Complete Guide: Borno State Postal Code

Complete Guide: Kwara State Postal Code
Complete Guide: Kwara State Postal Code

Borno State Postal Code is 600001 – 612104. Code number 600001 as the code for the NIPOST Headquarters. This state is located in North East Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes for Borno State, find the code along with the local government area, district and location.

Borno State Postal Code for Borno State


Postcode Location LGA Type
600001 GPO Maiduguri Facility
600002 Baga Rd Jere Facility
600003 Fed.Sec Maiduguri Facility
600004 University of maiduguri Maiduguri Facility
600005 Gwange Maiduguri Facility
601001 Damboa Damboa Facility
601002 Binisheik Kaga Facility
601003 Askira Askira/Uba Facility
601004 Lassa Askira/Uba Facility
603001 Biu Biu Facility
603002 Shani Shani Facility
603004 Marama Hawul Facility
610001 Bama Bama Facility
610002 Konduga Konduga Facility
610003 Gwoza Gwoza Facility
611001 Dikwa Dikwa Facility
611002 Ngala Ngala Facility
611003 Marte Marte Facility
612001 Monguno Monguno Facility
612002 Kukawa Kukawa Facility

List of Local Government Areas in Borno State & Zip Codes

  1. Abadam LGA Postal/Zip Code
  2. Askira/Uba LGA Postal/Zip Code
  3. Bama LGA Postal/Zip Code
  4. Bayo LGA Postal/Zip Code
  5. Biu LGA Postal/Zip Code
  6. Chibok LGA Postal/Zip Code
  7. Jere LGA Postal/Zip Code
  8. Hawul LGA Postal/Zip Code
  9. Kaga LGA Postal/Zip Code
  10. Kala/Balge LGA Postal/Zip Code
  11. Konduga LGA Postal/Zip Code
  12. Kukawa LGA Postal/Zip Code
  13. Kwaya Kusar LGA Postal/Zip Code
  14. Mafa LGA Postal/Zip Code
  15. Magumeri LGA Postal/Zip Code
  16. Maiduguri LGA Postal/Zip Code
  17. Marte LGA Postal/Zip Code
  18. Mobbar LGA Postal/Zip Code
  19. Monguno LGA Postal/Zip Code
  20. Ngala LGA Postal/Zip Code
  21. Nganzai LGA Postal/Zip Code
  22. Shani LGA Postal/Zip Code
  23. Damboa LGA Postal/Zip Code
  24. Dikwa LGA Postal/Zip Code
  25. Gubio LGA Postal/Zip Code
  26. Guzamala LGA Postal/Zip Code
  27. Gwoza LGA Postal/Zip Code

Borno State Post Office

Post Office Address City LGA
Army Barrack Biu Nigeria Army Barracks Nig. Army Barracks Biu
Askira Opposite Askira L.G.A. Sec. Askira/UBA Askira/ Uba
Baga Road Balari fed low cost m/guri Balari fed low cost m/guri Jere
Bama Hausari Ward, Bama Bama Bama
Benishiekh Kano Road, Benishiekh Benishiekh Kaga
Biu Biu-Gombi Road Biu Biu
Dikwa Inside the Market Local Gov. Building Dikwa Dikwa
Fed Sec Fed Secretariat Maiduguri Maiduguri Maiduguri
Gwange By Gwange Police Station Bama road Gwange Gwange Jere
Gwoza Market Road, Gwoza Gwoza Gwoza
Konduga Adjacent to L.G.A Sec. Konduga Konduga Konduga
Kukawa Opposite Kukawa local government Kukawa Town Kukawa
Lassa Adjacent General Hospital Lassa Askira/UBA Askira/ Uba
Maiduguri Maiduguri Metropolitant Maiduguri Maiduguri
Marama Sakwa road, Marama Marama Hawul
Monguno SDP Secretariat Maiduguri Monguno Monguno
Ngala Old Sec, Ngala LGA Gamboru Ngala Ngala
Shani Fire service building, Ashani Shani Shani
Unimaiduguri University Maiduguri University Jere
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