Tripod Stand And Ring Light Specification & Price In Nigeria

Tripod Stand And Ring Light Specification & Price In Nigeria
Tripod Stand And Ring Light Specification & Price In Nigeria

A ring light is crucial for video recording because it improves the video’s brightness and overall qulity.

Ring lights help provide camera lighting and help eliminate shadows that can hinder production.

This article will discuss the cost of tripod camera stands in Nigeria and ring lights to record video.

Ring lights are typically distinguished by the fact that they release continuous light, usually via LEDs; however, some contain fluorescent tubes.

One of its most prominent advantages is its circular shape that permits cameras to be set inside the circle to ensure its lighting can be as even as it can be.

Most of the time, rings, lights, and cameras tripods work in hand.

This article outlines important information to look out for when purchasing the tripod stand and rings light and the prices of tripod stands that come with a ring light. Nigeria.

Things to consider before buying tripod stands.


It is essential to figure out the stability ratio to know that it is in a position to hold the recording equipment.


Additionally, its useability is an essential function to consider if you require it.

Based on your requirements, ensure that your tripod stand and the accessories it comes with are appropriate for the task you require it to be used for.


It is also crucial to consider the size for ease of transportation. Therefore, before purchasing, you should consider the specifications for size and select one that is not too heavy, which will reduce your stress.

However, you can pick an extra large one if you mainly use the device at home.


The price of the tripod stand is determined by the factors mentioned above and for the reasons why you should buy it.

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Things to be aware of before you buy the ring’s light.


It is evident the fact that an increased weight of light will happen when we select a bigger circle of continuous light. The main thing to remember about this is that the bigger it is, the more the angle of coverage we’ll have.

With a large light ring, you can capture portraits with more natural light, but those with smaller ring sizes need to choose closer ups because the light hitting the subject is not enough.

In this way, we can declare that the three most sought-after sizes of rings are 14 inches/36cm, 18 inches/48cm, and those with smaller sizes due to their intended use to be used for macro photography.

Therefore, you’ll be required to find a perfect product based on your field of interest.

Light Type

As I mentioned, continuous light rings can come in two types: fluorescent tubes or LED lights.

The latter is more affordable but less robust and has a slight greenish hue.

These LED lights are among the most stunning, and that’s because the LEDs will last for a longer time as well as we will not use more energy per unit.

Light Intensity Settings

Another thing to consider is whether the ring is equipped with an adjustable regulator that adjusts the power based on how far between the lights ring and your subject or design, which can make a huge difference in your photography projects.

In some instances, the light source is not an adjustable regulator. They come with an accessory that can further dilute the light.

Light Color Temperature Settings

It’s also interesting to know that you can change the light’s color temperature, and there are two possibilities for this.

There are rings with accessories that allow you to be placed on top of the lamp and change the color of the light, while another has a regulator switch that can be more productive and efficient in time.


Apart from the rings themselves, to make use of it, you’ll need some tools, including a tripod, for it to be held.

In certain packs, this may be included, while in others, there is no such thing, which means you require an extra one to keep it.

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Another great accessory is ball joints to be in a position to put the ring vertically (useful to photograph products) or a carrying bag or even support for securing your mobile phone in the rings.

Possibility of Working With Batteries

There are a few models for LED ring lights that let us work without being connected to the light source; however, with external batteries that already provide the power to produce light, making them more flexible, particularly laptops for working.

Of course, the dimension also plays a role, with smaller sizes being more mobile; however, as an accessory composed mainly of plastic, it’s very light. Therefore dimensions will not be the determining factor when you move with it.


Based on the features of the ring I’ve mentioned, the price can rise or decrease.

Additionally, there are packs with many accessories that will help us. Again, based on what you require, your cost will depend on your needs.

Price of Ring Light with
Tripod Camera Stand in Nigeria

I won’t provide prices in this post, but I’ll provide an extensive price range to fit your budget.

It’s up to you to select the one that best fits your budget.

In Nigeria, you can get the tripod stand along with the ring light for more than NGN16,400 and upwards, depending on your capacity and requirements.

There are plenty of shops to shop online, and I recommend Konga and Jumia for speedy delivery. That is when you’re not purchasing from a physical retailer.

The Camera Tripod Stand Cost in Nigeria

If you decide to buy the camera tripod stand-alone and not include it in the lower cost.

There are many types of tripods for cameras of various qualities and features.

The price tripod for a camera in Nigeria is between NGN13,000 and NGN30,000, based on its Lenght and Brightness, quality, and the seller selling it.

How much is Ring Light Price in Nigeria

A ring light can also be purchased independently and will cost less than when bought with a tripod stand.

The price of a ring light in Nigeria is N14,000 and N23,000.

But, bigger-sized ring lights, such as 15” and 18″‘ ring lights in Nigeria, are more costly and cost more than N20,000.

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This is the number of ring lights being sold in Nigeria.

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