GUO Transport Online Booking, Price List & Bus Terminal Address

GUO Transport Online Booking, Price List & Bus Terminal Address
GUO Transport Online Booking, Price List & Bus Terminal Address

No traveler, especially one who engages in long journeys, will deny that GUO transport is an interstate and interlink transport system. GUO was established as far back as 1980 and was then bare the name G.U. Okeke & Sons Limited, this company is one of the largest transport systems in the whole of Nigeria, and if other African Countries are searched, there are possibilities GUO will fall to a good position on the best and also largest transport system in Africa.

GUO Transport Online Booking, Contact Phone Number, Price List & Terminal Addresses

GUO transport system has its headquarters in KM3, Badagry Expressway Lagos in Nigeria; the various vehicles that make up each fleet in any terminal GUO is running.

  • Sprinter 14-Seater Buses
  • Luxurious Buses which range from 33 to 59 Seaters
  • Toyota Sienna 7-Seater Vehicles
  • Toyota Hiace 15-Seater Buses

It is an understatement to say you have a nice trip booking a journey with GUO company, over the years, GUO transport has demonstrated a very good level of competencies in terms of drivers employed, only a few accidents have been recorded, and not just that, the charges for any route you may be going to is pocket friendly compared to what you stand to benefit right in the car as you journey down to your desired location. Another interesting thing you need to know about GUO transport is that the journey to any location or wherever you may be going is fixed; there cannot be a delay or a breach in the agreement of fixed take-up time except for a few cases that it was owned to contingent reasons either risk of traveling or disrupt in peace of location GUO bus may be heading to, but outside such cases, you can be rest assured that booking a time with GUO is synonymous to booking a flight, you must get to the location on time, and you will pick up the moment the time is set.

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GUO Transport Online Booking and Tickets

To access any of the above-mentioned services by GUO, you need to book a ticket or fill out the required form, depending on the type of services you want.

For charter services or renting hotel/airport pickups and round trips, you may need to contact GUO customer care to request the form or even visit the nearest terminal to do so.

Below is the Guo customers care contacts across different platforms.

Phone numbers: 08174594910, 08075090620.
E-mail address: [email protected] or [email protected]
WhatsApp chat on 09086712710 or 08144982873.

But for booking a normal ticket for traveling, you can do that online either via the GUO app(download it on the play store/app store) or on their website or even go to the nearest terminal to do so.

How to Book an Online Ticket with GUO Transport

1. Visit the GUO transport official website by clicking HERE

2. Drop down the menu tab by clicking on it to select your current or departure state.

3. Do the same for the next tab to input your destination location

4. Go ahead to select your preferred terminal depending on your location

5. Then reserve a seat

6. Input your departure date and other required details.

7. Go ahead to book your ticket by paying for the ticket.

8. Once successful, your ticket will be e-mailed to you.

Things To Note about GUO Transport Tickets

  • GUO tickets last for seven days, and you can still reuse them if you miss your bus and want to ply the same route within 7 days. All you need is to change the departure date.
  • You can only change your departure once after missing a trip. The next trial will attract an extra fee of N2000.
  • You can also book on your departure date but bear in mind it will be more expensive than normal. An extra charge of N1000 will be added.
  • Your luggage isn’t expected to be more than 10kg. You may have to pay an extra charge if it’s more than that.
  • GUO transport also discounts returning customers who have made fewer than 30 trips with them.

GUO Transport Price List

Below is the list of the GUO Transport List for this month. Bear in mind that the GUO transport price list may vary or change by the company depending on the economy. You are advised to verify the price HERE before booking a ticket, even though the price list was gathered from a reliable source.

