How Much is Netflix Subscription in Nigeria

Netflix Subscription in Nigeria is, Basic NGN3,500, Standard NGN3,800, Premium NGN4,900

How Much is Netflix Subscription in Nigeria
How Much is Netflix Subscription in Nigeria

Netflix is the best streaming service and moving box company. They are not only more popular in streaming and movie box industries, but they also have the best selection of original and high-quality movies. It’s easy to see why they are regarded as the best in what they do.

Although they answered many questions about the quality of their content and originality, many still have questions about how much their subscriptions cost. We will be looking at which subscriptions Netflix offers and how much each one costs today.

How much is Netflix Subscriptions in Nigeria? NGN4,900

Netflix subscriptions are available at standard prices, just like other streaming services outside Nigeria. There are three mainstreaming plans available and prices vary.

We will assume that the price estimates are in dollars to ensure accuracy. However, consistency in the exchange rate can cause a non-accurate calculation. The cheapest Netflix subscription costs $2.89 (approx. The cheapest Netflix subscription costs $2.89 (approx. N1,800), while the most expensive is $10.58 (approx. NGN4,900, which is approximately $11 per month.

Below are the streaming plans that are available right now and their prices.

Basic Subscription Netflix Subscription Nigerian? NGN3,500

This plan is the simplest and most affordable available on Netflix. This plan is also the simplest and has the fewest features. The plan is $6.98 (approx. N3,500 is about $7. Basic subscription plans allow users to access the site on one screen at a time. This plan is for single users only and does not allow them to share their subscriptions.

The resolution is limited to SD – Standard Resolution. Although it may not provide the same viewing experience as HD, this resolution is still acceptable and, to a standard degree, provides a fair viewing experience. Users wouldn’t be disappointed considering the price.

Standard Netflix Subscription in Nigeria? NGN3,800

The standard subscription plan lets users watch on more than one screen, unlike the basic plan. The plan is $8.66 per month (approx. NGN3,800). The subscription plan also supports High Definition (HD) which allows you to take your viewing experience up a notch.

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Premium Netflix Subscription in Nigeria? NGN4,900

This is the most expensive Netflix subscription plan currently available. The cost of this subscription plan is approximately $10.58 (approx. NGN4,900 per month allows users to watch on up four screens simultaneously. This makes it ideal for families and friends who want to watch different programs or movies with one subscription. The premium subscription plan also supports 4K Ultra HD views.

It would not be difficult to pay for the subscription plan that you choose. You can subscribe to your Netflix plan using your credit card. To make payments for your subscription plan, you can also use PayPal.

Your first month’s subscription to Netflix is usually free when you sign up for Netflix. To get the free subscription, you must register a d and provide your payment details.

Netflix FAQs

How to Change Your Netflix Plan

If you wish to upgrade your Netflix plan or downgrade to a cheaper plan, you can do so below.

  1. Sign in to your Netflix account.
  2. Check Under Plan Details, Select Change Plan
  3. Choose your preferred Netflix plan and make a change.

Note: If you don’t have the option of changing your Netflix plan, contact Netflix support.

Canceling Your Netflix Subscription

To cancel your Netflix subscription, please follow these steps:

  • Go to and sign in with your Netflix account email and password.
  • After you have signed in, you can choose how to cancel your account. You can cancel your account, but you will not be charged.


These are the Netflix Subscription Prices in Nigeria. They’re affordable and you can choose to buy based on your income and wants. It’s important that you get a Netflix internet data bundle that is affordable when you’ve found a Netflix package that suits your budget. This will make your Netflix experience more enjoyable. I hope you found this article useful. Please leave a comment below.

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