How to Roll Over Unused Data on Mtn

How to Roll Over Unused Data on Mtn
How to Roll Over Unused Data on Mtn

Most of the time, it appears difficult to watch your data disappear without proper use, which leads many to wonder what they could do when they have a reserve of data closer to its expiration date.

Organizations sometimes use little of what they have subscribed to before it expires and will be unable to roll over the data again. Let’s consider the aspect of data rollover majorly for those who found it difficult to probably mark the use of their remaining subscription as a result of one difficulty or the order.

What Is A Data Rollover?

Data rollover is the initial incrementing of data to its initial unused state. However, the incrementing of data hasn’t been popularly known, but rather gradually as the expectations reach the world. However, in its simple sense, data rollover allows you to take unused data from one month and use it the other month.

It allows you to save data, make it or double the net transaction, and so on, without much difficulty. Data rollover is a relatively new thing that not all networks offer, and those with differences in offering it.

Only those who have used their sim for a year or two are advised to roll over their unused data.

Aside from that, the network also offers customers who buy any additional data through a buy to roll over unused data the next month. The same is true for Virgil Mobile, Vodafone, Freedom Pop, and Sky Mobile, which perform far better than any other network today, with Sky Mobile allowing users to store as much data as they want using the piggy bank.

How To Rollover MTN Unused Data

The new Data Rollover & Auto-renewal features are just what you need to get more value from your MTN data plans.

All you have to do is ensure that you auto-renew your data subscription before it expires. Your unused data is automatically moved to the next month, which only applies to monthly subscriptions, which sometimes seem to be weekly.


How To Cancel/Deactivate MTN Data Bundle Roll-Over/Auto-Renewal

The automatic renewal feature will allow subscribers to have their data bundles automatically renewed at the end of its validity period, as long as the subscriber has sufficient airtime credit in his account.

Rollover allows a subscriber to roll over an unused inclusive data bundle of the current data plan provided he allows auto-renewal of the existing bundle or purchases a new data plan at the expiration of the current bundle.

How do I trigger Auto Renewal?

An expiry notification advising on auto renewal will be received 48hrs before Data Bundle Expiry.  Customers can either take no action or text “YES” to 131

To cancel auto renewal send “No” to 131.

Auto renewal will fail, and the data Bundle will not be renewed if you don’t have enough balance. Only the monthly fast link data bundles and Mobile internet bundles can be auto renewed. Simple surf cannot be auto renewed.

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