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Trip Route Prices
Jibowu to Ekwulobia Adult: ₦14,350
Child: ₦11,750
Jibowu to Aba Adult: ₦13,925
Child: ₦9,625
Jibowu to Abuja Adult: ₦13,400
Child: ₦10,000
Jibowu to Umuahia Adult: ₦12,925
Child: ₦9,625
Jibowu to Enugu Adult: ₦13,825
Child: ₦10,125
Jibowu to Owerri Adult: ₦12,825
Child: ₦10,125
Jibowu to Port Harcourt Adult: ₦10,925
Child: ₦8,625
Jibowu to Umunze Adult: ₦10,925
Child: ₦7,500
Jibowu to Ogoja Adult: ₦13,400
Child: ₦11,000
AJAH TO ABA Adult: ₦12,925
Child: ₦10,625
Ajah to Abakaliki Adult: ₦12,450
Child: ₦9,250
Ajah to Abuja Adult: ₦142,825
Child: ₦10,125
Ajah to Umuahia-mbaise Adult: ₦13,925
Child: ₦8,625
Ajah to Owerri Adult: ₦13,450
Child: ₦8,250
Ajah to Enugu Adult: ₦12,450
Child: ₦8,250
Umuahia to Lagos (Ajah) Adult: ₦11,975
Child: ₦7,875
Awka to Abuja Adult: ₦9,025
Child: ₦7,125
Asaba to Lagos(Coker) Adult: ₦8,075
Child: ₦6,375
Asaba to Lagos(Iyana-ipaja) Adult: ₦10,075
Child: ₦6,375
Asaba to Lagos (Ajah) Adult: ₦10,075
Child: ₦6,375
Abakaliki to Lagos (Ajah) Adult: ₦10,450
Child: ₦8,250
Ejigbo to Umuahia Adult: ₦119,025
Child: ₦8,125
Ejigbo to Umunze Adult: ₦13,075
Child: ₦10,075
Ejigbo to Ogoja Adult: ₦12,450
Child: ₦9,250
Ejigbo to Abakaliki Adult: ₦10,550
Child: ₦9,750
Ejigbo to Aba Adult: ₦11,500
Child: ₦9,500
Port Harcourt to Lagos(Ajah) Adult: ₦12,450
Child: ₦10,250
Port Harcourt to Abuja Adult: ₦14,350
Child: ₦11,750
Utako to Aba Adult: ₦11,875
Child: ₦9,375
Utako to Lagos(Ajah) Adult: ₦11,875
Child: ₦9,375
Harcourt Adult: ₦11,875
Child: ₦9,375
Enugu to Lagos(Ajah) Adult: ₦12,070
Child: ₦9,950
Enugu to Abuja Adult: ₦11,120
Child: ₦9,200

GUO Transport Terminals, Location, and Contacts

Knowing the GUO transport price list won’t be useful without adequate knowledge of GUO terminals close to you. Below is the list of GUO terminals with their different locations and contacts.

GUO Transport Terminals Address In Abuja

1. Physical Address: Suite 9, Bomma Plaza, Along with Abuja-Keffi Exp. Mararaba, Nasarawa State.
Contact: 09096450710

2. Physical address: Gouba Plaza, Plot 171, Ekukinam Street, Utako District, Abuja.
Contact: 08075090643

3. Lagos Park, Zuba, Abuja
Contact: 08075090660

GUO Transport Terminals Address In Lagos 

1. Physical Address: 3, Agunbiade Oke-koto Street, Agege, Lagos.
Contact: 08075090686

2. Physical Address: KM 22, Epe – Expressway, Abraham Adesanya Est. Junction, Ajah, Lagos
Contact: 08075090656

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3. Physical address: Alaba International Mkt, 29, Ojo Ebegbede Road, Opp. Chemist Bus-Stop, Alaba, Lagos
Contacts: 08075090685

