Complete Guide: Enugu State Postal Code

Complete Guide: Enugu State Postal Code
Complete Guide: Enugu State Postal Code

Enugu State Postal Code is 400001 to 413111. Code number 400001 as the code for the NIPOST Headquarters. This State is located in South East Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes in Enugu State, find the code along with the LGA and location.

List of Local Government Areas & Town in Enugu State


  1. Enugu North
  2. Aninri
  3. Awgu
  4. Enugu East
  5. Enugu South
  6. Ezeagu
  7. Igbo Etiti
  8. Igbo Eze North
  9. Igbo Eze South
  10. Isi Uzo
  11. Nkanu East
  12. Nkanu West
  13. Nsukka
  14. Oji River
  15. Udenu
  16. Udi
  17. Uzo-Uwani

Postal Code for Enugu State

Location LGA Postcode
9th Mile Corner Udi 410003
Acht Oji River 402001
Adani Uzo-Uwani 411002
Affa Udi 401002
Agbani Nkanu West 402004
Agbani Rd. Enugu South 400004
Asata Enugu North 400001
Enugu Campus Enugu South 400006
Enugu Ezike Igbo-Eze North 413001
Federal Secretariat Enugu South 400008
Independency Layout Enugu South 400007
Inyi Oji River 401007
Isigwu Umana Ezeagu 401001
Iwollo Ezeagu 401006
Nenwe Aninri 402002
New Haven Enugu South 400001
Nsukka Nsukka 410002
Obollo Afor Udenu 412002
Ogbede Igbo-Etiti 411003
Ogbete Enugu North 400003
Oji River Oji River 401008
Udi Udi 401001
Umuabi Udi 401010
Umulona Uzo-Uwani 411001
UNN Nsukka 410001
Uwani Enugu Enugu South 400009

Enugu State Postcode by LGA

LGA Postcode
Aninri 402140 – 402144
Awgu 402120 – 402139
Enugu East 400103 – 400104
Enugu North 400102 – 400281
Enugu South 400105 – 400108
Ezeagu 401125 – 401144
Igbo Etiti 411101 – 411110
Igbo Eze North 413101 – 413108
Igbo Eze South 413102 – 413111
Isi Uzo 412101 – 412105
Nkanu East 402111 – 402119
Nkanu West 402101 – 402110
Nsukka 410101 – 410116
Oji River 401145 – 401150
Udenu 412106 – 412114
Udi 401101 – 401124
Uzo-Uwani 411111 – 411126


Enugu State Post Office

Post Office Address City LGA
9th Mile Ctr Near St. Thomas Anglican Church 9th Mile Ngwo
Adani Along Onuebonyi Road, Adjacent Ikwo L.G.A. Headquarters Adani Uzo – Uwani
Affa Amauzari Rd, Near Ikedimkpa Roundabout Affa Udi Agwu
Agbani BO 96/103 Agbani Road Agbani Nkanu
Agbani Near Eke Market Agbani Enugu South
Aguobu-owa Ezeagu L.G. Headquarters Aguobu-owa Ezeagu
Aguobu-Umumba Aguobu-Umumba Ezeagu Aguobu-Umumba Ezeagu
Akpugo Orie Market Square Akpugo Uzo – Uwani
Aku Afikpo Road, Opposite Meat Market Aku Location Igbo-Etiti
Asata 28, Udi Road Asata Enugu Asata Enugu-North
Eha-Amufu Nsukka Road, Near Railway Line Eha-Amufu Udenu
Emene 143, Old Abakaliki Road, Opp.Practising School Emene Enugu East
En-Ezika 5, Water Works Road, Opp. Mr. Biggs Store En-Ezika Igbo-Eze
Enugu 22, Okpara Avenue, Enugu Enugu Enugu South
Fed. Sec Aku Rd., Close to Igbo-Etiti L.G.A. Hdqrts, Ogbede Enugu Enugu South
House of Ass. Enugu House of Assembly Complex House of Ass. Enugu South
ind lout Independence Layout, Behind Appeal Court Ind Lout Enugu South
Isiugwu-Uwana Isingwu-Uwana Village Isiugwu-Uwana Ezeagu
Iwollo Obodongwu Park Iwollo Ezeagu
Mail Pro. Office Ctr Ext Mail Processing Office By Railway Station, Ogui Road, Enugu Enugu Enugu North
Nenwe Street 12, Nenwe Street A/ Layout Enugu ( Not Functioning) Achara-Layout Enugu-South
New Haven 19, Udenweze St. New-Haven New-Haven Enugu-North
Nsukka 1,Odenigbo Road Nsukka Nsukka
Obollo-Afor Local Government Building, Achi Road Obollo-Afor Udenu
Ogbede Beside Awgu L.G.A. Headquarters Okehe Igbo – Etiti
Ogbete 13, Ejindu Street, Coal Camp Ogbete Igbo Eze North
Ogwoffia-owa Ogwuofia-Owa Ezeagu Ogwoffia-owa Ezeagu
Ter. Hdqrts Office, Ctr Ext NIPOST Territorial Headquarters, Opposite Fire Service, Ogui Road, Enugu. Enugu Enugu North
Udi Opposite the Local Government Area Hqtrs. Udi Udi
Umuabi Umuokefi Road Umuabi Ohaukwu
Umulokpa Beside LGA Headquarters Umulokpa Uzo – Uwani
Uni. Of Nig. University of Nigeria Enugu Campus Complex Uni. Of Nig. Enugu South
UNN Beside Institute of Education, UNN UNN Nsukka
Uwani 28, Edinburgh Road By Zik’s Avenue (Roundabout) Uwani Ugbo-Etiti
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