Complete Guide: Bauchi State Postal Code

Complete Guide: Bauchi State Postal Code
Complete Guide: Bauchi State Postal Code

Bauchi State Postal Code is 740001 – 752107. Code number 740001 as the code for the NIPOTS Headquarters. This state is located in North East Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

Bauchi LGA Zip Postal Codes:

Bauchi L.G.A Zip Postal Codes are given in this page. It contains all the Zip Postal Codes of towns, villages, districts, streets and places within this region of Bauchi State, North East part of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes for Bauchi State, find the code along with the local government area, district and location.

Postal Code for Bauchi State

Postcode Location LGA Type
740001 Wunti Bauchi Facility
740002 Gidan Mai Bauchi Facility
740003 Federal Secretariat Bauchi Facility
740004 Toro Bauchi Facility
740005 Yalwa Bauchi Facility
741001 Dass Bauchi Facility
741002 Tafawa balewa Bauchi Facility
742001 Ningi Bauchi Facility
743001 Army Barrack Bauchi Facility
750001 General Hospital Misau Facility
750003 Adj.Polic Darazo Facility
750004 Near S.S Kari Darazo Facility
751001 Nassarawa Katagum Facility
751002 Kofar Fada Itas/Gadau Facility
751003 General Hospital Jama’are Facility
751106 Yana Shira Facility
752001 General Hospital Gamawa Facility


Bauchi State Postcode by LGA

LGA Postcode
Alkaleri 743101 – 743103
Bauchi  740001 – 740102
Bogoro 741104
Dambam 752101 – 752103
Darazo 750003 – 750116
Dass 741001 – 741101
Gamawa 752001 – 752107
Ganjuwa 742104
Giade 750105 – 751104
Itas/Gadau 751104 – 751105
Jama’are 751003 – 751110
Katagum 751001 – 751102
Kirfi 743104
Misau 750001 – 750102
Ningi 742001 – 742102
Shira 750103 – 751106
Tafawa Balewa 741002 – 741103
Toro 740004 – 740118
Warji 742103
Zaki 752105


Bauchi State Post Office

Post Office Address City LGA
A/Tafa Balwa Uni. Abuk Tafa. Balewa University Dass road, Yelwa Bauchi Yelwa Belwa Bauchi
Akuyam Near Abdu one house sade road Akuyam Misau
Alkaleri No. 176 Gombe Road, Alkaleri Alkaleri Alkaleri
Azare No. 20 Misau Road Azare Azare Katagum
Bauchi Wunti Roundabout, Bauchi Bauchi Bauchi
Darazo Near Divisional Police Hdqrts Darazo Darazo Darazo
Dass No.9 Kanwara Road, Dass Dass Dass
Fed.Sec. Fed.Secretaria complex Bauchi Fed.Sec. Bauchi
Gadam Gadam Gadam Kwami
Gamawa Near Gamawa East Pry. School Gololo Road Gamawa Gamawa
Gidan Mai Gidan Mai roundabout Jos Road, Bauchi Bauchi City Bauchi
Itas Oppoite Central Mosque Itas Itas/Gadav Itas/ Gadau
Jama’are Disina Road gate Jamaare Jamaare Jama’are
Kari Opposite Corn Oil Kari Kari Darazo
Misau GRA Kano road Misau Misau Misau
Ningi . No.46 Kano Road, Ningi Ningi . Ningi .
Shira Along Azare-Yana Rd, Shira Shira
Tafa Balewa Bununu Rd Opp. Police Station, GRA,Tafa Balewa T/Balewa Tafa Balewa
Toro old Jos road adjacent First Bank Toro Toro L.G.A Toro
Yana Along Azare-Yana Rd, Shira Yana Shira
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