Ox Standing Fan Specification & Price in Nigeria

Ox Standing Fan Specification & Price in Nigeria
Ox Standing Fan Specification & Price in Nigeria. Image, and Price in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, and Uganda.

The OX brand does not need an introduction. When you spot an operating fan with this much effectiveness and power, there is likely a possibility that the fan could be one from an OX product. This is a sign of how well-rated OX is. In terms of performance and smooth operation of the fan, there is no doubt that you should speak of OX fans. While quality is essential, Ox builds their products using unique techniques that allow them to last many years. If you’re looking to purchase a standing fan that is incredibly efficient with a long-lasting, durable, and rugged design, Then OX’s standing fans ought to be among the top models to consider.

It’s not only about the quality. It goes more than just the string design. Ox has built an enduring reputation over time, and you can count on its loyal customers to display its superiority. Ox is one of the few brands available everywhere and in virtually every area. They are utilized in living rooms, offices, bedrooms, event centers, and similar settings. They aren’t just an impressive presence. They also rule.

Standing fans made of Ox are among many of the sought-after fan models in Nigeria. Their colossal market is evidence of how the market has received them. They are available in various sizes, inches, and in power ratings. They have a distinctive design, and despite their many innovations, their products are of the highest quality.

In this article, we’ll look at the price of the brand’s most popular models and why they’re currently among the top-performing fan.

How much is the Ox Standing Fan price in Nigeria?

The standing fans of Ox generally possess a powerful presence. Ox has earned an excellent reputation, and you can count on its products, particularly its standing fans, to match the same quality. Ox and some other fan brands are among the brands that put their mark upon the industry. Their versatility makes them among the most sought-after Fans in Nigeria. Standing fans are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Prices vary based on the power rating and overall effectiveness. That means 20-inch standing fans are more costly than an 18-inch stand-up fans.

Ox-standing fans are available at the direct cost of the producer or from local distributors throughout the nation. For your convenience, they’re also available to purchase online and can be found at stores selling electrical equipment all over the country.

We will consider the Prices, different types, and models of Ox standing fans available today’s market.

  1. 16.2 inches rechargeable OX standing fan NGN35,100 – NGN45,400
  2. Ox PLUS 18inch STANDING FANBLACK NGN12,600 – NGN22,000
  3. Ox 18 Inches Industrial Standing Fan- 18″ OX: NGN37,090 – N48,700
  4. Ox 18 Rechargeable Fan with USB AND REMOTE: NGN41,90 – N65 000
  5. Ox Standing Fan Industrial 20” Inches: NGN41,000 – NGN59,500
  6. Ox Quality 26”-Inch Industrial Standing Fan – 2 Blades N56, 000 – NGN90,000
  7. Ox 30 Inch Standing Water for Industrial Use AC/Mist Fans: NGN140,000 – NGN180,000

It is important to note that the variance in these prices is an effect of various factors that include the exchange rate, location, and duration of purchase, as well as other variables.

Things You’ll Like About the Ox-Standing Fans

Ox-standing fans are causing an enviable trend on the market. They’ve put themselves in a category that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. There is no discussion of the top fans on the market today without having Ox-standing fans at the top of your list. Standing fans, regardless of their size, are guaranteed to provide value for your budget, and you can’t be wrong when choosing Ox. A few factors make them one of the most popular standing fans on the market.

  • Effectiveness: When you talk about ease of operation and energy, just a handful of brands can rival the standing fan of Ox. This is why they’re still efficient in large halls. The fan blades, as well as the overall design, are what make ox fans extremely efficient. No matter how many inches they cover, the fan is of the highest quality in every aspect.


  • Durability: Fans that stand on their own are among the types of fans you can enjoy for many years without a problem. They’re designed to be tough and able to adjust to different environments. They are also reasonably simple to maintain.


  • Easy Speed ControlOx-standing fans come with electronic control that you can use to control the speeds of the blade. Contrary to standing fan models, this control is simple and efficient.

Things You Might Not Like About Ox-Standing Fans 

The standing fan of Ox is fantastic. However, they do have some drawbacks. Here are a few,

  • The heavy version: If you are looking to purchase a fan that is lightweight and simple for you to transport from one location to the next, it is possible to find a different one. The standing fans of Ox have a dominant appearance, take up plenty of space, and are one of the heaviest standing fans available. Due to their huge design, it is not unreasonable to expect to get less.


  • Sound: When set to a high speed, there’s an expectation that the fans will create some “breeze sound” that could disrupt an uneasy sleep.


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