Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly

Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly
Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly

Are you looking for the most reliable Nigerian investment firm that pays you weekly? This is the page. The most reliable Nigerian investment companies that pay every week are listed in this article.

If you’re seeking a legal approach to earn money online weekly, that’s not an issue to worry about.


List of Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly

Oil and Gas Company

The company deals in gas and gas

In Nigeria, petroleum and gas are considered to be high-yielding investments. It’s a very profitable rate.

You can invest in an existing company if you cannot raise enough funds to begin a gas and gas company.

The owner or the investor of filling stations gets paid weekly and daily.

It’s equally beneficial to own shares of oil and gas companies in the same way as having the petroleum and gas business.

You’ll be in greater control and receive a more significant dividend if you purchase more company shares. The fact that the majority companies in these petroleum and gas companies are public-owned corporations is interesting.

Nigerian Debt Management Office

The Nigerian Debt Management Office, also known as DMO Nigeria, was established in 2000 to manage Nigeria’s credit.

The firm also has a DMO Bonds branch that issues FGN securities (Federal Government of Nigeria). According to the site, they were published by DMO “for and on behalf of the Federal Government.”

If you invest in FGN bonds, you’re effectively becoming the nation’s investment. This gives you advantages you will not find at any other institution.


In the beginning, there are no tax-deductible expenses since your earnings are tax-free. Additionally, as there is no chance you will default, FGN bonds can be an extremely secure investment.

PiggyVest Nigeria

It is an international investment company that has been around for more than five years. It was established in 2016 to be the most efficient savings platform. At first, it was just a way to save money.

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It also lets investors invest, claiming “10 percent savings interest and an average return of 25 percent on investment,” According to its site.

“Investing” is the name given to the department of ventures. It lets you invest in securities with a low-medium price that has been rigorously verified. The top security service offered through PiggyVest ensures the safety of every offer.

Questra Holdings

Questra Holdings is an internet investment firm based out of Spain with subsidiaries across the globe, including Nigeria.

Since Eco Bank partnered with this investment firm, there’s no need to worry. The company pays profits from investments every week.

The currency employed by this firm is typically euros.

However, you can use methods like Direct Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Advance Cash, and others to pay and take money from this website.

The equivalent in naira of each suitcase ranges from N40,500 up to N250,000,000 for “VIP” ( N250 million). As valuable as your luggage is, the higher you’ll earn.

The weekly profits vary between 4% and 6percent depending on the investment. The money must be paid at 7 p.m. each Friday.

Questra world is the company’s network arm that provides between 5percent and 15% on any referrals you generate.

The most exciting part of this Questra world is that you earn from anyone on your downline for a lifetime.

Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP)

Pay to Recharge and Pay (RAGP) can be the best option if you seek a means to earn money online in Nigeria’s telecom sector.

While Recharge and Get Paid are online network marketing strategies, you don’t have to wait until the week’s close to getting your earnings from this platform. Profits are earned daily—daily basis.

Do you have doubts regarding the legitimacy of the platform? The Recharge and Get Paid is legally registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the registration number 1279919, which proves its legitimacy and credibility.

It’s also registered with Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) to conduct business in telecoms.

StarTimes, DSTV, GoTV, and PHCN are among the partners. You don’t need to be concerned.


If you own a vehicle from the decade of 2010 or later or have a car that is still in excellent condition and includes a functioning air cooling system, you’re ready to begin earning weekly with Uber.

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If you invest in Uber with your car, you could generate significant income every week. Uber’s Nigerian branch is the most lucrative investment company of many current transportation companies, paying its employees weekly.


You can also hire drivers or have them assigned to your car by the company. You also have the option of driving by yourself. In either case, it’s an ideal win-win.

If you select either of these options, then you will be required to sign a lease contract with the company.

The majority of Uber drivers earn around N160,000 plus or higher per week. In most situations, you could anticipate making between 30%-35 percent per week. Therefore the agreed-upon percentage will be paid to you based on a weekly schedule.


Meristem Securities Limited

Meristem Securities Limited is a company that provides financial services. The company that invests in it is known to be one of the more trustworthy options for investing in stocks online. The amount of equity trades in the Nigerian stock exchange places them second.


Meristem Securities Limited is a top Nigerian investment firm that pays its employees weekly. The result is that the earnings earned from this company can be drawn out daily and month-to-month.

This company is composed of five departments. The investment division of the company is called Meristem Stockbrokers.

Furthermore, Meristem Securities Limited released Ameritrade, an online trading application, in 2017. It is widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s most popular investment applications.

It is legally registered on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and is regulated through the Securities and Exchange Commission, similar to other investment applications such as Bamboo and Trove (SEC).

This is the opinion of the top investment firm which pays its investors weekly in Nigeria. These are the top companies with which you can receive weekly income from your investment.

In addition, they provide a legal path toward financial success and security. Some have been around for a long time, while others are only around for 10 years.


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