Complete Guide: Delta State Postal Code

Complete Guide: Cross River State Postal Code
Complete Guide: Cross River State Postal Code

Delta State Postal Codes is 320001 to 334196. The capital of this state is Asaba as NIPOST headquarters. This state is located in South South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes for Delta State, find the code along with the local government area (LGA) or location.

List of Local Government Areas & Town in Delta State

  1. Oshimili South
  2. Aniocha North
  3. Aniocha South
  4. Bomadi
  5. Burutu
  6. Ethiope East
  7. Ethiope West
  8. Ika North East
  9. Ika South
  10. Isoko North
  11. Isoko South
  12. Ndokwa East
  13. Ndokwa West
  14. Okpe
  15. Oshimili North
  16. Sapele
  17. Udu
  18. Ughelli North
  19. Ughelli South
  20. Ukwuani
  21. Uvwie
  22. Patani
  23. Warri North
  24. Warri South
  25. Warri South West

Postal Code for Delta State

AbrakaEthiope West331001
AgborIka South321001
Akwukwu-IgboOshimili North320002
AmaiNdokwa East332002
AsabaOshimili South320001
AshakaNdokwa West332003
AviaaraIsoko North334001
EbuOshimili North320006
EkekpanreUghelli South333002
EkuEthiope East331002
Ewo-UrhobeEthiope East333003
EwuluAniocha South320018
EziAniocha North320018
IbusaOshimili North320004
IdumuesahIka North East321005
Idumuje-UgbokoIka South320013
IgbodoIka North East332007
IsheaguAniocha South320012
Issele-MkpittimeUghelli North320007
Issele-UkuAniocha North320007
KokoWarri North331004
KokoriEthiope East331003
KwaleNdokwa West332001
NdemiliNdokwa West332004
NsukwaAniocha South320015
ObiorAniocha North320014
Ogwashi UkwuAniocha South320011
OkamanOshimili North320005
OlehIsoko North334003
OmoreIsoko North332001
Onicha-UgboAniocha North320009
OrogunUghelli North333004
OtibfoIsoko North334002
Owa-OyituIka North East321003
UghelliUghelli North333001
UmunedeIka North East321002
UmutuNdokwa West332005
UzereIsoko North334196
WarriWarri South332008

Delta State Postcode by LGA

Aniocha North320110 – 320112
Aniocha South320107 – 320109
Bomadi333101 – 333102
Burutu332105 – 332112
Ethiope East330104 – 330106
Ethiope West331101 – 331102
Ika North East321105 – 321113
Ika South321101 – 321281
Isoko North334111 – 334118
Isoko South334101 – 334117
Ndokwa East322116 – 322137
Ndokwa West322101 – 322106
Oshimili North320103 – 320108
Oshimili South320102 – 320242
Sapele331107 – 331262
Ughelli North333105 – 333111
Ughelli South333112 – 333117
Ukwuani322107 – 322115
Patani333103 – 333104
Warri North331103 – 331106
Warri South320242 – 332281
Warri South West332102 – 332104


Delta State Post Office

AbrakaOld Sapele/Agbor RoadAbrakaEthiope East
AdagbrassaUgolo AdagbrassaAdagbrassaOkpe
AgbarhoOld Ughelli RoadAgbarhoUghelli South
Agbor2, Old lagos ROADAgborIka South
Akwukwu-IgboPost office RoadAkwukwu TownOshimili North
AmaiUmuosele Quarters, AmaiAmaiUkwuani
Asaba AsePost office roadAsaba AseNdokwa East
AsabaNo 1 Isioma Onyeobi wayAsabaOshimili South
AshakaAshaka roadAshakaNdokwa East
AviaraOld Araya road AviaraAviaraIsoko South
BurutuPost office roadBurutuBurutu
DSC AladjaNear First gate Steel Town IIAladjaUdu
EbuTown square, EbuEbuAniocha North
EffurunEffurun Sapele RoadEffurunUvwie
EkakpamreNEPA Road EkakpamreEkakpamreUghelli South
EkuWarri RoadEkuEthiope East
Ekuku AgborUmunede/ Warri RoadEkuku-AgborIka South
Ewu-UrhoboBy the marketEwu orhoboUghelli North
EwuluEwulu/ Isheagu roadEwuluAniocha South
EziMarket Square, EziEziAniocha North
ForcadosPost office roadForcadosBurutu
IbusaUmejei RoadIbusaOshimili North
IdumuesahAli-Egboh Quarters IdumuesanIdumuesanIka South
Idumuje UgbokoIdiugboko RoadIdiugbokoAniocha North
IgbideNo 31 Igbide Odokpokpo roadIghideIsoko South
IgbodoPost office Road, IgbodoIgbodoIka South
IllahBy Obodo SquareIllahOshimili North
IsheaguIsheagu/Ewulu RoadNsukwaAniocha South
Issele – MkpitimeOnicha Olona Road Issele-MkpitimeIsslukuAniocha North
Issele UkuUbulu-Uku Road Issele-UkuIsslukuAniocha North
KokoBy the BeachKokoWarri North
KokoriAlong eku ROADkokori TownEthiope East
KwaleAlong Umusadege roadKwaleNdokwa West
Ndemili93, Utagba-Unor Road NdemiliNdemiliNdokwa West
NsukwaOpp. Market SquareNsukwaAniocha South
ObiarukuAgbor roadObiarukuUkwuani
ObiorOgbeotu, by Obi PalaceObiorAniocha North
OgharaL.G. Secretariat, OgharaOgharaEthiope West
Ogwashi Uku2, Benin/Onitsha RoadOgwashi-UkuAniocha South
OkpanamAsaba Road, OgbeoweleOkpanam TownOshimili North
Okpe IsokoOrie RoadOkpe-IsokoIsoko North
OlehNipost Emore Road,Oleh.OlehIsoko South
OlomoroOlomoro- Oleh roadOlomoroIsoko South
Onicha UgboIdumuje Road Onicha-UgboOnUgboAniocha North
Onicha-olonaIdumuje Road Onicha-olonaOnicha-olonaAniocha North
OrerokpeAlong Eku Effurun RoadOrerokpeOkpe
OrogunPost office Road OrogunOrogun TownUghelli North
OssissaUmuosumili roadOssissaNdokwa East
Otibio20 Abbi roadOtibioIsoko North
Otor-OwheOzoro-Ughelli roadOtor-OwheIsoko North
Owa AleroMarket Square Owa-AleroOAleroIka South
Owa Oyibu4, Palace Road Owa-OyibuOwa-oyibuIka North East
Owa-nta53, Owanta Street Agbor, OwantaOwantaIka North East
Ozoro36, NDC Road OzoroOzoroIsoko North
Sapele31 market RoadSapeleSapele
Ubulu-ukuubulu-uku near the marketUbulu-UkuAniocha South
UghelliOtor Iwhreko street UghelliUghelli townUghelli North
Umunede5, Obi Road UmunedeUmunedeIka North East
Umutu84, Igili Road UmutuUmutuUkwuani
UzereOld Asaba-Ase RoadUzereIsoko South
WarriNo 5 Okere Road warriWarriWarri Central

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