Stanbic IBTC USSD Code For Transfer, Airtime Recharge, Balance Check

Stanbic IBTC USSD Code For Transfer, Airtime Recharge, Balance Check
Stanbic IBTC USSD Code For Transfer, Airtime Recharge, Balance Check

Stanbic IBTC’s USSD code is *909#, to start using the code, you must register by dialing *909*11*1#. Once you dial the code, you must provide some details and create a transaction PIN that you will use anytime you want to do a USSD transaction.

To open a new Stanbic account, dial *909*37#

Stanbic IBTC Transfer Code

To send money to other Stanbic accounts, dial *909*11*amount*account number#. For example, to send 20,000 Naira to someone whose account number is 0123456789, you will dial *909*11*20000*0123456789#.

To send money to other banks, dial *909*22*amount*account number#

After dialing the code, you must select the bank you are sending money to and confirm the account name before entering your PIN to confirm the transaction.

Stanbic IBTC Check Balance Code

To check your balance, dial *909*1*1# or dial *909# and choose the account balance option.

To view your EZ cash available balance, dial *909*1*2#

To check your allocated CBN balance for all your foreign currency, dial *909*11*1#

Stanbic IBTC Recharge Code (Airtime & Data)

To buy airtime for your number connected to your bank account, dial *909*Amount#

To buy airtime for other numbers, dial *909*amount*phone number#

To buy data, dial *909*8#

How To Activate Stanbic Ussd Code Without an ATM Card

Do you want to know how to activate the Stanbic ussd code without an atm card? Sorry, we would have loved to show you how to activate the Stanbic ussd code without an atm card, but there is no feasible way right now. Make use of the above methods to activate your Stanbic USSD code.

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Features of the Stanbic IBTC USSD Code For Transfer

  • Cash deposits and withdrawals from our wide network of agents.
  • Transfer money to anyone – Stanbic IBTC * 909# Mobile Money subscribers and non-subscribers.
  • You can link your wallet to a debit card.
  • You can also change your PIN and view your transaction history.
  • Send money to family and friends safely and easily.
  • You can also pay bills such as monthly cable subscriptions and PHCN bills.
  • You can link a Verve card to your wallet, which allows you to withdraw money from our ATMs.
  • You get free access to mini-account statements and PIN changes.
  • You can buy network-wide airtime at an ATM and on your phone or top up the phones of family and friends.

Stanbic Bank Transfer Code To Other Banks

If you are a Stanbic bank user and want to transfer money/money to other bank subscribers like a prime bank, UBA, GTBank, etc. Then follow the steps below to complete the transaction using your phone.

  • Call * 909 * 22 * ​​​​​Amount * Account Number # for transfer to other bank accounts in Nigeria
  • Example of transferring 10,000 Naira to another bank account – * 909 * 22 * ​​​10000 * 0876454586 # Then authorize the transaction with your PIN.

OR follow the long process.

  • Dial * 909 # >> Enter 1 for My bank >> Enter 4 for Bank Transfer >> Enter the desired amount >> Select the beneficiary’s bank >> Account number >> Confirm details >> PIN.

How To Transfer Money To Another Stanbic Bank Account

This method works when transferring money to another Stanbic bank user. Then follow the instructions below to transfer money to the account.

Dial * 909 * 11 * amount * account number # for the transfer to another Stanbic IBTC account. Example for transferring 5,000 Nairas to another Stanbic bank account – Account – * 909 * 11 * 5000 * 0876454586 # then authorize the transaction with your PIN.

If the above method of transferring money to other bank users and other Stanbic bank users doesn’t work for you, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *909#.
  2. Enter 1 at My bank;
  3. Input 4 for transmission;
  4. Enter the desired amount;
  5. Select the beneficiary’s bank >> account number >> confirm details >> PIN.

You will receive a message indicating whether your transaction was successful.

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How To Change The Stanbic Bank Transfer PIN?

  • Dial *909# from the phone number you registered with your bank
  • Select 6 for Other services >> 1 for My bank >> 6 for Change PIN code
  • Enter your current Pincode
  • Enter your new PIN (it must be 4 digits and different from the current one)
  • Enter the new PIN again to confirm.

Stanbic IBTC Code To Check Account Balance?

You don’t have to go to the ATM or bank to check your balance. From your comfort zone and by keying in a few codes, you can check your balance and know how much is left in your account.

To check the balance of your Stanbic bank account, just dial Stanbic IBTC Code To Check Account Balance *909# >> 2 to request the account balance. Or dial *909*1*1#. The bank will send you your credit as a message.

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Stanbic USSD Code For Recharge

Don’t skip airtime if you have money in your bank account. Learn how to top up with USSD codes from your Stanbic bank account.

Stanbic USSD Code For Recharge For Yourself

For self-loading: for loading the telephone number with which you open your Stanbic bank account. Dial * 909 * Amount #. Example: If you want to top up 500 naira – dial *909*500#, and you will get 500 naira airtime on the network of your choice.

Stanbic USSD Code For Recharge To Another Number

This method always works if you want to top up phone numbers not registered on the relevant Stanbic bank account. This could be a family member’s phone number or your phone number not connected to Stanbic Bank. Follow the instructions below to top up the phone number.

Dial * 909 * Amount * Phone Number #. Example: *909*1000*08104128059# This phone number will get 1000 Naira airtime automatically.

Stanbic IBTC Daily Transfer Limit and Charges

Stanbic IBTC Daily Transfer Limit:

Stanbic does not give a specific limit on its official website, but we believe customers cannot send more than 100,000 nairas daily.

Stanbic IBTC Bank Transfer Charges:

Stanbic IBTC Bank does not charge fees for transfers to another Stanbic IBTC bank account; however, the bank charges 52.50 naira for transfers to other banks in Nigeria.

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