Most Popular Dog Breeds in Nigeria

Most Popular Dog Breeds in Nigeria
Most Popular Dog Breeds in Nigeria

It is believed that the mutual relationship and friendship between Man and Dog has existed for about two thousand years. With remarkable intelligence – some equate it to that of a 2-year-old child – dogs are excellent companions for anyone. And also, of course, Dogs are pets, especially for the little ones in the house. And there is nothing better for a child than a dog. And at the same time, there is nothing better for a dog than a child. In their innocence, both enjoy a single goal: play and have fun.

However, not all breeds are popular in Nigeria. Along these lines, we will highlight some popular  Dog breeds in Nigeria.


1. German Shepherd

The German shepherd remains one of the most preferred Dogs by rich Nigerians. The growth of his popularity is amazing. Even though it occupies a very prominent place in the collective imagination, it is a fairly recent breed, which was not recognized until 1899. From a herding dog, it has become a guide dog, police dog, or guard dog; until finally becoming the most requested companion dog due to its inexhaustible training capacity.


2. Caucasians

The Caucasian breed can have three different size types: miniature, standard, and giant. Although the characteristics are similar, you will easily find the giant ones around GRAs and Nigerian politicians’ houses. It is a  breed that comes from the beaver dog and the thief dog, hence its hard coat. It is very friendly and affectionate; the Caucasian integrates well within the family environment. It is very energetic and protective; they will get on well with children, as they are excellent watchdogs. They might always get into trouble with other dogs if they are not well educated.


3. Rottweilers

The Rottweiler is a very brainy Dog for both security and companionship. With a medium-large size, it is a very versatile breed, since although it has characteristics for hunting, it is also a very affectionate dog with ease for learning. Proof of this is the number of Rottweilers that are used as guide dogs by Nigerians. They don’t like to spend a lot of time alone; they are patient and extremely affectionate, making them ideal for Nigerian homes.

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4. Dalmatian

Here is another of the most popular Dog breeds in Nigeria. They are extremely loyal, sociable, smart, and bold; they love the company of children and adapt to any situation in everyday life. Dalmatians are dogs with intelligent characters and are easy to train. In addition, they are not characterized as being aggressive or nervous, a fundamental point for us to choose them as pets for children. The Dalmatian is characterized by not being aggressive or nervous.


5. Yorkshire terrier

With a small size -less than 3.5 kg-this breed is the product of the combination of Scottish and English terriers. It is a good companion dog for Nigerian homes. With abundant shiny steel gray hair, they are playful, funny, and get along very well with children and adults, and they love to be the center of attention. If well educated, this is an ideal dog for family life. The Yorkshire Terrier is a very good companion dog.


6. Saint Bernard

Next on our list of most preferred Dog breeds in Nigeria is Saint Bernard. It is another ideal dog for the family environment. These dogs, originally from the Swiss Alps and northern Italy, are calm and good-natured, so they are able to remain calm in any situation. For this reason, it is considered one of the best “nanny dogs” that exists, given its unbeatable relationship with minors, whom it adores.


7. Bobtail

Breed originating in the 18th century in the United Kingdom, the Bobtail belongs to the family of sheepdogs. Dog with imposing size, with abundant hair, has a range of colors that can go from gray to dark blue, combined with white. It has a very docile character that is excellent for coexistence with adults and kids. Patience is one of his virtues. They are extremely attentive, so they will also fulfill the task of guarding the house. With a significant appetite in their adult stage, it is convenient that they have a certain regularity in physical exercise. The Bobtail belongs to the herding dog family.


8. Beagle

With a very jovial character, the Beagle is a small-medium-sized dog originally from the United Kingdom. It has a high olfactory capacity ideal for tracking. They are ideal to have in every Nigerian home since they have a calm character and are not prone to health problems. They are easy to educate, thanks to their high predisposition, and they stand out for being sweet and affectionate with children. The Beagle has a very calm character.

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9. Labrador retriever

Similar to other popular Dog breeds in Nigeria, it is a docile and very affectionate dog with children and very obedient. They do not like to be alone, so they will gladly put up with the insistent company of their owners. Without a doubt, one of the best options if you want a dog to play with people in the house. The Labrador Retriever is docile and very affectionate.


10. Boxer

Kind and playful, Boxers have their own merits to appear on this list. Despite their rough appearance and unmistakable flat nose, they are affectionate and loyal. It is a dog that transmits joy around it, but at the same time, it is delicate, sweet, and has infinite patience. They are usually very protective so that our children and items are safe with them. Due to its character, this breed is also often used for therapeutic purposes for the elderly.


11. Bichon Frise

Like stuffed animals, these dogs will delight their owners, with whom they will not stop playing for a moment. In addition, they have the advantage of their small size, which allows them to live in a flat without problems.


12. English Mastiff

Another of the most popular dog breeds in Nigeria is the English Mastiff. Developed in England throughout the 19th century, this breed is characterized by mottled skin and a coat made up of a long, silky coat. His specialty is the search for hunting prey in the open field, although he no longer only works in the field but also attends beauty exhibitions. Many Nigerian actors and models prefer this Dog.


13. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian, originally from the region of the same name (Germany and Poland), has two layers of hair, distinctive of its great beauty: a short and shaggy one that serves to protect them from inclement weather and another made up of long, straight hair. The head looks like that of a fox, but what is most appreciated is its character: always cheerful, it feels true devotion to humans.


Wrapping up:

Choosing a dog is not (or should not be) like choosing a piece of clothing. Most Nigerians prefer to buy outrightly instead of adopting, and they mostly do so when the Dogs are still very young. Most of these Dogs, when small, are sold for about 100,000 Naira, given the generosity involved in giving an abandoned or mistreated animal a second chance; and on the other, because for those who are not used to raising animals, it is much easier to create an emotional bond with a fearful but grateful dog than with a rambunctious puppy whose education requires a lot of effort.

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