Complete Guide: Delta State Postal Code

Complete Guide: Cross River State Postal Code
Complete Guide: Cross River State Postal Code

Delta State Postal Codes is 320001 to 334196. The capital of this state is Asaba as NIPOST headquarters. This state is located in South South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes for Delta State, find the code along with the local government area (LGA) or location.

List of Local Government Areas & Town in Delta State

  1. Oshimili South
  2. Aniocha North
  3. Aniocha South
  4. Bomadi
  5. Burutu
  6. Ethiope East
  7. Ethiope West
  8. Ika North East
  9. Ika South
  10. Isoko North
  11. Isoko South
  12. Ndokwa East
  13. Ndokwa West
  14. Okpe
  15. Oshimili North
  16. Sapele
  17. Udu
  18. Ughelli North
  19. Ughelli South
  20. Ukwuani
  21. Uvwie
  22. Patani
  23. Warri North
  24. Warri South
  25. Warri South West

Postal Code for Delta State

Location LGA Postcode
Abraka Ethiope West 331001
Agbor Ika South 321001
Akwukwu-Igbo Oshimili North 320002
Amai Ndokwa East 332002
Asaba Oshimili South 320001
Ashaka Ndokwa West 332003
Aviaara Isoko North 334001
burutu Burutu 332009
DSO Udu 330002
Ebu Oshimili North 320006
Effurun Uvwie 330003
Ekekpanre Ughelli South 333002
Eku Ethiope East 331002
Ewo-Urhobe Ethiope East 333003
Ewulu Aniocha South 320018
Ezi Aniocha North 320018
Foreadoa Burutu 332010
Ibusa Oshimili North 320004
Idumuesah Ika North East 321005
Idumuje-Ugboko Ika South 320013
Igbodo Ika North East 332007
Isheagu Aniocha South 320012
Issele-Mkpittime Ughelli North 320007
Issele-Uku Aniocha North 320007
Koko Warri North 331004
Kokori Ethiope East 331003
Kwale Ndokwa West 332001
Ndemili Ndokwa West 332004
Nsukwa Aniocha South 320015
Obiaruku Ukwuani 332006
Obior Aniocha North 320014
Ogwashi Ukwu Aniocha South 320011
Okaman Oshimili North 320005
Oleh Isoko North 334003
Omore Isoko North 332001
Onicha-Ugbo Aniocha North 320009
Orerokpe Okpe 330001
Orogun Ughelli North 333004
Otibfo Isoko North 334002
Owa-Oyitu Ika North East 321003
Sapele Sapele 321006
Ughelli Ughelli North 333001
Umunede Ika North East 321002
Umutu Ndokwa West 332005
Uzere Isoko North 334196
Warri Warri South 332008

Delta State Postcode by LGA

LGA Postcode
Aniocha North 320110 – 320112
Aniocha South 320107 – 320109
Bomadi 333101 – 333102
Burutu 332105 – 332112
Ethiope East 330104 – 330106
Ethiope West 331101 – 331102
Ika North East 321105 – 321113
Ika South 321101 – 321281
Isoko North 334111 – 334118
Isoko South 334101 – 334117
Ndokwa East 322116 – 322137
Ndokwa West 322101 – 322106
Okpe 330101
Oshimili North 320103 – 320108
Oshimili South 320102 – 320242
Sapele 331107 – 331262
Udu 330103
Ughelli North 333105 – 333111
Ughelli South 333112 – 333117
Ukwuani 322107 – 322115
Uvwie 330102
Patani 333103 – 333104
Warri North 331103 – 331106
Warri South 320242 – 332281
Warri South West 332102 – 332104
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Delta State Post Office