4. Physical Address: 164 Okota Road, Lagos
Contact: 08075090634

5. Physical Address: 36, Opere Street, Wema Bank Bus Stop, Coker, Lagos
Contact: 08117000391

6. Physical address: 67A, Ikotun-Egbe Road, Opp Power Line B/Stop, Ejigbo
Contact: 08117000390

7. Physical address: 1, Ipaye Street, Iba, Lagos
Contacts: 08075090649

8. Physical address: 7, Railway Compound (Opp. Police Barracks) Otto Bus Stop
Contacts: 080372625216

9. Physical address: Mega Plaza, Ijegun Road, Ikotun R/about, Lagos
Contact: 08075090639167

10. Physical address: Abeokuta Expressway Opp Diamond Bank Plc. by Iyana Ipaja bus stop, Alimosho LGA
Contact: 08034409539

11. Physical address: 1st Gate B/Stop Badagry Express Way
Contact: 08075090683O

12. Physical address: International Trade Fair Complex First Entrance/First Gate.
Contact: 08075090638


GUO Transport Terminals Address In Ghana 

1. Physical address: Abossey-Okia Mortuary Road (Opp. 2nd Total Filling Station), by Kaneshi R/About, Ghana.
Contacts: +233240565854

GUO Transport Terminals In Imo State Addresses

1. Physical Address: 10 Orlu Road, by Akokwa Roundabout, beside Akokwa Microfinance Bank, Akokwa
Contact: 09053820354

2. Physical address: Amaifeke – Orlu park, Opp. Olu LGA council office, Orlu, Imo
Contact: 0807509063415

3. Physical address: Egbu Road, Owerri
Contacts: 080350860486

4. Physical address: Orlu Owerri road, by Afor Umuaka R/About, Njaba LGA, Imo state
Contact: 09053820351

Anambra Addresses of GUO Transport Terminals

1. Physical Address: St. Michael Shopping Plaza, by Unizik Junction, Awka-Onitsha-Enugu Expressway, Awka
Contact: 08075090642

2. Physical address: iskuzu junction
Contact: 070352279417
3. Physical address: Awka Road, Ekwulobia.
Contact: 0817509068742

4. Physical address: Osha Owerri Road by Patigian Hotels Ltd, Ihiala

5. Physical address: Ibeto Road, Opp.First Bank, Nnewi
Contact: 08075090684166

6. Physical address: Port Harcourt Rd, Upper Iweka, Onitsha
Contact: 08075090618


Some other GUO Transport Terminals include;

1. Physical Address: 25, Milverton Avenue, Aba

2. Physical address: Uhia General Park, Umuahia
Contact: 08113790584

3. Physical address: Maiduguri bypass, Plaza Hotel, Bauchi.
Contact: 07076092462

4. Physical address: Kano Station Park.
Contact: 08075090644

5. Physical Address: 113 Hospital Road, Opp. Blessed Resources int’l oil, Beside EcoBank plc, Igoli, Ogoja
Contact: 09053820341

6. Physical address: Asaba – Onitsha Expressway by Head-Bridge, Asaba, Delta State
Contact: 0811384923015

7. Physical address: Afikpo Road, Abakaliki.
Contact: 080750906503

8. Physical address: Market Road by Holy Ghost Cathedral (Opp. Ogbete Main Mkt.) Enugu.
Contact: 08075090636

9. Physical address: Obollo-Afor Markudi Exp. Way
Contacts: 080380470011

10. Physical Address: Church Road, Gombe.
Contacts: 08075090652

11. Physical address: Television Park, Kaduna
Contact: 08075090647

12. Physical address: Yankarife Luxury pack, Sabon-Gari, Zaria
Contacts: 0803497360714

13. Physical Address: New Road, Sabongari, Kano
Contacts: 08075090646

14. Physical address: Samonda/Opp Emmanuel Theology College, Ibadan.
Contacts: 08075090641

15. Physical address: Old Railway, Jos
Contacts: 08075090654

16. Physical address: Central motor park, Sokoto.
Contacts: 08052772082

17. Physical address: Coca-Cola Depot, Along Mile 6, Yola Road.
Contacts: 08113790580

We do hope you find our guide on the GUO transport price list with other details helpful.

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