How to Share Airtime on Airtel 2023 | Me2u Code

How to  Share Airtime on Airtel 2023 | Me2u Code
How to Share Airtime on Airtel 2023 | Me2u Code

Airtel Me2U is the Airtel sharing service that allows you to transfer Airtime to friends and loved ones with just a few clicks.

This service is available to all Airtel customers and can be used on any phone, whether Android, Samsung, iPhone, or even Button Phones.

The Airtel Me2U service is free to use and has no limit to the amount of Airtime you can transfer from one line to another.

How to Create Airtel Transfer PIN

Below is a step by step guidelines on how to create Airtel transfer PIN.

  • Simply dial *432#
  • Reply with 3 – PIN Management
  • Reply with 1 – CHANGE PIN
  • Enter your current PIN (Default PIN)
  • Enter your New PIN
  • Finally, click on OK. And you have successfully created a new airtel transfer PIN.

The Airtel default transfer pin is 1234.


How to Reset Airtel Transfer PIN (Via SMS)

You can reset your airtel transfer PIN by creating a new message in this format; PIN {space} Default PIN {space} New PIN and send to 432

For example; if your intended new Pin is 4321, your message should go like this; PIN 1234 4321. Then send it to 432.

Within a short period, you’ll receive a notification from Airtel that you have successfully changed.

 Unlike MTN transfer PIN reset, where you’ll need to enter your new Pin twice, on Airtel, you’re only required to enter your new Pin just once after the default PIN.

If that is not done correctly, know your Pin will not be reset.

Once you confirm that your Pin is reset, you can transfer Airtime by following the methods below.

How to Transfer Airtime in Airtel 2023

  • Dial *432# and select option 1.
  • Enter the Airtel number you wish to transfer Airtime to (e.g., 090X XXX XXXX)
  • Enter the amount and click send

This service applies Airtel to Airtel subscribers.

How to Transfer Data in Airtel 2023

To also transfer Data on airtel, you must use the Me2U service to exchange data. With the help of this unique service, Airtel customers can share data with another customer by giving them a percentage of their remaining data allocation.

  • Dial *141# select Gifting and Sharing.
  • Enter the Airtel number you wish to transfer data to (e.g., 090X XXX XXXX)
  • Enter the amount of data and click send
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Terms and Conditions To Transfer Airtel Credit Balance / Airtime

  • Airtime cannot be transferred from Airtel subscribers to subscribers on other networks.
  • Please note that the Airtel Airtime transfer is On-Net only.
  • Airtime transfers cannot exceed the credit available on the transferring subscriber’s account.
  • If your account has N50.00, you can not transfer N51.
  • Airtel’s Transaction limits per subscriber per day will be limited to five transactions.
  • Please note that not exceeding the cap on the total transaction value per day is just 5 times.
  • Also, note that each (MSIDN) of service is entitled to N5000/Transaction/Day.
  • There will be no limit on the value a subscriber can transfer per transaction (though not exceeding the cap on total transaction value per day).
  • There will be no limit on the value a subscriber can receive from multiple sources if each source does not exceed the five times defined per number.
  • Please note that the SMS short code is 432. All Airtel Subscribers will be charged N10.00 for each successful transfer.
  • Each Airtel Subscriber must change his default password from (1234) to a specific desired password before using the Me2U transfer service. (I have tried 1234 to transfer Airtime, and it’s 100% Working)
  • Please note that a password is a four-digit number.

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