Office Address City LGA
Abraka Old Sapele/Agbor Road Abraka Ethiope East
Adagbrassa Ugolo Adagbrassa Adagbrassa Okpe
Agbarho Old Ughelli Road Agbarho Ughelli South
Agbor 2, Old lagos ROAD Agbor Ika South
Akwukwu-Igbo Post office Road Akwukwu Town Oshimili North
Amai Umuosele Quarters, Amai Amai Ukwuani
Asaba Ase Post office road Asaba Ase Ndokwa East
Asaba No 1 Isioma Onyeobi way Asaba Oshimili South
Ashaka Ashaka road Ashaka Ndokwa East
Aviara Old Araya road Aviara Aviara Isoko South
Burutu Post office road Burutu Burutu
DSC Aladja Near First gate Steel Town II Aladja Udu
Ebu Town square, Ebu Ebu Aniocha North
Effurun Effurun Sapele Road Effurun Uvwie
Ekakpamre NEPA Road Ekakpamre Ekakpamre Ughelli South
Eku Warri Road Eku Ethiope East
Ekuku Agbor Umunede/ Warri Road Ekuku-Agbor Ika South
Ewu-Urhobo By the market Ewu orhobo Ughelli North
Ewulu Ewulu/ Isheagu road Ewulu Aniocha South
Ezi Market Square, Ezi Ezi Aniocha North
Forcados Post office road Forcados Burutu
Ibusa Umejei Road Ibusa Oshimili North
Idumuesah Ali-Egboh Quarters Idumuesan Idumuesan Ika South
Idumuje Ugboko Idiugboko Road Idiugboko Aniocha North
Igbide No 31 Igbide Odokpokpo road Ighide Isoko South
Igbodo Post office Road, Igbodo Igbodo Ika South
Illah By Obodo Square Illah Oshimili North
Isheagu Isheagu/Ewulu Road Nsukwa Aniocha South
Issele – Mkpitime Onicha Olona Road Issele-Mkpitime Issluku Aniocha North
Issele Uku Ubulu-Uku Road Issele-Uku Issluku Aniocha North
Koko By the Beach Koko Warri North
Kokori Along eku ROAD kokori Town Ethiope East
Kwale Along Umusadege road Kwale Ndokwa West
Ndemili 93, Utagba-Unor Road Ndemili Ndemili Ndokwa West
Nsukwa Opp. Market Square Nsukwa Aniocha South
Obiaruku Agbor road Obiaruku Ukwuani
Obior Ogbeotu, by Obi Palace Obior Aniocha North
Oghara L.G. Secretariat, Oghara Oghara Ethiope West
Ogwashi Uku 2, Benin/Onitsha Road Ogwashi-Uku Aniocha South
Okpanam Asaba Road, Ogbeowele Okpanam Town Oshimili North
Okpe Isoko Orie Road Okpe-Isoko Isoko North
Oleh Nipost Emore Road,Oleh. Oleh Isoko South
Olomoro Olomoro- Oleh road Olomoro Isoko South
Onicha Ugbo Idumuje Road Onicha-Ugbo OnUgbo Aniocha North
Onicha-olona Idumuje Road Onicha-olona Onicha-olona Aniocha North
Orerokpe Along Eku Effurun Road Orerokpe Okpe
Orogun Post office Road Orogun Orogun Town Ughelli North
Ossissa Umuosumili road Ossissa Ndokwa East
Otibio 20 Abbi road Otibio Isoko North
Otor-Owhe Ozoro-Ughelli road Otor-Owhe Isoko North
Owa Alero Market Square Owa-Alero OAlero Ika South
Owa Oyibu 4, Palace Road Owa-Oyibu Owa-oyibu Ika North East
Owa-nta 53, Owanta Street Agbor, Owanta Owanta Ika North East
Ozoro 36, NDC Road Ozoro Ozoro Isoko North
Sapele 31 market Road Sapele Sapele
Ubulu-uku ubulu-uku near the market Ubulu-Uku Aniocha South
Ughelli Otor Iwhreko street Ughelli Ughelli town Ughelli North
Umunede 5, Obi Road Umunede Umunede Ika North East
Umutu 84, Igili Road Umutu Umutu Ukwuani
Uzere Old Asaba-Ase Road Uzere Isoko South
Warri No 5 Okere Road warri Warri Warri Central
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