Complete Guide: Abia State Postal Code

Complete Guide: Abia State Postal Code
Complete Guide: Abia State Postal Code

Abia State Postal Code is 440001 to 453120. Code number 440001 as the code for the NIPOST Headquarters. This States is located in South East Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on ZIP codes or Postal codes for Abia state, find the code along with the district and location.

Postal Code for Abia State

Location LGA Postcode
Aba Aba South 450001
Abiriba Ohafia 443001
Afugiri Umuahia North 440112
Alayi Bende 441010
Amapu Ntigha Isiala Ngwa South 452001
Ameke Ibeku Umuahia North 440004
Ania Ohafia 443004
Ariam Ikwuano 440006
Arochukwu Arochukwu 442001
Bende Bende 441011
Ekenobizi Umuahia South 440005
Eluama Isukwuato 443005
GPO Isiala Ngwa South 440001
Igbere Bende 441012
Ihechiowa Arochukwu 442003
Imo River Ukwa West 452001
Item Bende 440021
N Okaniuga Umuahia North 440015
Nbawsi Isiala Ngwa South 451001
Ngwa Rd Aba South 450002
Oboro Ikwuano 440007
Ohafia Ohafia 443003
Ohafia Ohafia 443005
Okpuala Ngwa Isiala Ngwa South 440008
Old Umuahia Umuahia South 440002
Oloko Ikwuano 440014
Olokoro Umuahia South 440010
Omoba Isiala Ngwa South 451002
Ovim Isukwuato 441002
Owerrinta Isiala Ngwa South 451003
Ozuabam Arochukwu 442002
Ozuitem Bende 441013
Ubakala Umuahia South 440009
Umuahia Umuahia North 440003
umungasi Osisioma 450003
Umuosu Isiala Ngwa South 451004
Uzuakoli Bende 441008

List of Local Government Areas & Town in Abia State

  1. Aba Town
  2. Aba North
  3. Aba South
  4. Arochukwu
  5. Bende
  6. Ikwuano
  7. Isiala Ngwa North
  8. Isiala Ngwa South
  9. Isukwuato
  10. Obi Ngwa
  11. Ohafia
  12. Osisioma Ngwa
  13. Ugwunagbo
  14. Ukwa East
  15. Ukwa West
  16. Umu Nneochi
  17. Umuahia North
  18. Umuahia South

Abia State Postcode by LGA

LGA Postal Code
Aba North 450101 – 450272
Aba South 450103 – 450104
Arochukwu 442101 – 442107
Bende 441113 – 441123
Ikwuano 440101 – 440114
Isiala Ngwa North 451101 – 451107
Isiala Ngwa South 451108 – 451117
Isukwuato 441101 – 441108
Obi Ngwa 453101 – 453110
Ohafia 442108 – 453119 [1]
Osisioma Ngwa 453111 – 453119
Ugwunagbo 453120
Ukwa East 452101 – 453110 [2]
Ukwa West 452109 – 452116
Umu Nneochi 441109 – 441112
Umuahia North 440221 – 440236
Umuahia South 440002 – 440010
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Abia State Post Office

Office Address City LGA
Aba No.1 Asa Road Aba Aba Aba South
Abia Poly Umuahia road, Umungasi Detacched Students Osisioma
Abiriba By Divisional Police Station Abiriba Ohafia
Achara Uturu Achara Uturu Markek Square Achara-Uturu Isukwuato
Afugiri Opposite Pry School Afugiri Afugiri Umuahia North
Akanu-Item Akanu-Item Town square Akanu-Item Bende
Akwete Mkt square Akwete Akwete Aba South
Alayi Abiriba Rb Alayi Alayi Bende
Amapu Ntigha Opp. Market Square Amapu Ntigha Isiala Ngwa North
Ameke-Ibeku Ameke Pri. Sch. Ameke Ibeku Village Umuahia Umuahia North
Amuda Umumeze Nkwoagu Amuda Amuda Community Isukwuato
Ania Ania Village Ania Ohafia
Ariam Behind Magistrate Court Ariam Ariam Ikwuano
Arochukwu Agbagwu Village Arochukwu Arochukwu Arochukwu
Azumiri opp. Afor mkt Azumini Town Azumini Aba South
Bende Inside Bende LGA Hqtrs Bende Bende
Ekenobizi Post office Bus-stop Ekenobizi Ekenobizi Umuahia North
Eluama Eluama Village Eluama Isuikwuato
Eziama Nneato Eke Eziama Market Square Nnento Town Isukwuato
Igbere Igbere Town Igbere Bende
Ihechiowa Obinto Village Ihechiowa Arochukwu
Imo River Obigbo Road Asa Aba South
Item Item Village Item Bende
Lokpanta Enugu Road Lokpanta Lokpanta Umunneochi
Mbala Nkwo Mbala Market Square Mbala Town Isukwuato
Nbawsi Umunkolo Rd. Nbawsi Nbawsi Isiala Ngwa North
Ngodo Isuochi Uhuru Ngodo Ngodo Isuochi Isukwuato
Ngwa Rd. No 13 Ngwa Rd. Aba Aba Aba North
Nilan Old Umuahia Rd. Off Ogbor Hill Aba Aba South
Nipost Hdqrts War Meseum Rd. Umu Umuagu Umuahia North
Nkpa Nkpa Near Uzuakoli in Bende LGA Nkpa Bende
Nkwo Okaiuga Nkwoegwu Market square Nkwoegwu Okaiuga Ikwuano
Nsu Oreagu Market, Nsu Nsu Town Ehime Mbano
Oboro Ndioro Central School Oboro Oboro Ikwuano
Ogbor Hill 129 Ogbor Hill Aba Aba Aba South
Ohafia B.O Elu Ohafia Ebem Ohafia Ohafia
Ohafia Arochukwu Rb Ohafia Ohafia Ohafia
Okpuala Ngwa Opp. Isialangwa North LGA Okpuala Ngwa Isiala Ngwa North
Old Post Office 4/5 Ikot-Ekpene Rd. Aba Aba South
Old Umuahia Affor Ibeji Market Square Old Umuahia Umuahia South
Oloko Eke Market Square Oloko Oloko Ikwuano
Olokoro Ahaiaukwu Market Square Olokoro Olokoro Umuahia South
Omoba Omoba Town Omoba Isiala Ngwa South
Ovim Okigwe Rd. Ovim Ovim Isuikwuato
Owerrinta Owerrinta Town Owerrinta Isiala Ngwa South
Ozuabam Ozuabam Market Square Ozu Abam Bende
Ozuitem Ozuitem Town Ozuitem Bende
Ubakala Apumiri Ubakala Apumiri Umuahia South
Umuahia B.O Library Avenue Umuahia Umuahia North
Umuahia No.1 Aba Road Umuaiah Umuahia Umuahia North
Umudike Campus Alon Ikot-Ekpene Rd. Umudike Campus MOUAU Umudike Ikwuano
Umungasi 177 Aba/Owerri Rd. Aba Umungasi Osisioma
Umunkpeyi Opp. Isialangwa Village Hall Umunkpeyi Isiala-Ngwa South
Umuosu Opp. Market Square Umuosu Isiala-Ngwa North
Uturu Afikpo Road Ukwunwangwu, Uturu Uturu Town Isukwuato
Uzuakoli Behinde Eke Mkt Square Uzuakoli Isuikwuato
World Bank Housing Estate Enugukwu Rd. WBHE Umu WBHE Umu Umuahia North
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