

Perfumes and body ornamental production

Production of body and perfume is a lucrative business that you can begin with a small amount of capital. The business is flourishing in the cities of Lagos, Abuja and Onitsha with a huge population of women and young housewives.

It is possible to start this business if you have the ability to mix chemicals. From the manufacture of body and perfumes to the establishment of a cosmetics business.

Online Based Business Ideas

Business ideas for online businesses are companies that you can begin on the internet. There are numerous online business ideas that you can begin and include:


Blogs are among the most profitable online business concepts to begin with no capital or even a small investment. The blogging is at the forefront in online marketing.

If you have a laptop and an internet connection, you’re set to go. Some bloggers such as Linda Ikeji; Neil Patel and the English Entrepreneur and a number of others are all successful bloggers.

Social Media marketer

It is one thing to create products; the second is to ensure that your product will get to your intended customers. Many entrepreneurs face the task of promoting their products. This is where social media marketers step into the picture.

The advent of social media advertising has helped make purchasing and selling extremely simple. Due to the rapid development of social media platforms, a great chance to market every product is guaranteed. Social media offer a huge market to sell every product. Through marketing on social media allows you to get your message to a greater number of real consumers of your products. You can use social media to market any product , and earn an income stream.

You can begin marketing on social media with no experience or no money, and then grow to have a social media site with a significant audience.

Business eCommerce

eCommerce is among the online businesses that have been successful in Nigeria. It is a popular online business in Nigeria. Ecommerce company has helped make selling and buying simple. But , starting an eCommerce business can be a difficult task and requires decisions that have to be taken in the correct order. Find out more about how to start an ecommerce Business within Nigeria (7 steps)

Marketing through affiliates

Affiliate marketing is among the business concepts online that could make you millionaires. It’s not simple to earn money online using an affiliate-based marketing. To succeed with affiliate marketing, it is essential to be familiar with the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

One of the advantages of an affiliate program is that it is able to begin by affiliating for free. The business can be developed to become a huge online marketing company. Learn more about the 10 best affiliate marketing Programmes for Nigerians

Web design and development

Web designing and development considered to be the work of those who possess skills in coding. There are numerous opportunities for coders , particularly since every company is seeking to establish a online presence.

I’ve written a blog post that covers the 20 Ways of making money online from Nigeria. These are all businesses that operate on the internet and provide specific ways to earn profits online within Nigeria. There are 30 online money-making Business Opportunities that you could start now . Some of these online-based businesses require only a minimal or no capital investment to get them started.

However, if you believe that capital could be an obstacle in the beginning of any of these ideas for business, I suggest that to read ways to raise capital to begin Business within Nigeria to aid you in getting started.

If you’re looking to create an online business, then find out more information on how to begin an internet-based business from Nigeria. It is possible to earn cash online If you’re determined and committed. There’s no strict and fast rule to earning money online.


Provision Store

Provision Store is a thriving and profitable business that is thriving in Nigeria. It’s also among the most quick businesses to start and generate income without any hassle. As Provision store trader you can purchase bulk from reliable suppliers, and then sell on a retail basis to retailers as well as consumers.

The amount of capital needed to begin a store that provides services in Nigeria is contingent upon the dimensions of your store as well as the amount of merchandise you plan to stock your store with.


I’m sure what you’ve read can be helpful for you. There are many other successful and lucrative small-scale companies in Nigeria that any serious entrepreneur could accomplish. All you require is determination, dedication, and dedication.

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