Treadmill Specification & Price in Nigeria

Treadmill Specification & Price in Nigeria
Treadmill Specification & Price in Nigeria

With people paying particular attention to fitness and healthful living recently, the use and demand of treadmills have increased dramatically. It is not surprising that the treadmill is an essential part of fitness and is a must-have for homes, gyms, and even homes of those who want to keep healthy. There is a myriad of models and brands that are available. This article examines the Price of Nigeria’s most commonly used and sought-after treadmills.

Treadmill Specification & Price in Nigeria

The demand for treadmills has risen in recent years, and it is essential to be aware of the prices they cost. Here are a few most popular treadmill brands and what their equipment is sold for in the present market.

House Fit Treadmills

  • The Housefit 3-HP MOTORIZED TREADMILL 130 KG-N600 1,000 – N650,000.
  • House fit 2.5 HP MOTORIZED TREADMILL – N264 500 – N300 000
  • The Housefit 4-HP MOTORIZED TREADMILL 150 KG N805, 000 – N850 1,000
  • House fit 7 HP Commercial TREADMILL- N1.84 million – N2 million

Sole Treadmills

  • Sole S9800 Commercial Treadmill – N2.5 million – N2.8 million
  • Sole F85 SOLE Treadmill (2016 Model) – N1.45 million – N1.7 million
  • Sole S9900 Commercial Treadmill – N2.7 million – N3 million

Nordic Track Treadmills

  • Nordic Track NordicTrack T10.0 Treadmill 3CHP (4.5HP) Motor with Tablet Holder. N650 1,000 – N750, 000

Nashua Treadmills

  • Nashua Three HP Treadmill With Massager – N499 000 – N510 000
  • Nashua 2.5 HP Trampoline with Music, Massage, and Twister JX-662SD, N360, 2000 – N400,000.

American Fitness Treadmills

  • American Fitness 2 HP Treadmill with Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up, MP3 & Sit-Up N337, 000 N400, 000
  • American Fitness 2 HP Treadmill With Massager – N250 000 – N300 000
  • American Fitness 2.5 HP Treadmill Equipped with Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up, and MP3 – N411,200 to N480, 000
  • American Fitness 3 HP Treadmill Equipped with Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up, and MP3 N450, 000 – N500, 000
  • American Fitness commercial 4 HP Treadmill with Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up and MP3 – N1,600 1 000 – 1,800, 000
  • American Health Manual Treadmill N113 000 – N150 000

Body Fit Treadmills

  • 4hp DC Power 4685 TREADMILL SEMI-COMMERCIAL N680, 000 to N720 1, 000
  • BF1900 Home-Use Treadmill 3hp, N339 000 – N400,
  • Manual Treadmill with Stepper – N129 000 – N150 000
  • Electronic Treadmill 1.5HP BF1025S Motorized Home Fitness Machine Power Running N535,000 – N550 000
  • The Body Fit Supp 1 USA Treadmill 2.5 HP – N186 2000 – N200, 000
  • Body Fit Body Fit BF5000B Treadmill with BlueTooth and Massager – N423 – N450, 000
  • Body Fit Commercial Treadmill 6 HP BF 4895 – N1,287 000 – N1,400 1, 000

De Young Treadmills

  • De Young 2.5 HP Commercial Treadmill with MP3, Incline, and Massager N314, 150 – N420, 000
  • De Young 3 HP Commercial Treadmill With MP3, Incline, And Massager N550, 000 – N600 1, 000
  • De Young 3.5 HP Commercial Treadmill Equipped With Massager, MP3, Incline N600, 000 to N650 1, 000
  • De Young Universal Manual Treadmill with Sit-up-N128,750 N135 000

The prices of treadmills can vary. Although they’ve been relatively steady in the past months, there are fluctuations in the prices due to particular circumstances.

For instance, research suggests that treadmills are more expensive during certain times of the year and differ in cost from place to location. A treadmill priced at N200 000 to be used in Abuja or Lagos may cost a lot lower in other regions. Furthermore, variables like the exchange rate for currency during the purchase can affect the price they are sold for.

Treadmills are available throughout the entire country. They are available across the nation. All you need to do is visit a fitness shop where treadmills are offered and buy one. It is also possible to buy online through e-commerce stores. Based on your interest, it is recommended to conduct a second look at prices before purchasing one.

Things to Think About Before Buying Treadmill

Going into a fitness shop is a daunting experience. There’s usually a variety of equipment available to look at, and even consider purchasing to add your own home. But this doesn’t need to be a daunting experience. With some good advice to follow, you’ll be able to find the ideal treadmill to take to your home and use for many years to be. Knowing ahead of time what you might be seeking will allow the fitness store you choose to go with tips on the treadmill they recommend to you. Here are seven suggestions to think about when buying the latest treadmill.

Make Sure You Test the Treadmill You Buying at the Store

This recommendation isn’t exclusive to treadmills. It can be applied to purchasing any kind or piece of exercise equipment. How a treadmill is fitted to you could be the most overlooked aspect and can be a significant factor in how much you enjoy using it and whether you’d like to continue to use it and repeat the exercise. Reviews can be beneficial, but don’t just rely on reviews only. Even if you are planning to purchase the machine straight from the maker, you will still be able to find stores that carry the equipment you wish to test.

Take into consideration the space and Placement

It is crucial to consider the location you’d like to place the equipment and the dimensions of the space before looking for a new one. If you’re considering collapsible units, it is essential to know that they cost more, check if they are required, and will require that you fold them when you’re not using them.


This is among the essential aspects to take into consideration. It is important to consider a few concerns, like whether the controls to control speed and incline are clearly displayed and easily accessible in a manner that is easy and comfortable to use while running or walking on the treadmill during the use. Ensure you can control the speed while using it without compromising your security. As we have said before, testing the treadmill before purchasing it is essential. It is also important to be aware of the layout of the steps to the sides. Make sure they’re sufficient in width and are non-slip.

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