Acoustic Guitar Specification & Price In Nigeria

Acoustic Guitar Specification & Price In Nigeria
Acoustic Guitar Specification & Price In Nigeria

If you’re looking to buy your first acoustic guitar, or want to upgrade, then you might be wondering how much you need to spend in order to get a decent instrument. In this article, I’ll be going through the average price of acoustic guitars, why they can cost different amounts, and how much you should look at spending to get a good model.

The Quick Answer

Acoustic guitar’s Price In Nigeria is approximately NGN25,984 – NG40,000 for an entry-level model. Intermediate-level acoustic guitars cost around NGN55,534 – NG140,600, whilst professional-level acoustic guitars often cost several thousands of dollars. The price is mainly dictated by the country of origin, brand, body, and wood type.

Cost of Popular Acoustic Guitars

There are many brands and models of acoustic guitars on the market, and they all vary in price to cater to different experience levels. Here are some tables to show the average cost of some of the most popular acoustic guitars.

Entry-Level Acoustic Guitars

Entry-level acoustic guitars typically cost between NGN25,984 – NG40,000 and are usually made in China and Indonesia. They will often have laminate wood bodies which are not as resonant as more expensive solid body acoustic guitars.

Acoustic GuitarPriceOriginTop WoodBody
Rogue RA-110DNGN34,000ChinaSpruceLaminate
Cort AF505NGN39,000ChinaSpruceSolid
Epiphone StarlingNGN41,000ChinaSpruceLaminate
Mitchell D120NGN51,000ChinaSpruceLaminate
Fender FA-125NGN63,000IndonesiaSpruceLaminate
Ibanez PF18WDBNGN84,000IndonesiaSpruceLaminate
Epiphone PR-150NGN103,000ChinaSpruceLaminate
Dean AXSNGN123,000ChinaQuilted AshLaminate
Mitchell D120SCENGN153,000ChinaSpruceSolid
Average price and specifications of beginner acoustic guitars in Nigeria.

Low-Mid Range Acoustic Guitars

Low-mid range acoustic guitars typically cost between NGN350,398– NGN500,000 and are aimed at players looking to make a step up from their entry-level model. Often the body is still laminate wood but they are usually better quality and may have more unique finishes.

Acoustic GuitarPriceOriginTop WoodBody
Walden StandardNGN200,398ChinaSpruceSolid
Schecter DeluxeNGN270,000ChinaSpruceLaminate
ECO TRINGN310,000ChinaSpruceSolid
Mitchell T311CENGN360,000IndonesiaSpruceSolid
Ibanez AAD140NGN380,000ChinaOkoumeSolid
Alvarez AD60SHBNGN410,000ChinaSpruceSolid
Silvertone 955CENGN430,000IndonesiaSpruceSolid
Breedlove Discovery CENGN500,000ChinaMahoganySolid
Average cost and specifications of low-mid range acoustic guitars.

Mid-High Range Acoustic Guitars

Mid-high-range acoustic guitars cost between NGN105,336 and NGN320,398 and are aimed at serious players. Often they will have a solid body to improve tonal quality and you’ll start to see bigger brands in this price range such as Taylor and Martin. These guitars are made in a range of countries including China, Indonesia, and Mexico but rarely in the USA.

Acoustic GuitarPriceOriginTop WoodBody
Guild DS-240NGN105,336ChinaSpruceSolid
Merida SummerNGN175,344ChinaSpruceSolid
Taylor GS MiniNGN195,180MexicoMahoganySolid
Taylor Big BabyNGN222,534 MexicoSpruceSolid
Fender PM-3 StandardNGN235,000IndonesiaMahoganySolid
Guild OM-120 WesterlyNGN265,534 ChinaMahoganySolid
Fender CaliforniaNGN285,000ChinaMahoganySolid
Martin Special GPC Style 10NGN320,398MexicoSapeleSolid
Average cost and specifications of mid-high end acoustic guitars.

High-End Acoustic Guitars

High-end acoustic guitars cost upwards of NGN505,000  but can cost as much as NGN3,000,000. The most popular brands in this price bracket include Martin, Taylor, and Gibson. The most expensive guitars are typically made in America but Mexico and Japan are also well-renowned for producing high-quality acoustic guitars.

Acoustic GuitarPriceOriginTop WoodBody
Martin Special DNGN505,000 MexicoSpruceSolid
Yamaha FG5 Red LabelNGN550,000 JapanSpruceSolid
Taylor AD17 American DreamNGN595,000 USASpruceSolid
Guild D-20NGN600,000 USAMahoganySolid
Beard Deco Phonic SidecarNGN688,000 USAMahoganySolid
Alvarez DYMR70 YairiNGN700,000 JapanSpruceSolid
Gibson 1960’s J-45NGN900,000 USARed SpruceSolid
Average cost and specifications of high end acoustic guitars.
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What Affects Acoustic Guitar Price?

So there is a big range between the cost of entry-level and professional acoustic guitars, but what makes them different?

Some acoustic guitars cost more than others because they are made from better quality wood, have solid finishes instead of laminate constructions, and are handmade instead of mass-produced. Typically, American and Japanese acoustic guitars are more expensive than Chinese-made guitars.

Here are the main factors which affect acoustic guitar price:

  • Country of origin: typically USA-made guitars are the most expensive, followed by Japanese and then Mexican-made guitars. Chinese and Indonesian-made guitars are usually the cheapest. This is often due to the level of quality control and attention to detail paid during manufacturing.
  • Wood type: spruce tops be found on both entry-level and professional-level acoustic models. However, koa and more unique woods are typically only found on the more expensive models.
  • Body construction: there are two main construction types: laminate and solid. Laminate top guitars are often cheaper and are made by fusing layers of wood together. Solid top guitars offer better tone and sustain and are found on mid-high-range models.
  • Hardware: often you will see better quality hardware (tuners, strings, bridge, etc.) on more expensive guitars.

How Much Do Acoustic-Electric Guitars Cost?

Electric-acoustic guitars usually cost around $50-100 more than acoustic guitars. Beginner-level acoustic guitars can be found for $100-200, whilst entry-level acoustic-electric models usually start at around $150-200. You will also need an amp for acoustic-electric guitars which start at $50-100.

Here is a table comparing the price and specifications of some popular acoustic-electric guitars.

Acoustic-Electric GuitarPriceOriginTop WoodBody
Rogue RA-90NGN50,000 ChinaWhitewoodLaminate
Fender FA-135CENGN70,000 ChinaSpruceLaminate
Epiphone AJ-100CENGN90,000 ChinaSpruceLaminate
Washburn FestivalNGN150,000 ChinaFlame MapleLaminate
Guild D-240ENGN250,000 ChinaSpruceSolid
Yamaha A-Series A1MNGN350,000 ChinaSpruceSolid
Seagull Entourage CW QITNGN400,000 CanadaSpruceSolid
Godin Arena CW QITNGN450,000 CanadaSpruceSolid
Martin GPC-11ENGN500,000 MexicoSpruceSolid
Gibson G-45NGN650,000 USASpruceSolid
Takamine PTU241CNGN750,000 JapanSpruceSolid
Taylor 3222eNGN1,050,000 USAMahoganySolid
Average cost and specifications of popular acoustic-electric guitars.

How Much Should I Spend on an Acoustic Guitar?

A lot of new and experienced guitar players wonder exactly how much they’ll need to spend to get a decent acoustic guitar, and it can be hard to tell if spending a few hundred extra dollars will be worth it.

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