Unity Bank USSD Codes for Transfer, Balance & Recharge

Unity Bank USSD Codes for Transfer, Balance & Recharge
Unity Bank USSD Codes for Transfer, Balance & Recharge

Unity Bank Transfer Code. While it’s undoubtedly easier to carry out all your banking activities through an app, everyone doesn’t have a decent internet connection.

Sometimes, it’s easier to enter a USSD code when transferring money from your bank or checking your account balance.

The Unity Bank transfer code, called the 7799 Magic Banking, was a Unity Bank initiative allowing users to bank anytime and anywhere.

By dialing the USSD code, users can transfer money, check their account balance, buy airtime, pay their bills, and carry out most other banking transactions, even without an internet connection.

The 7799 Magic Banking works anywhere your phone works, as long as your network provider works.

While the Unity Bank Mobile Banking app is more intuitive than the Unity Bank transfer code, let me see how it works without an internet connection.

How to set up the Unity Bank transfer code

Anyone can use the Unity Bank transfer code. If you’re up to 18 years and you can use your mobile phone to check your airtime balance, you have the skills required for Unity Bank Magic Banking.

However, having a Unity Bank account before setting up USSD banking on your phone is always best.

You can always create one from the 7799 interfaces if you don’t have an account. However, who wants to create bank accounts on a USSD interface?

For this guide, I’ll assume you already have a Unity Bank bank account. Here are the steps to set up a Unity Bank transfer code if you already have a Unity Bank account and a debit card.

Dial *7799#

This code initiates Unity Bank magic banking on your phone. Once you dial this number on your phone, you’ll see a screen warning that you’ll shell out an N6.98 service charge for all banking activities using the code.

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If you accept the warning, you’ll see many options offering you numerous Unity Bank banking services, even if you don’t have a Unity Bank account.

However, you can’t use any of those services without setting up your magic banking account first.

Selecting any listed services will result in an option to sign up for magic banking with Unity Bank Bank. Select the Sign-Up option to set up your Unity Bank Magic Banking account.

Sign Up With Your Account Number or Debit Card

At this juncture, you should see two options on your screen: ‘Prepaid with PIN’ and ‘Account with PIN.’

These options imply that you can sign up for Unity Bank Magic Banking using your debit card, PIN, account number, and associated PIN.

If you have a debit card, you may be better off with the ‘Prepaid with PIN’ option. In a breach, you can disable the debit card without shutting down the entire account.

However, if you’re a fan of digital synergy, you should go for the ‘Account with PIN’ option. It is simply the most hassle-free option overall.

Enter your account number or card ID, and the associated PIN

If you selected ‘Account with PIN’ from the previous section, you should enter the ten digits of your account number on the next screen. Otherwise, you should enter your card number to continue.

On the next screen, enter the PIN associated with your account or card number to continue setting up your Unity Bank transfer code.

After correctly entering your PIN twice, you can use Magic Banking with your Unity Bank account.

You can do various banking transactions using the Unity Bank transfer code, even without an internet connection.

How to use the Unity Bank transfer code

How do you use it now that you’ve set up your Unity Bank transfer code?

Unity Bank Magic Banking opens the door to new banking possibilities if you know how to use the service.

Here, you’ll learn some of the practical uses of the Unity Bank transfer code and some of the shortcuts that you can use for simple banking transactions.

Unity Bank USSD Codes to Transfer Money

Unity Bank never referred to the service as the Unity Bank transfer code. They only called it magic banking, but users dubbed it transfer code because that’s the only reason they use it.

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If you’re anything like most other people, you should want to know how to use the transfer code for money transfers.

There are long and short ways to transfer money using the transfer code. The long way involves dialing *7799# and selecting the appropriate option for the transfer.

To transfer money easily, dial *7799*1*Account Number*Amount# if it’s to a Unity Bank account. Otherwise, dial *7799*2*Account Number*Amount#.

You may have to enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.

Unity Bank USSD Codes for Buying Airtime

You can also use the Unity Bank transfer code to purchase airtime for any number in Nigeria. Dialing *7799*amount# instantly recharges the specified amount to your phone number.

If you want to purchase airtime for other numbers, you should specify the number, thus: *7799*phone number*amount#.

Note that any transaction using the Unity Bank transfer code incurs a service charge of N6.98. Merely checking your account balance will set you back for that amount, so it’s something you should know beforehand.


How to Check Account Balance Enquiry

To know your bank account balance on unity bank, dial *7799*0#

Cardless withdrawal on Unity bank: to withdraw money from your Unity bank account without your ATM card, simply dial *7799*8*Amount#

Block Unity bank  account: If your unity bank account is compromised and you want to block it, simply dial *7799*9*phone number#

USSD on POS: Most time, we are afraid to insert our debit card on the POS machine to avoid fraud, or we forget our unity bank ATM card at home, and we are in need of cash. Don’t worry. You can now withdraw money from POS without your debit card. just dial:*7799*000*RefID#

Unity bank BVN verification: To verify your BVN on your unity bank, just dial *7799*5#

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