Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Specification & Price in Nigeria

Thermocool Washing Machine Specification & Price in Nigeria
Thermocool Washing Machine Specification & Price in Nigeria

The days are gone when you must fight to wash laundry each day. With the advancement of technology, washing machines make the process considerably more manageable. Add detergent and water to the wash, put your clothes in, and let the machine take care of all the work. It’s no doubt that washing machines help save lots of time and effort in today’s speedy generation. Also, Haier Thermocool washers are one of the best brands in Nigeria.

How do you choose the best Haier washing machine?

A few minutes to think about your options concerning the available space, your requirements for washing, and the budget you have set will help you narrow your options when shopping.

Here are some tips to consider before making a purchasing decision.

  • Wash capacity of load: The wash load capacity is the maximum load the machine can take for one wash. Loading the device to its total capacity is recommended to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
  • Speed of spin: The spin speed of a machine for washing determines how fast it can spin clothes to get rid of the water while drying and washing them. The spin speed differs for different sets of clothes. The speedier the spin is, the more moisture it will draw from the clothing.
  • Wash programs: Although machine manufacturers offer other wash programs, choosing a model that uses the Fuzzy Logic program is advised since in-built sensors determine the appropriate settings based on the clothing specifications is recommended.
  • The efficiency of energy: Based on water consumption, energy consumption, and drying capabilities, the efficiency of a machine is typically evaluated on a scale of A-G, where A is the top, with G being the least. The best machines are generally AAA-rating ones with the most excellent efficiency in drying, energy, and washing.
  • Supply of water: What is the consistency of your power and water supply? The requirement for water in each washer varies. Specific washers require a constant supply of water, whereas others do not. Small-sized generators power specific washing machines. Perhaps that’s the solution you’re looking for in case the power supply isn’t consistent.
  • The sound level: All the washing machines produce a certain amount of noise. Most of the washers available today fall into the 50-60dB range, similar to the noise made by the doorbell.
  • Have you got an area in your home where you can put the washer? Do you have enough space to accommodate the kind of washer you require? If you’re in a small or no room, washing machines with built-in dryers are the best choice.
  • The reliability of HTML0: Almost all washing machines are built to last and are durable; however, some models offer more extended warranties. If a washing machine is correctly used, it can last at least 10 years. It’s more economical to opt for models with a more extended warranty since they provide years of quality service.
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How much is Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

The various types that Haier washing machines are available depending on the size and function. Some are utilized for drying and washing purposes. There are small-sized machines that take up less space and also do a decent amount of washing.

Brand name type Capacity of Wash Price Band
Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Frontload Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Frontload 7/4KG N 323,000 N 355,000 – N 323,000
Haier Thermocool Washer Top Load Semi-Automatic 6KG N 86,000 N 95,000
Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic Washing Machine 10KG N 194,000 N 210,000
Haier Thermocool Mini Top Load Washing Machine Thermocool TLW06 6KG N 49,000 N 60,000
Haier Thermocool My Baby Machine 77600-0301 2 KG N 35,000 N 35,000 – N 40000
Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing machine – 77600-292 Tlsa13 13KG N 136,000-N 150,000
Haier Thermocool Washing Machine -Top Load Semi-Automatic TLSA06 6KG Between N 65,000 and N 70000
Haier Thermocool Cutie Mini Washing Machine HWM3500 3.5KG N 40,000
Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic Washing Machine 5KG Between N 170,000 and N 180,000
Haier Thermocool Washer Top Load Semi-Automatic 7KG Between N117,000 and N125,000
Haier Thermocool Machine Top Load 6KG N 86,000 N 95,000
Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine 7600-0294 Tlsa09 9KG N 77,900 97,500
Top Load Automatic Washing Machine – TLA13 13KG N 260000 N 270,000
Haier Thermocool washing machine Top Load Semi-Automatic 9KG N 95,000 to N 110,000
Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 8KG The N123,000 range is N130,000 to N123,000.
Haier Thermocool Cool Wash Machine Top Load 2KG N 35,000
Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 11KG N 170,000
Haier Thermocool Top Load Automatic Washing Machine – 77600-0270 TLA06 6KG N 83,400 N 85,000
Haier Thermocool Top-Load Washing Machine – 7700-0285 Tlw06 6KG N 45,000 N 55,000
Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Top Load Automatic 7KG N 117,000 N 125,000
Haier Thermocool Front Load Premium Washing Machine 10KG N 172,000 N 172,000 – N 185,000
Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 9KG N 95,000 N 100,000
Haier Thermocool Front Loading machine – 77600-278 Hw70-1279 7KG N 165,000 – N190,000.
Haier Thermocool Washing Machine 800TVE 5KG N 115,000 to N 125,000

What is why Haier Thermocool Washing Machines are wanted and better than others?

Haier Thermocool is a well-recognized company that offers an array of household appliances. When it comes to the washing machine’s popularity among consumers across the globe, the Haier washing machine tops the list. Here’s the reason you should opt for Haier washers:

  • Haier washing machines are renowned for their efficiency and function. You can pick from their selection of front or top-loading, semi or automatic, automated washing machines.
  • Haier washing machines are offered in various sizes, functions, styles, and many more options.
  • Haier washing machines have spin drying facilities and are quiet, eliminating any unnecessary sound.
  • Other features of Haier washing machines are strong or regular washing and anti wrinkle systems. Short wash cycles, delayed washing cycles, and automated programs ensure its operation.
  • They are efficient in energy use. They utilize Double Drive Technology to give you the finest washing experience while saving money and water. Haier’s revolutionary True Wash technology is designed to provide you with the best washing experience.
  • They offer you the best of both worlds: mixing the cleanliness and freshness of a hand wash with the convenience and convenience of a quick and easy-to-program machine wash.
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