German Shepherd Specification & Price In Nigeria

German Shepherd Specification & Price In Nigeria
German Shepherd Specification & Price In Nigeria

The German Shepherd breed, like most other breeds, is not indigenous to Nigeria. They were introduced by German missionaries during the 1930s and 1940s. German Shepherds are of the working dog category which has been domesticated and selectively bred for many generations to retain traits that maximize their usefulness to people.

The German Shepherd is a medium-sized, hardy, well-rounded family dog with an innate capacity to guard sheep herds as his primary job. Due to this natural instinct toward guarding flocks, German Shepherds have earned the reputation of being one of the best guard dogs in the world. German Shepherds are also very good police dogs because they are easily trainable and obey commands well. The German Shepherd is one of the top three dogs that will be used for this type of work in the United States. German Shepherds are also widely used as search and rescue dogs because of their intelligence, endurance, and ability to adapt to difficult situations.

German Shepherds have a very strong protective instinct which makes them good companions for children who may get lost or injured. German Shepherds can sense danger from afar and will sound an alarm if they feel the child is in trouble. German Shepherds are used by many police forces around the world including Germany, Brazil, Taiwan, Spain, Poland, Australia, and the US among others due to their reliability and versatility under different types of working conditions. German Shepherds were first recognized by a major kennel club in 1887, the German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany.

German Shepherd Dog History in Nigeria

The German Shepherd was first brought to Nigeria by German missionaries, who worked closely with the German Society for the Protection of Animals (DSPCA) in Kano between 1934 and 1944. The German dog breeders selected dogs largely based on their intelligence, courage, patience, and trustworthiness because these were desirable traits that would allow them to dominate herds without harming or attacking them.

German Shepherds are very large dogs with an average height of 60 cm (23 inches) at the waist but may vary depending on whether male or female. They have a life expectancy between 10 to 15 years long if properly taken care of. German Shepherds are good watchdogs because they naturally bark when strangers approach which deters people from approaching German homes. German Shepherds are not naturally aggressive, but they remain very protective of their family and territory which makes them good guard dogs.

German Shepherds have a short coat with a dense undercoat suitable for the German climate. They shed all year round with some heavy shedding in Spring and Autumn. German shepherds come in three types of color: – Black-and-tan or “sable” – Dark gray/silver – light gray.


German Shepherd dogs shed a lot of fur because of their thick coat and to prevent having hair everywhere in the house, it is advised to brush the dogs carefully outside of the house every few days. Occasional bathing is also recommended and it is also very advisable to trim or grind the nails of the dogs every month if they do not wear down naturally because excessively long nails can cause structural issues and pains for your Alsatian dog.


Alsatian dogs are generally healthy dogs but if you are a dog owner, it is advised that you observe your dog and take note of any changes it may experience. If you notice that your dog may be sick, you should see the vet as soon as possible.


Training your German Shepherd to socialize and recognize faces is important so it can distinguish between family members and other people. They can be trained to behave nicely when they see a strange face while retaining their protective demeanor.

How Much is the german shepherd price in Nigeria

The current cost of German Shepherd dogs in Nigeria this 2022 is between the price range of NGN95,000NGN350,365 and this depends on certain factors such as the age of the Alsatian dog, how well trained/skilled the dog is and the location where it is purchased

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